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If you love the “Holiday” ornaments on the title page of our “Holiday Spirit” story, you’ll be happy to know you can make your own. Just die- or hand-cut a variety of ornament piecings (check out our patterns here and be sure to scroll through the slides to find your favorites), adorn them with glitter and letters to spell out your message of choice, and hang them with metallic thread.

It’s super simple, so I’m thinking if I start now, I’ll surely have it done by December!


A clarification: We’ve gotten a ton of feedback asking for patterns for these specific ornaments. Because all of the ornaments were cut with the Provo Craft Cricut and the “Joys of the Season” cartridge, we are not able to offer patterns. I am so sorry for any confusion or frustration caused by the post.

I did ask Jennifer Perks for additional info on creating the ornaments. If you have the “Joys of the Season” Cricut cartridge, she’s included reference numbers.

The “H” ornament is made with the design on p. 66 (of the Cricut “Joys of the Season” book) cut in red. Then cut it out again in green for the wreath. Machine stitch in red around edge of ornament. Cut the hanger on p. 79 out of a bronze paper and adhere with adhesive foam. Add self-adhesive pearls for the “berries.”

The “O” ornament uses the design on p. 62 (the upper blackout one). Cut that in aqua cardstock. Then cut the “layers” design in a darker teal. Brush these pieces with liquid adhesive, sprinkle glitter over them, and shake off the excess. Cut the layers design from kraft cardstock for the hanger. Attach the darker teal layers and kraft hanger with adhesive foam.

The “L” ornament is cut from that same bronze cardstock using the ornament design on p. 62 (the lower blackout one).  Cut the matching “layers” from pink cardstock for the swirls and a light grey cardstock for the hanger. Machine-stitch around the ornament. Adhere the hanger with adhesive foam and the swirl with a dry adhesive. Embellish with silver self-adhesive pearls.

The “I” ornament is cut from a darker green cardstock using design on p. 79 (the lower blackout one). Then cut the upper ornament design on p. 62 from a lighter green cardstock. The hanger was cut from kraft using “layers” design on p. 79. Machine-stitch around the edge of the lighter green ornament and adhere to the darker green ornament with adhesive foam. Add the hanger with adhesive foam.

“D” is cut out of the same darker teal colored paper used for the “O” from the ornament pattern on pg. 79.  Then cut the snowflake ornament on p. 61 out of the lighter aqua paper. The hanger is cut out of a light gray cardstock (pattern on p. 79), then covered in glitter. Machine-stitch around the edge of the snowflake ornament and attached with adhesive foam to the darker teal piece. Add the hanger with adhesive foam.  Embellish with the same silver pearls used with the “L.”

“A” is the same as the “0” except base is bright red, the layers are the same red as the “H” and the hanger is the light gray cardstock.

The “Y” was the most complicated one. It’s made exactly the same as the “L” except the green is the same color used for the base of the “I” and the swirls and topper are the same as the cardstock used for the base in the “L.” Lastly, cut out a Holly sprig from p. 69 (blackout) out of a green cardstock. Add this to the ornament before adhering the hanger, and embellish with pink and red pearls.

For the chipboard letters, which were from Heidi Swapp, painted them white, add glitter, then add them to the ornaments with adhesive foam.

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  1. I was looking for an idea for our church bulletin board for this Christmas. WOW, this is it. Thank you. I love it.

  2. I was looking for the ornament patterns that span pages 18 – 19 of the December 2010 issue of Scrapbooks, Etc. and was UNABLE to find them. This website is difficult to navigate & I found myself in a loop of not-so-pretty paper patterns. Topping it all off, an annoying page to sign up for a newsletter kept appearing. What if I don’t need/want to sign up for the newsletter and just want the ornament patterns? It would be nice if you had a button that would take you immediately to what you are looking for.

  3. I was looking as the lady above for the patterns that span pages 18 & 19 and never found them. I am very upset with this months lack of the pattern pages & templates I look forward to every month. If they are going to be discontinued from the magazine that I love I will cancel. Those templates are the reason I subscribe from you. Please advise.
    Arlene Rivera

  4. Where are the patterns…the link just takes you to a slide show with no patterns.

  5. I was hoping to find a link to where I might find the dies or punches for these ornaments. They are too ornate to have been cut by hand. Very misleading to have a link in the magazine that brings us here and does not provide the necessary information.

  6. I am going to quit subscribing to this magazine if you can’t make the website more user friendly. This is terrible, can’t find the patterns that yousay is so easy to get to. HUH!!!! I wanted pattern #’s 381 and 396. If you could direct me to those patterns other than what the book says that would be great.

  7. I, too, was disappointed with the patterns given on the website. None of the ornaments pictured on pages 18 and 19 of the magazine are in the patterns given.

  8. YouR magazine indicates we can find the patterns for the pretty paper ornaments on your website. But no where are the patterns for the ornaments shown on pages 18-19. WHERE CAN WE FIND THEM????

  9. Looks like you need to sign up as a member in order to download the patterns. Once I did I was able to access the patterns.

  10. The patterns for the words Holiday ornaments are not something scrapbooksetc created. yes they decorated them with sparkles and buttons and beeds but the actual design is from the makers of provo craft cricut. the cricut has a cartridge called “joys of the season” the machine cut out these ornament shapes. hope this helps those who are looking for the template.

  11. I would like the template for the ornaments Please. Thank You.

  12. My previous message may not have been clear enough. THERE ARE NO TEMPLATES. It is a cricut cartridge called joys of the season. You have to have a cricut machine and use the cartridge and it cuts out the shapes for you.

  13. This was very misleading. I have a cricut but not that cartridge. It should have specified that a cricut was required on the project rather than having it posted in the comments by someone else. Very disappointing

  14. I agree, the article as well as the website were very misleading about where to get the templates for these “oh so awesome” Christmas ornaments. It almost seems deliberate; sneaky. My wonderful husband just ordered the cartridge on ebay for me, at a very reasonable ‘buy it now’ price, and I could not be happier, however, had I been one of many out there that wanted those templates so badly, and NOT had my own cricut, I’d have been much more upset than I am now…I’d have been angry.

  15. Where are the pretty ornaments from pgs 18 & 19 in the December 2010 issue? I saw the link with the picture of them, but the ornaments were not in the link.Instead there were 31 slides of other stuff like christmas trees.
    I think this is a wonderful magazine but the website is hard to figure out because what you say you have online in the magazines can be found. Please Improve This!!!
    I love this magazine and would hate to see it get canceled.

  16. This is my first attempt at accessing a “project” online from the magazine. It will most certainly be my last!

  17. Thank you who ever posted that the ornaments on pg 18&19 were from the cricut cartridge joys of the season.
    I think it would be a good idea if the publisher broke this website into different categories. What I mean is have an area for projects and pages done by cricut cartridges or any other product you use.
    I love you magizine but HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the website

  18. Hi everyone! We’re so sorry about the confusion concerning these holiday ornaments. We meant to give inspiration for creating your own and did not mean to upset anyone! Jen is right. These ornaments were cut with the ProvoCraft Cricut from the “Joys of the Season” cartridge so we are not able to offer patterns. However, you can find the cartridge here: Again, so sorry for any confusion!

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