Book Review: BetterPhoto Basics

One of the most important elements of scrapbooking is capturing memories in photographs. If you’re looking to improve your basic photography skills, there’s a new photography resource BetterPhoto Basics that makes taking stunning photos seem achievable.

The book is divided into seven steps, ranging from learning about camera modes to more advanced techniques (like shooting fireworks or making HDR photos). And at the beginning, there’s a guide to which steps you should read depending on your type of camera, which helps you focus on the most relevant sections.

When we received a copy of the book at SBE headquarters, I was instantly drawn to the vibrant photos and accessible lessons. And even though I consider myself a fairly competent photographer with my point-and-shoot, I found many helpful tips and challenges that will help me take my photography skills to the next level.

The tips are practical and the lessons are easy to understand. If you’re a beginner or intermediate photographer, this book is a great resource to help improve your photography. And even more advanced photographers might find helpful tips and tricks on these pages.

BetterPhoto Basics by Jim Miotke; Random House; $21.99

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