Brittany’s December Daily: Weeks 1-2

So it’s the ninth day of December and the  fourteenth day of my December Daily. I guess it’s about time I shared some of it, right?

I’ve learned a couple things during this process so far. 1) Taking photos mostly at night in low-light situations and mostly with my point-and-shoot leads to a lot of photos that aren’t stellar. And 2) I need to get over it. What’s most important is that the photo captures the moment, records the memory.

As I enter my third week of doing December Daily, I’m trying to embrace that. I’m trying to let go of my quest for perfectly exposed and composed photos, and I’m going to stop wishing that I  had designed some of my base pages differently. Because this album? It’s me. It may not be the most creative, or the most inspiring to look at, but it’s recording my memories in a new way and I love it for that.

Opening Page: I decided to switch things up a little from my original plan and use this photo of my family in front of our tree for the first page. This photo captures what this season is all about for me: Family and fun holiday traditions.

Day One: The left-hand page has a photo from cutting down our Christmas tree, and then one of the decorated tree. I have several more photos that I just didn’t have room to include, so I’m thinking about printing all of those and putting them in an envelope or divided page protectors at the end of the album. The right-hand side has my journaling, handwritten on a die-cut from Little Yellow Bicycle.

Day Two: The front of this page features an ornament that my mom gave my fiance and I to celebrate our engagement. I journaled about the story in strips on the back of the page.

Days Three and Four: On the left-hand side, you can see the journaling strips from Day Two. For Days Three and Four, I used the envelopes on the right-hand side. When I designed the base, I stuck pieces of cardstock in each envelope. To tell the story of these days, I wrote my journaling on the front side of the cards, then added a single photo on the back.

Day Five: You can see my photos from Days Three and Four on the left. For Day Five, I included a photo of a fabric tree we made at work, and a strip with some handwritten journaling. Nice and simple.

Day Six: My fiance was sick on Day Six, so I spent most of the evening taking care of him and forgot to take a photo. I decided to include a journaling block explaining why there isn’t a photo. (The journaling block is a die cut from Little Yellow Bicycle’s Savor Collection—I just trimmed off the top and bottom to make it a bit more generic.

Days Seven and Eight: I have to admit, these pages aren’t finished yet. I have the journaling written, but the photos/ephemera I’m including aren’t printed or ready yet.

Day Nine: We went to my grandparents on Day Nine, so I had several photos I wanted to include. Since the divided page protector I had designed for the day wouldn’t work for a couple of the photos, I trimmed two pieces of patterned paper and adhered them together, added a photo to the front and back, and punched holes in the paper so I could attach it to the binder. On the first page, I included a photo of my extended family, and on the back and in the divided page protectors I included photos from a holiday event we went to that evening.

Day Ten: We spent most of the day either watching the Vikings game or in the car, and I just didn’t snap any photos that I felt captured the day. Instead, I decided to write about “5 reasons to be jolly” on December 5. Design-wise, it’s not my favorite page, but it was a good way for me to journal about memories from that day.

Days Eleven and Twelve: These are two of my favorite pages. I added a piece of green cardstock to the cardstock pieces I had placed in the envelopes for these two days, and included a mix of letter stickers and written journaling to tell the stories. On the back, I included a photo of a half-empty eggnog bottle for Day Eleven, and use sticker letters in the place of the photo that I forgot to take on Day Twelve.

My other goal for the rest of this project is just to take more photos. I’ll check back in next week and let you know how I do!

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3 Responses to “Brittany’s December Daily: Weeks 1-2”

  1. I love how it’s coming together, your papers are perfect! I love the different sizes of page protectors, those are awesome!

  2. It looks great, Brittany! I love that you’re able to keep up even when you don’t have photos (or photos you love).

  3. Very cute collection looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing many more.