Michelle’s December Daily: Week 2

Greetings! I’m back with my second week of December Daily entries. This week was a little harder than last week, because there were some days where I didn’t feel there was anything “scrapworthy” about the day. But I thought about Ali Edwards‘ advice to tell just one story for the day, and then I was able to pinpoint something I wanted to document in my album—even if it was just a picture of my dog with the Christmas tree!

So here are a few of my pages:


Dec. 5 (see the foundation page here)

I think this is one of my favorite photos—and I probably wouldn’t have taken it if I weren’t doing this project! I had started to decorate the tree and got everything out, but then ran out of time after assembling the tree. So I took a quick shot of all of the ornaments clustered together. (And FYI—I noticed the photo was crooked and fixed it, but then forgot to take another shot! sorry about that!)



Dec. 6 (see the foundation page here)

This page started out as just the letter-pressed square. I went to a party that night, so I made a photo collage (using this template) and just wrote the journaling on the card. Done and done!

IMG_8428Dec. 7 (see the foundation page here)

This day wasn’t very festive, so I took photos of our first Christmas card and the steaks that arrived from my grandmother! And while I do enjoy steak, this is not exactly what I had in mind when I made the foundation page. But part of the process is working with the parts of the album you’ve already finished! I’m also thinking I need to include more ephemera, so I’m toying with the idea of punching holes in cards and envelopes and including them, too! Right now the cards from this day are going in the page protector between the pages.


Dec. 8 (see the foundation page here)

Another single-photo page that shows my finished Christmas tree and my dog—who looks about as tired as I was that night! I’m thinking of saving a shot of the finished tree for later, when a) there’s more light, and b) I’m in need of a festive image!

So nearly two weeks in I’m still enjoying the process, but I’m noticing a tendency to be gratuitously festive on days when there’s nothing Christmasy going on just to have something in my album. In some ways, it prompts me to enjoy the season more than I might normally. But I’m trying to be sure I’m not manufacturing the holiday spirit in ways that aren’t meaningful. Sometimes it’s a fine line, but I’m hopeful it will result in a richer holiday season! Tune in next week to see if I’m successful!

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