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Calendar Freebies

Handmade calendars are a popular holiday gift, and we have just the tools to help you easily craft the new year.

january 2011Contributing Editor Erica Hernandez designed this set of 2011 calendars that can be used as a brush or JPEG file. (See how she used it on page 123 of our December issue, which goes on sale Oct. 19.)

remindercalendarIf reminder calendars are more your style, we have a monthly template (used by Celeste Smith to create a birthday-reminder calendar featured on page 124) you can download as well.

Click here to download the calendar templates.

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10 Pages in 10 Minutes

For those of you who say there’s just not enough time to scrapbook, entertainment journalist Nancy O’Dell says you can scrapbook 10 pages in 10 minutes.


O’Dell has partnered with venerable scrapbooking company Creative Memories to release the Hummingbird Collection, a pretty, jewel-toned line of papers, embellishments, and tools, as well as Full of Love, a book of advice for scrapbooking moms.

Creative Memories Artwork


So when we heard O’Dell scraps, we wondered how she finds time to do it. She gave us these tips she says help her do10 pages in 10 minutes!

  1. Get organized!  Sort your photos by theme, date or event and put them in the rough order they will appear in your album.
  2. Remove blurry images or bad photos—and don’t feel guilty about it.  Sometimes a bad picture captures a moment in time that you DO want to save.  But with digital picture taking, most of us take way more than we will ever need.
  3. Crop your photos the way you want them—use a trimmer to center your subjects or remove distractions.
  4. Use sketches and idea books—this makes my layouts go super fast. I have a great set of easy-to-use templates being launched with my Hummingbird line.
  5. Now—get going! Here’s where the 10 minutes come in—really! Take those photos—now nicely organized, cropped and planned … and lay them on an album page or paper.  Have those 10 pages laid out in front of you so you can easily and quickly place all your photos on the pages.
  6. Like what you see?  Great—adhere them to the page!
  7. Most important step: write something!  I take just a few minutes to write what is most important about the photos on the page.  Sometimes, it’s a who, what, where, when approach; other times, it’s how I feel about the photos or the event.  Either way…over time, it’s the words that you say that will mean the most.
  8. Add a little bling!  Take something simple—a small flower or easy embellishment—to add just a touch of color and interest to the page.
  9. Get happy! Share these pages with the people you love.  There’s something wonderful about looking back at album pages filled with what matters most in life.  It helps you appreciate it even more!

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