How To Stop “Page Flippers”

We all know them- they pick up your scrapbook, flip it open, and don’t stop flipping. In a matter of seconds they have flipped through your entire scrapbook- which took days, maybe even years to make!
So what went wrong? Your photos.  I know this because I have been guilty of being a “page flipper.” The layout might have a lovely design, but unless there are several photos to linger on, I’ll get into “flip” mode. If there is just one photo, I will look at it and feel that I am done with the page. But with multiple photos, I have to stop, and then I become submerged into what is happening on that page. Multiple photos will put the breaks on someone who is page-flip happy.
But still, a layout is like a written story- while it needs good sources (good photos), it also needs beautiful language (beautiful design) to capture an audience. Having one can’t make up for missing the other. To help with your multi-photo designs, I suggest modeling your pages after some of the reader layouts featured below.

NYC“Autumn In NYC” submitted by akchristyn

Future“We Don’t Know” submitted by shannon500

GoneFishing“Gone Fishing” submitted by  rebeccas

Canyun“Having a Bowl” submitted by devere1707649



“Saucelito Canyon” submitted by  shannon500

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