Gift Tags Galore

In the “Get Tagged” story in our December issue, we share fun gift tags. Here are a few bonus tips and tricks to help make creating tags even easier.

“Joy” tag

To add an extra jingle to her tag, Erin Roe replaced the “o” in her sentiment with an actual bell.


To attach the bell, cut a small hole in the back of the tag that is just large enough to stick the top of the bell through. Trim a small strip of cardstock and slide it through the top of the bell. Adhere both ends of the strip to back of the tag. It should look like this:


“Many Thanks” tag


Dress up a simple tag with hand-crafted flowers, as Vicki Boutin did here. To make the flowers, punch several circles from patterned paper. Lightly dampen them, then layer the paper circles and crumple to create the shape. Add a brad through the center and let dry.

3-D Tree


Creating a dimensional tree like the one on this tag by Erin Roe is really easy.

101618179Simply cut or punch several triangles from patterned paper or cardstock and fold them in half. Adhere each half to half of another triangle until you create the desired shape, then adhere the accent to your tag.

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2 Responses to “Gift Tags Galore”

  1. Love the dimentsional tree.

  2. love “JOY” with the bell. i do believe i will be making those for next christmas!!