Happy December!

Here at SBE HQ, we’re busy putting together the April, June, and (can you believe it?) August issues of the magazine. But thanks to Ali Edwards, we’re doing our best to enjoy December and the festive spirit it brings.

In our December issue, we showed you Ali’s 2009 December Daily Album and her tips for making your own. The concept of the December Daily album is to chronicle the holiday season by creating an “empty” scrapbook before the season starts. You make a page for each day, then when December rolls around, you document your life day-by-day.

In October, we all made our foundation pages and showed them to you here. Here’s a list of all of those blog posts:

Michelle’s December Daily Album, Part 1

Michelle’s December Daily Album, Part 2

Brittany’s December Daily Album

Jennifer’s First Advent Album

Jennifer’s Second Advent Album

Jennifer’s Third Advent Album

Sarah’s Simple December Daily Tag Album

Deb’s 8×4.5” December Daily Album

Maria’s December Daily Album

Elizabeth’s Interactive December Daily Album

Lisa’s Beginner Sewing December Daily Album

Starting next week we’ll be sharing our finished pages as we make our way through the month and play along with Ali on her blog. I’m looking forward to seeing how  all of the albums  (including mine) turn out!

And before you head off to do your December Daily album, here’s a great quote Ali’s blog today: “My goal is one story a day. Might be short (even just a photo), might be long. I’m not trying to capture every little thing minute by minute. I want to capture a sense of the season and include stories from our life right now.” Be sure to check out her blog for lots more tips and giveaways throughout the month, and see all the other albums out there on the December Daily Flickr group.

Have fun, and be sure to let us know how your album is coming along!

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