A ride on the ferris wheel

Usually before CHA we get a taste of the products that’ll be introduced at the show and trends start to emerge. Then when we get to the show it all comes to life, and the trends feel even stronger. Sometimes it’s a cool color scheme, sometimes a medium (like felt or acrylic), and other times it’s an icon or image (like birdcages or butterflies), or even a theme. What’s interesting is that manufacturers don’t just get together and declare, “This year we shall all make stuff with owls on it.” Inspiration comes from so many places, like past trends, home décor, or fashion. Creative minds do tend to think alike, though, and find inspiration from similar places.

The scrapbooking  industry’s been in a vintage-loving mode for quite some time, and I’ve particularly enjoyed seeing a trend emerge out of that I’d call a fair/circus theme. Some products have sort of a hometown fair feel, while others remind me of a turn-of-the-century World’s Fair. I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of the products we came across. Be on the lookout for more!

The GCD Studios Funhouse collectiondefinitely feels like an old-fashioned circus. They’ve even got the cutest mustache rub-ons.

 Trend 7a

Trend 7d

 Glitz Designs has a charming early 20th Century line called Afternoon Muse.

Trend 11a 

Trend 11 Glitz

If you’re looking for something with a more updated feel, check out Studio Calico’s new State Fair line.

Trend 12Trend 13Trend 14

Jenni Bowlin came out with these adorable prize ribbons (they’re about 2″ tall), and stamps that feel right at home with the theme.

Trend 15

Trend 16

Graphic 45 has a visually stunning line called Le Cirque.

Trend 17

Trend 18

Trend 19

And, just because I was already taking a virtual walk down the midway, I thought I’d share this awesome piece of home decor I found at Pottery Barn….

Trend 20

Have a great day! Polly

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  1. OMG! My son is having a carnival themed B-day party next weekend. These are perfect! Are they all available now?

  2. we would not have Fendi B.Bag so many thoughts.