Michelle’s December Daily: Week 1

Greetings! Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was fairly productive, in that I finished more pages in my December Daily album. Here are a couple of them:

Dec. 2 (see foundation page here)

My niece conveniently had her first-ever band concert Thursday, and it was a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. I had so many photos that I picked a few and used this Quick Collage template (which I sized to 6×6” to get it to fit on my 8×8” foundation page).

Dec. 2 (back)

I hadn’t planned to use the back of this page, but when we all showed up in argyle Thursday, I knew it would be a fun addition. So I printed two pics together, wrote some journaling on the photo, and put it on the back.

Dec. 3

I ended up doing some shopping and snapping some iPhone pics while I was out and about, so I journaled on the envelope and tucked my photos (printed to 4×6”) and receipts into the envelope. Done!

(A note on the journaling: I used a Sharpie right on the photo, because I couldn’t find a photo-safe marker when I needed it. Because Sharpie uses solvent-based ink, it may not be good for my photos in the long run. However, I decided that I probably wouldn’t be too upset if the random image of my favorite Christmas cookie box is damaged in a few years. It helped me get the job done and will preserve a good—but not precious—memory for a while.)

I haven’t had the time to update the album on a daily basis, so I blocked off some time Saturday to select and print photos. Then Sunday morning, I did the journaling and assembled the pages.

But even though I’m doing several pages at a time, I’ve found it helps to take notes on my layout ideas and journaling each day. I use the Evernote app on my phone to write in-the-moment (or shortly-after-the-moment) journaling and ideas for what photos to use in what formats. Then when I start working on the page, I can consult my list and e-mail the text for my journaling if needed. So far, it’s working pretty well.

Though I’ve only gone through about half a week, I’m feeling pretty good about my December Daily progress, and already I’ve found that I’m more aware of the holiday spirit. Check back next week to see if the trend continues!

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