DIY Flowers

Brighten up your pages and projects with these handmade flowers found on the opener of our “DIY Flowers” story in the April issue.

Scalloped Puffs

  1. Punch five scalloped circles from cardstock.
  2. Soak the circles in water for a few minutes.
  3. Remove the scalloped circles from the bowl and blot the excess water with a paper towel.
  4. Stack the five scalloped circles and stick a brad through the center.
  5. Beginning with the top layer, scrunch all the sides up together. Repeat with each layer until the flower is formed. Let it dry completely.

Fringed Flowers

  1. Cut a long strip of cardstock, and fringe-cut 2/3 of one side.
  2. Gently fold down the first few fringed pieces on one end and begin rolling strip with these folds inside.
  3. Once rolled, gently fold back all remaining fringes outward and add an adhesive dot at the end of the strip to secure.

Spiral Flowers

  1. With a pencil, lightly draw a 4″ circle and a spiral from the outside to the center of the circle. (Increase or decrease the size of the circle to change the size of the resulting flower.)
  2. Cut out the spiral using decorative-edge scissors.  Be sure the decorative edge faces the outside of the circle.
  3. Bend the tips of the decorative-edge down and roll into a spiral, beginning at the outer end of the spiral. Be sure to bend the tips toward the side with pencil marks (so they will be hidden on the back of the flower).  Let the flower relax and adhere at the center/end of the spiral to secure.

What’s your favorite paper flower to make?

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19 Responses to “DIY Flowers”

  1. I love making the spiral roses! this magazine article mentioned 6 favorite techniques. I noted only the 3 mentioned above.

  2. Hi Marie! The six techniques the article was talking about were the six shown with layouts (alter a purchased bloom, pleat a strip, etc.) These three were actually bonus techniques. I hope that clears up any confusion!

  3. That’s a beauty! I reposted on my rainbow color inspiration blog today.

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  6. I really love these flowers! I am such a visual learner and would love a step my step pic-tutorial. Do I need special tool? Scalloped circle punch? Sorry I am not a scrapper and haven’t attempted something like this before.

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  8. I don’t get the spiral flower directions. I agree that a step by step picture thing would be good.

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  11. those are gorgeous – I love the tip about soaking the paper – thanks!

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  13. Those flowers are soooo cute! Thanks!

  14. love it.

  15. I love these so much that I shared the link to your tutorial on my blog. I can’t wait to make them :) !

    Om Shanti,
    Designs by Hafapea Gift Shop

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  19. I love the spiral flowers. Been making extra large flowers for home decor items. Loads of fun.