Photograph Fireworks

Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT ISO: 400 Lens: 130mm Aperture: f5.6 Exposure: 5 Mode: Bulb Setting Lighting: Natural Photographer: Adam Gershon

With the Fourth of July this Sunday, many of us will be enjoying a fireworks display. Capturing fireworks in a photograph can be tricky, but with these quick tips you’ll be snapping better shots in no time.

  • Turn off the flash.
  • On an SLR, increase your ISO and lower the f-stop. This can make photos look a bit grainy, so take a few test shots.
  • If you’re a point-and-shoot user, turn to the night or fireworks setting. There may be a delay between when you press the shutter and when the photo is taken, so try to anticipate when the blast will light up the sky.
  • Stabilize your camera with a tripod to get a crisp image.
  • Zoom in on the action, letting the fireworks fill most of the frame.

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