Quick Collage Basics: Week Five

Welcome to Quick Collage Basics, a six week blog series sharing basic techniques for our free photo templates. Each week I’ll post a new tutorial featuring a technique readers frequently ask about. All of the tutorials will be in Adobe Photoshop, but leave a comment if you have questions about adapting the instructions to the software you use.

Week Five: Recoloring the Background

Another way you can customize a photo collage is by recoloring the background to match your photos.


1. Open the photo collage you’d like to use and duplicate the background layer (Layer>Duplicate Layer). Begin building the collage as normal, making sure all of the photos are placed above both background layers.

WEBrecoloring22. Use your Eye-Dropper tool to pull a color from the photos. (I chose the gray that is on the monument in the middle of the horizontal photo.) Make sure your original background layer is selected, then choose your Paint Bucket tool and click on the transparent background.

Here are some examples of collages with color backgrounds.

Michelle Rubin chose a blue color to complement the red of her dad’s car.

Kim Crothers filled her collage background with patterned paper.

Melissa Inman changed the collage background black for contrast.

Have you tried changing the background of your collage? Do you have any tips or tricks for your fellow scrappers? Check back next week for step-by-step info on how to replace a photo block wtih digital elements. And if there are any Quick Collage techniques you have questions about that I haven’t covered, let me know!

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