In Disguise

Oct USsmHappy Halloween! I know it’s a little early, but today is the official street date for the October issue (yea!), and I’m celebrating with some Halloween masks!


Click on the links below to get the patterns  for these adorable masks shown on page 64!

Cat mask

Witch mask

Adult mask

Enjoy! And make sure you post your creations in our gallery!

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9 Responses to “In Disguise”

  1. It is so hard to find these projects. They need a spot where you can just put in the project number and it take you to it. Also in magazine they need to put the whole web address. Not just part of it. To confussing for some of us.

  2. very cute masks. i had no trouble finding the site with the web address in the magazine! thanks for sharing all the wonderful ideas with us!

  3. Love these masks. Great for mother and daughter, small or grown. Had no trouble finding site or copying downloads.

  4. The template for the cat mask is a damaged file, according to the Adobe reader. It will not download. Please see about repairing this. <y computer attempted to fix and restore it, but was un successful.

  5. I love these patterns, but could not find them anywhere. I have searched for them since I got my magazine in the mail!!

  6. I LOVE this pattern and had no trouble finding it and using it immediately. I posted my mask in the gallery and you can check it out on my blog as well.

  7. Great ideas, but I need something for boys. I don’t think they will be crazy for the cat. Any ideas?

  8. In response to Trina…I wonder if you could use the cat pattern but tweak it to make it a puppy. If you left out the whiskers, made it brown with some white spots, and changed the eye shape and ears to be bigger and kind of floppy you may have yourself a cute puppy! That way you aren’t completely starting from scratch with a new pattern. Just a though. By the way…that’s my baby girl in the scarecrow and witch mask! :) They were even cuter in person!

  9. I LOVE LOVE these patterns and found them very easily but i’m haveing tons of trouble trying to print at 140% and 120%!! How do I do this – it’s probably simple but i’m so frustrated!