Michelle’s December Daily: Weeks 4 & 5

Woo hoo! I finally finished my December Daily album last night. I’d wanted to finish it last weekend, but there were just too many photos. I think from Dec. 23-26 I took about 600 photos! When I originally created the foundation pages, I included pages for each day of the month, since I wasn’t sure when my family would be celebrating and wanted to be sure to document all of our celebrations. I think those extra days slowed me down a bit (and might have been a little too ambitious), but in the end, the extra week allowed me to include some important stories in the album.

Now that I am finished, here’s a look:

Dec. 21

I did some baking that day, so I printed small photos of my creations and added the recipes to the pockets.

Dec. 22

This page also had a pocket, so I added wrapping paper samples and a photo of a finished gift. We also got a lot of cards, so I added them to the book here.


During this week I had a lot to get done, so I included my to-do and shopping lists, just for fun.

Journaling on the original foundation page

Once the foundation page is turned

Dec. 23

This marked the start of four days of family celebrations, and I’d decided to do a photo collage of all of my favorites for each day, print it, and just punch holes to include it in the album. This is the first one, and I put the journaling on the small letterpress-printed card I’d made for the foundation of the album.

Dec. 24

I had a lot of journaling for this day, so I printed it out and added it to the foundation page, with a photo collage on the left (attached to the Dec. 23 photo collage).

Dec. 25

Another collage, and on the actual page, I added a photo of my dog, just because she’s cute!

Dec. 27

I didn’t have many stories to tell from this day, so I just added a small photo to the foundation page (which was actually an envelope) and tucked a journaling block into the envelope.

Dec. 28

This page was simple, with just a sample of the end-of-the-year collage I made for our New Year’s cards.

Dec. 29

This was a chance to add the workplace celebration (which actually took place each Wednesday in December) to the album. I was glad I decided to go through Dec. 31 so I could fit it in!

Dec. 31

Here I did another collage—this time with photos of a New Year’s party. I’m not including it here, but I also had some journaling reflecting on the past year and month—another reason I was thankful I didn’t stop at Dec. 25!

In looking back on the project, I was able to find some ways to make the process faster, such a letting go of my need to include all of my photos, and many of the photos I did include into the book unedited to save time. While that made me uncomfortable at first, I started appreciating the snapshot feel many of them had.

However, I have to admit, toward the end (at about midnight last night) of the project, I’d started to cut corners on my journaling, not always giving full details or reflecting on my emotions. I think the next time I do this, I’ll plan to focus more on the journaling.

Looking at the project today, I am so thankful for a complete record of the month. It was fun, and it made me so much more aware of the traditions and special details of the holiday season, instead of letting them be overwhelmed by all of the tasks that make up the month of December. Special thanks to Ali Edwards for inspiring us to do this project!

And in case you’d like to see the other posts on my album, here’s a recap:

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So did you all complete your albums? Post them in our gallery and post a link in the comments.

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3 Responses to “Michelle’s December Daily: Weeks 4 & 5”

  1. Love the collage pages.

  2. Michelle your album is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Inspired by your article, I scrapped the days of Advent. I am really glad I did because it made me focus on how festive the season is. I didn’t think of going beyond Dec. 25, but I can see why it is important from your album. I am looking forward to doing this again next year.