Spring Cleaning

A few weekends ago, I decided it was time get organized and to purge scrapbooking supplies I knew I wasn’t going to use . I’d been toying with the idea of a few different organizational methods for the last couple of years, but hadn’t stuck with one. After a couple weeks with the new system in place, though, I think this one is going to stick!

The process I used is pretty simple, and it would be easy to adapt it to fit your own organizational needs.

1. Sort all supplies into piles to keep or toss. As I sorted, I made several different keep piles based on category of supply (for example: letters, stickers, stamping supplies, embellishments, rub-ons, small tools, etc.)

2. Set the toss piles aside to sell at a garage sale, share with crafty friends, or donate.

3. Place each category of supply in a clear tote so you can easily see what is inside. I bought a couple different sizes of Sterilite Latching Boxes (below) from Target when they were on sale, which made for an inexpensive solution.

Sterilite Latching Box

The only supply I don’t have in the clear boxes is paper, which I keep in a rolling tote. It’s not as visible as my other supplies, but given my limited scrapbook storage space, I’m ok with that.

How do you organize your supplies? I’d love to hear any tips or tricks you have!

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  1. I don’t have a scraproom, but I have enough supplies to fill one, so organization is a big issue with me. I have a closet that utilizes every square inch of storage space. All of my patterned paper is kept in Generations files, which are labeled either by manufacturer or theme. (Each division within is also labeled.) This way, I can find whatever paper I’m looking for in a flash! My cardstock is kept in two larger files on the floor of the closet. Two plastic stackable baskets hold all of my chipboard and larger embellishments and small sectioned bins hold buttons and ribbon which is wrapped on floss cards. Larger spools of ribbon are mounted on sticky backed velcro and attached to both the available wall space in the closet and a small amount of the door space. The rest of the door is covered with a shoe caddy. Stickers, journaling cards and found items are organized in the pockets. My stamping supplies are in two clear bins on a shelf. I have a small cleaning tote that holds often used tools and scissors. I also have a rolling tool box which holds punches, decorative scissors, pens, colored pencils, cutting tools, adhesive, brads and eyelets….All of the things that I always use. This rolls a few feet from the closet to my dining table where I scrapbook. Stickers and letter stickers that I use less frequently are kept in decorative baskets on top of bookshelves, and other craft items are in a hinged basket nearby. I keep my paints and embossing supplies in my laundry/sewing room on a rolling cart. I really need to write and submit an article with pictures of my closet. It’s hard to imagine fitting anything new in it, but somehow, I always manage to find a way. I reorganize regularly, purge supplies I don’t need, and move things around as needed. These reorganizing sessions keep me familiar with my stash so that I know what I have.