Remember to Enjoy the Trip


As I write this, I am flying over the clouds in an airplane, excited for my first-ever trip to New York.  I have heard it is a crazy and beautiful place and I can’t wait to start capturing every moment. But wait- not every moment. Too often I become obsessed with archiving my trips in photos and collecting keepsakes that I forget to just sit back and actually enjoy the moments I’m recording.  So, for this trip, I’ve made a few commandments to ensure I capture enough memories, while having a time worth scrapping.

1. Take One Picture.  Ok, maybe two, if needed. I’ve become digitally spoiled. I have a whole computer drive of thousands of the same picture with a slight variation. I take pictures because I know I can- not because it is a moment worth capturing.

Tip: Go Old School- buy a disposable camera. The quality might not be quiet as professional, but it is sufficient for snapshots. You only have a certain amount of pictures per camera to take so you will only take the absolute memory-maker shots. By not seeing the instant photo feedback like you do on a digital camera, you won’t be tempted to retake the photo until your hair and smile are absolutely perfect. Instead you will have one great photo of how the actual moment was, wild hair and all.

2. Only Collect Ticket Stubs. You don’t need the flier, brochure and napkin holder. One little ticket stub will be sufficient to bring back the memory back. Only keep things with true sentimental value. Don’t make it a mission to find stuff to keep. Instead, enjoy your trip and whatever sticks around; whether it is a sea shell or just a receipt, it will be the most memory-induced.

Tip: Take a small empty box with you. If it doesn’t fit in the box, toss it. This will help you sort out what is a real souvenir and what is trash.

3. Talk about it. When you get back, talk to someone close about your trip. Then think about what stood out in your conversation. You might be surprised what points in your trip actually stand out. Those are the moments worth scrapping. Also talk to about the trip with whoever went. They will remember things you didn’t, and visa-versa. Maybe it wasn’t the actual trip to Disneyland, but rather when you just ordered pizza and talked all night.

Tip: After talking about the trip, write it all down. Even pictures or a beautiful scrapbook page won’t bring back the details. Plus, by talking and writing about it, you will get the core essence of what made that trip special, which will help focus your scrapbook pages.

Now it is time for me to go enjoy and record my trip. I would love to hear about yours!

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2 Responses to “Remember to Enjoy the Trip”

  1. Michelle,
    I’m printing out this entry and I may even laminate it. We don’t take many trips per se but I do tend to get caught up in the “how will I scrap book this?” whirlwind, instead of just simplying enjoying the event (a trip, ceremony, holiday, etc.) You’ve reminded me to step back, enjoy the moment and when I reminisce (sp?) about it later – write my journaling & pair it with a photo (or 2) for a page. Thank you for reminding me (giving me permission?) to enjoy the moment while it happens – and if it’s worthy of scrapping do it later.

  2. Cheryl,

    I am very glad I was able to inspire you! It is so easy to get caught up in the scrapping and forget about the actual living part. Thank you for reading!
    Happy adventures! :)