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Picking an album has always been a no-brainer for me. I always gravitate toward black albums with plenty of room for dozens of 12×12″ page protectors. And since I scrap chronologically, this has never really been an issue for me.

But then I got engaged. And for the past month, I’ve been putting off scrapping my photos of the proposal, simply because I can’t commit to an album for all of my wedding pages. But now that I have photos of dress shopping, and will have engagement photos soon, I need to pick so I can start scrapping!

Should I go with this pretty linen album from We R Memory Keepers that is nearly the same shade of purple as the one in my wedding color palette?

Should I stick with my traditional look and pick a classic black leather album from American Crafts?

Or should I choose a wedding album, like this one from K&Company?

What type of albums do you use? What did you do for your wedding album? And, if you’ve posted any of your wedding or engagement pages to online, leave a link! I’d love to see them!

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7 Responses to “Album Options”

  1. Hi, Brittany,

    I see what you mean about choosing an album. I am partial to the third one by K and Company.

    At the time of our wedding, only the pics. from the photographer were in an album. It was one that we picked out from him.

    Now I am in the process of placing the ones from our engagement, showers and etc. in another album I bought from K and Company. I sure wish I was a scrapper before we were married. ‘So glad that I am now!

    Best Wishes,

    Renee J.

  2. I vote for the purple linen one. I saw those in person at Archiver’s and immediately gravitated to them…love the texture!

  3. Six years ago I chose a simple black leather album for my wedding layouts, in part to differentiate them from the red linen albums I had been using, but also to coordinate with the vintage postcard theme in the invitations and album pages. I hope my choice will be less dated in 20 years at our silver anniversary than the wedding-themed albums I passed by.

    I think the purple is lovely. And I’m guessing you’ll be happy with it and feel inspired by it–at least for a few years. The wonderful thing about our albums is that we can always put the pages into a new cover if we change our minds.

  4. You might want to wait until you settle on a dress ensemble then order an extra yard of matching fabric. By a large, cheap but archival safe album you really like and cover it with a thin layer of batting sprayed with preservative.There is a product called Archival Mist. And a newer one by Krylon called “Make It Acid Free”. Then cover with your fabric which can also be sprayed with the preservative (check manuf. direction first) then cover with a clear layer of vinyl or other protective transparent cover. You’ll have the perfect compliment and momento to your perfect day. Just a thought.

  5. Go with the plum colored linen one. You will want this album to be different from your others to denote how special it is. :)

  6. I scrap one album for each year of our married life…so from July to July. My friend started me out with a plain white 12×12 album, so for the first 4 years, I got plain white albums. I wanted the 5th to be special, so I used an album given to me as a gift. For 6-9 I bought plain deep brown albums. And next year I buy a special album for 10. I figure it looks neat on the shelf to see them divided like that and it save me trouble in picking and/or keeping up with a certain one. I am set for 4 years and then I can re-choose!
    I love how the plum colored album is different from your usual, but also special to the occasion. I’d go with that, but do what speaks to your heart! Congratulations and good luck!!

  7. I like Kelli’s response. Go with what you lke. In years to come all that will really matter is what the photos are and your memories. The album cover will be a nice idea, but not as important as what’s inside the book and your heart.

    You may’ve heard this already, but at least get your photos in a book, even if it’s a 2 up or what have you, you can always scrap later. You’ll be busy for a while.

    Make sure you hire a photographer, one that you can look at their prior work. (spoken from experience).

    Good Luck and don’t sweat the small stuff :)