Guest Post: Up-cycling Containers

Please welcome former Creative Team member Janna Wilson as our guest blogger this week!

Something I like to hold on to {hoard} to up-cycle into fun crafty things is sturdy packaging and containers!  I especially love drink mix containers (think Crystal Light) and oatmeal boxes!  These cans are useful and can be up-cycled into useful containers around the house as well as great gift packaging -especially around the holidays!

For the holidays we make homemade goodies for family and friends- simple stuff that the kids can help with.  This year I’m using my stash of containers to gift instant hot cocoa mix and dipped peanut butter Ritz crackers.  The round drink mix containers (I find these at Wal Mart and Aldi’s) are perfect for stacking several cookies into.

I used the Crystal Light (oval shaped) containers for hot cocoa mix.  Just add simple instructions to the back of the container.  You could do this anytime throughout the winter for a sick friend or a thank you gift.  These containers can hold edible treats or just a special gift you are giving.

Beyond the holidays, I find uses around the house and for gift giving all year up-cycling packaging from store bought things.  It’s part being frugal, part being green and the biggest part is getting creative!  Check out my laundry detergent  container (in it’s previous life a Quaker Oats box).  Just cover and decorate with scrapbook supplies and a cute label…really perks up the old laundry room!  You can even find the recipe for homemade laundry soap here on my blog as well as the printable label.

Now you’ll think twice before throwing out those containers won’t you!?  I hope so!

(All the patterned papers I’ve used on these projects are Cosmo Cricket)

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14 Responses to “Guest Post: Up-cycling Containers”

  1. These are super cute ideas. Tried to look up the soap recipe but it comes up with an username and password for Outlook Web Ap.. I would love to see it. Thanks

  2. Love this idea! I drink lots of crystal light and will be hanging onto this containers now! I’m thinking these would be fun for Valentine’s Day, teachers and lots of other occasions!

  3. Love your “up-cycling” ideas! I see those containers going into my recycling bin and I cringe every time. There’s got to be something I could do with them – and along comes your blog. Yay! Now, do I have time to get crafty before Christmas Eve?!?!

  4. Okay I now have proof for my family I not the only one that saves these very useful normally throw away containers…
    thank you so much for backing me up
    The Scrapbooking Queen

  5. I have been saving/hoarding these for years:) plus baby formula cans. So glad I’m not the only one! They make great little presents for school parties:)

  6. Thanks for letting us know, Jodie! We’ve fixed the link so it should work now.

  7. This is GREAT!

    Especially for those containers that cannot be recycled through city and county programs! Now…what to do with the hoard! LOL…do you have an organization solution for that? LOL…my husband would probably kill me for making a bigger mess of scrap stuff! LOL!!

    Thanks again for the idea!

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