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Brittany’s December Daily Album

I love the holiday season but never scrapbook it. Maybe it’s the lack of photos, or that by the time I actually have photos to scrap I’ve moved on to the next holiday. Every year I say I’m going to change that, but this year really is the year. This year, I’m making a December Daily album.

A December Daily album is an album concept created by scrapbooker Ali Edwards where you create a holiday album in advance and fill it in with photos and journaling throughout the holiday season. We featured Ali’s 2009 album in our December issue, and SBE staffers will be making our own this year. (You can check out Michelle’s album here.)


For my album, I chose Pink Paislee’s Parisian Anthology Portfolio Album. The album comes with several different size and style page protectors, which gives me a lot of options for each day.


The sticker letters and trim are all from Making Memories, but I recolored the trim using Studio Calico’s Mister Huey.


I covered the inside of the album with red patterned paper and punched snowflakes using a punch from Martha Stewart Crafts.

In my family, the holiday season starts on Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving we always cut down and decorate our Christmas tree, so I decided to begin my December Daily on November 25, and go all the way through the end of December. If I decide after Christmas that I’ve had enough, I can end it there, but I have a few extra pages made in case I want to include all the way through New Year’s Eve.


Most of the products I used come from three of my favorite holiday lines: Noel by Making Memories, Noel by BoBunny Press, and Christmas Delight by Little Yellow Bicycle.


The album came with several divided page protectors. I plan to print  wallet-size photos and journaling and stick them directly in the protector.


Another favorite feature are the divided envelope-style protectors, which make it easy to store any memorabilia I may want to keep from those days.


I punched holes in several seasonal journaling tags from Little Yellow Bicycle and scattered them throughout the album. They won’t belong to a certain day–instead I plan to use them as a supplemental page to record different holiday memories and stories.


Overall, I kept embellishments to a minimum. I added a few stickers and rub-ons throughout the album, and I plan to keep a stash of supplies near my album so I can embellish as I work (but only if I’m inspired to). I only numbered a few pages because I have commitment issues, and wanted the freedom to change the order if a certain page protector style doesn’t work for the day it falls on. I’m hoping to keep the album flexible and let it evolve throughout the process.

In case you’d like to see more of my album base, I’ve posted it in our gallery.

After Thanksgiving I’ll be back with more of my December Daily album to share my progress and any tips I figure out along the way!

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Michelle’s December Daily Album (part 1)

If you’ve seen our December issue, you know we’re featuring a cool project from scrapbooker Ali Edwards called the “December Daily” album. It was so inspiring that several staff members decided to make their own. So while Ali is showing you her 2010 version over on her blog, we’ll show you our versions here at I Scrap, U Scrap.

(My album is finished, but I’m having some trouble getting my camera and computer to agree on some things. I’m so excited to show it to you, but I only have a few details to share. Tomorrow I’ll post the rest in our gallery!)

The concept of the December Daily album is to chronicle the holiday season by creating an “empty” scrapbook before the season starts. You make a page for each day, then when December rolls around, you document your life day-by-day.

For my album, I chose Making Memories’ 8x8” Noel album, which came with a few cardstock, felt, and acetate pages to start with. I chose which of those pages I wanted to use, then I made some other pages—everything from cardstock pages with sewn pockets to envelopes and empty page protectors. I heavily relied on the Making Memories Noel line because it went with my album, but I added a few other accents here and there.

Because my family isn’t always able to get together on Christmas day, I created enough pages for the whole month so I was sure to be able to include those celebrations. (That, of course, assumes we’ll get it scheduled by New Year’s!)

The biggest challenge for me was deciding the order of the pages. I have no idea what I’ll be doing on any day in December, so it was hard to commit myself to assigning a specific page to a certain day. But I reread our story on Ali’s album and realized that spontaneity will be a part of the fun. Once I let go of my need to plan everything out, the album came together much more quickly.

And now I’m in the mood for Christmas already! I can’t wait to start filling in the album. I’m even hoping it will help me get into the Christmas spirit a little earlier than usual.

