Stickers Galore!

Xyron 150Today I tried out Xyron’s new “Create-a-Sticker” (aka 150 Machine). I had never used a sticker maker before, but wow! I’m addicted! You just stick whatever you want to turn into a sticker (photos, clip art, letters/numbers, ribbon, buttons, fabric, etc.) into the top, then pull it out at the bottom- and vwa-la! No mess, and no waiting! I’m impressed.

It can only fit things that are less than 1.5″ wide, but I find it perfect for the casual sticker maker, like myself. Although now I think I might become a sticker maniac with my new found freedom machine.

Pretty much, the Create-a-Sticker just distributes adhesive evenly and smoothly, without mess, onto most any thin surface. But wow, I will never go back to gluesticks or double-sided tape!

Price: $9.99 (refilable catriges are about $4.99)


  • Wash fabric before using (the adhesive won’t stick to unwashed fabric)
  • Use glossy photos or shiny paper to get the “professional” sticker look.
  • To save tape, double up on thin items.

My Experiment:

Here is a very quick card I made using the Create-a-Sticker.  Everything on the card was ran through the Create-a-Sticker. And every piece stuck amazingly well. I even restuck the button four different times (I couldn’t make up my mind where to put it), and it is still sturdily intact!



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  1. I Love my Xyron, have had it for years. :)