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I recently returned from a spring break trip to London. And because I’ve been seriously slacking at getting pictures up on Facebook (sorry, friends!), I made a quick mini album. I love this album because it’s only the most significant photos–the iconic and/or posed travel shots. It gives friends and family (and me, 20 years from now!) a quick overview of the trip.


The loud, 80s-inspired, cartoon-style is what I used to pull the entire album together. Because there is so much history behind European cities, intuition says to scrapbook it with a traditional and maybe more serious feel. In reality, London is modern and full of incredible color in everything from hit musicals to fashion choices to whatever shade or tint the London Eye (an enormous, enclosed ferris wheel) chooses to be on any given night. I wanted to capture that color.

page 2

Tip: Print wallet-size photos for easy mini album scrapping.

page 3

Tip: Cut an embellishment from patterned paper (as I did with the heart) and pop it up with adhesive to distinguish it.

page 4

Tip: Use large letter stickers to ground photos and patterned-paper strips.

page 5

Tip: Add extra details to patterned paper. I doodled swirls inside the polka dots above to enhance the album style.

page 6

Tip: To add texture and dimension, crease a piece of ribbon and attach with glue dots.

page 7

Tip: Cut down on wasted supplies. Layer paper scraps under a photo to draw attention to the shot.

page 8Tip: Don’t underestimate simplicity. This is one of my favorite photos from the trip. I framed the photo with a piece of ribbon and a paper strip to give it all the attention.

Speaking of travel photos … In 2 days we’re launching the “Best Vacation Photo Ever” contest. Start sorting through your snapshots and check back here on Thursday for more details!

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  1. ooooo…those pictures are fantastic and the design is soooo much fun! Looks like you had a great time whenever this was! So great, I love the stuff you’ve been putting up!!