Stay tuned for more December Daily albums this week and next, and tomorrow I’ll post more photos of my album!

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Scrap Books

We’ve featured novels about scrapbooking before, both on the blog and in the magazine. And there are two new scrapbooking mysteries out! I can’t wait to read them.

The first is Photo Snap Shot, the third book in a series by Joanna Campbell Slan.

The next is Fiber & Brimstone by Laura Childs, the 7th book in a series about scrapbook store owner turned amateur detective Carmela Bertrand.

Have you read any scrappy novels? What did you think?

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Trim the Tree

101590205On the back page of our December issue, you can see trees created with patterned-paper and foam cones. Want to make your own? Here’s the scoop.

  1. 101590207Cut patterned paper into 1″ and 3/4″ strips.  Using decorative-edge scissors, cut the strips into 2-1/2″ long pieces.
  2. Curl one end of each piece with a smooth pencil.
  3. Adhere the strips in even layers around the foam cone using a hot-glue gun. When you get to the final layer, fold the tops of the paper strips down and adhere them to the top of the cone.
  4. Embellish with buttons, gems, and brads. Add a star or other shape to the top using a thin piece of wire.

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Jewelry Box + Bottle Cap Necklaces

Love the jewelry box and bottle cap necklace from the December issue (page 80)? Here’s how to make them.SBE-8-6-10-19050

The Necklace

Collect bottle caps from beverages (these were twist off caps from sparkling juice bottles) and wash them. Punch a hole in the top of the cap using a heavy-duty hole punch, such as the Crop-a-Dile. Punch a patterned paper circle to fit in the cap. (We used a 1″ punch.) Adhere the patterned paper with liquid adhesive, and consider sealing with a coat of dimensional adhesive (Mod-Podge, Glossy Accents, or Diamond Glaze) overtop. Once it is dry, add a chipboard letter or embellishment and a ring through the punched hole, then string on a chain.


The Box

Vicki Boutin decorated a wooden box found at a dollar store to create this jewelry box.

  1. Spray the inside of the wooden box with ink.
  2. Cover the outside of the box with fabric tape and spray with ink. Let dry.
  3. Hammer bottle caps to flatten and add paper circles to the centers. Glue the bottle caps to the sides of the box.
  4. Creatae fabric blossoms by winding cotton fabric in a spiral shape. Adhere it to a cardstock circle using fabric glue.
  5. Spray the fabric flowers with ink. Let dry.
  6. Attach stacks of buttons to the bottom of the box to create legs.
  7. Adhere the fabric flowers to the top. Embellish.
SOURCES Patterned paper: Sassafras. Gaffer tape, velvet leaves: 7Gypsies. Buttons: Foofala by Autumn Leaves. Ink: Tattered Angels. Flower centers: Prima Marketing, Inc. Ribbon: Maya Road. Punch: Fiskars. Adhesive: Beacon Adhesives. Design: Vicki Boutin.

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Holiday Spirit

holiday opener

If you love the “Holiday” ornaments on the title page of our “Holiday Spirit” story, you’ll be happy to know you can make your own. Just die- or hand-cut a variety of ornament piecings (check out our patterns here and be sure to scroll through the slides to find your favorites), adorn them with glitter and letters to spell out your message of choice, and hang them with metallic thread.

It’s super simple, so I’m thinking if I start now, I’ll surely have it done by December!


A clarification: We’ve gotten a ton of feedback asking for patterns for these specific ornaments. Because all of the ornaments were cut with the Provo Craft Cricut and the “Joys of the Season” cartridge, we are not able to offer patterns. I am so sorry for any confusion or frustration caused by the post.

I did ask Jennifer Perks for additional info on creating the ornaments. If you have the “Joys of the Season” Cricut cartridge, she’s included reference numbers.

The “H” ornament is made with the design on p. 66 (of the Cricut “Joys of the Season” book) cut in red. Then cut it out again in green for the wreath. Machine stitch in red around edge of ornament. Cut the hanger on p. 79 out of a bronze paper and adhere with adhesive foam. Add self-adhesive pearls for the “berries.”

