Scrap Your Life

Documenting your life is tricking:  General scrapbook pages tend to only highlight the big events. Online blogs inhibit crafty creativity, plus leave you with nothing touchable to pass on. Diaries are too private to share with others. And writing your autobiography, well, may never actually make it to the top of the “to do” list.

My prescription? A scrap page a day.
It doesn’t need to be fancy or even pretty. It just needs to reflect your day.
You can include pictures, journaling, a quote someone said, a receipt, a ticket stub, how you felt, what you are excited about, what you’re dreading, a phone call, the weather, your horoscope, your dream last night, or even just what you ate- anything goes! By the end of the 365 days you will have an irreplaceable book of memories.



  • Use a big 3-ring binder or album (like the one above) for removable sleeves and pages. If the binder becomes too thick, you can always separate your book into seasons or months.
  • Leave your book open with markers or pens on your coffee table for guests to contribute to that day’s page (they are, after all, part of your day!)
  • Use bright-colored paper on good days and dark-colored paper on the not-so-good days. It will create an interesting contrast when you are finished.
  • Let your environment help create your page for the day. Did you spend the day with your child or pet? Let them contribute to the page (i.e. kid’s drawing or paw print)

Have you already started doing a book like this? Are you going to start one? Let me know!

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  1. This blog actually inspired me to make one of my own. I started to make one page a day about my summer. It doesn’t have any pictures so far. Right now, it looks sort of just looks like a really pretty diary/journal. It’s actually a bit challenging for me to make a page that includes only journaling but I am liking it a lot! This has definitely helped me practice designing layouts and pages that work. In addition, it’s letting me exercise my brain to be more creative. Yay! Thanks for posting this!