The “O” ornament uses the design on p. 62 (the upper blackout one). Cut that in aqua cardstock. Then cut the “layers” design in a darker teal. Brush these pieces with liquid adhesive, sprinkle glitter over them, and shake off the excess. Cut the layers design from kraft cardstock for the hanger. Attach the darker teal layers and kraft hanger with adhesive foam.

The “L” ornament is cut from that same bronze cardstock using the ornament design on p. 62 (the lower blackout one).  Cut the matching “layers” from pink cardstock for the swirls and a light grey cardstock for the hanger. Machine-stitch around the ornament. Adhere the hanger with adhesive foam and the swirl with a dry adhesive. Embellish with silver self-adhesive pearls.

The “I” ornament is cut from a darker green cardstock using design on p. 79 (the lower blackout one). Then cut the upper ornament design on p. 62 from a lighter green cardstock. The hanger was cut from kraft using “layers” design on p. 79. Machine-stitch around the edge of the lighter green ornament and adhere to the darker green ornament with adhesive foam. Add the hanger with adhesive foam.

“D” is cut out of the same darker teal colored paper used for the “O” from the ornament pattern on pg. 79.  Then cut the snowflake ornament on p. 61 out of the lighter aqua paper. The hanger is cut out of a light gray cardstock (pattern on p. 79), then covered in glitter. Machine-stitch around the edge of the snowflake ornament and attached with adhesive foam to the darker teal piece. Add the hanger with adhesive foam.  Embellish with the same silver pearls used with the “L.”

“A” is the same as the “0” except base is bright red, the layers are the same red as the “H” and the hanger is the light gray cardstock.

The “Y” was the most complicated one. It’s made exactly the same as the “L” except the green is the same color used for the base of the “I” and the swirls and topper are the same as the cardstock used for the base in the “L.” Lastly, cut out a Holly sprig from p. 69 (blackout) out of a green cardstock. Add this to the ornament before adhering the hanger, and embellish with pink and red pearls.

For the chipboard letters, which were from Heidi Swapp, painted them white, add glitter, then add them to the ornaments with adhesive foam.

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Family Memo Center Freebies


In the December issue, we show you how to transform a cookie sheet into a family memo center. Want to make your own? Contributing Editor Leah Fung designed these lists and calendars for you to download.



Click here to download the family memo center freebies.

Have you used a cookie sheet for something other than baking?

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Handy-Dandy Stitch Guide

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of hand-stitching on my pages and dabbling in some embroidery. (Check out how I combined the two on page 62 of our December issue.) I’m still new, so I’ve taken to relying on this handy little stitch guide—you can download it and print out yourself to help you learn and remember how to make standard hand stitches. Enjoy!

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Gift Tags Galore

In the “Get Tagged” story in our December issue, we share fun gift tags. Here are a few bonus tips and tricks to help make creating tags even easier.

“Joy” tag

To add an extra jingle to her tag, Erin Roe replaced the “o” in her sentiment with an actual bell.


To attach the bell, cut a small hole in the back of the tag that is just large enough to stick the top of the bell through. Trim a small strip of cardstock and slide it through the top of the bell. Adhere both ends of the strip to back of the tag. It should look like this:


“Many Thanks” tag


Dress up a simple tag with hand-crafted flowers, as Vicki Boutin did here. To make the flowers, punch several circles from patterned paper. Lightly dampen them, then layer the paper circles and crumple to create the shape. Add a brad through the center and let dry.

3-D Tree


Creating a dimensional tree like the one on this tag by Erin Roe is really easy.

101618179Simply cut or punch several triangles from patterned paper or cardstock and fold them in half. Adhere each half to half of another triangle until you create the desired shape, then adhere the accent to your tag.

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Free Holiday Gift Labels


These pretty labels and tags are perfect for customizing gifts (bottles of wine or sparkling cider anyone?), and easy to make. And since the holiday season is such a busy time, we thought we’d make them even easier to make and offer them as downloads. You can download PNG files of these four labels here. Simply print them and attach them to your gift using tape. Happy holidays!

Picture 36

Picture 38

Picture 39

Picture 47


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