Friday Finds: Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board

IMG_4716I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical when I heard about this tool at the Crafts and Hobby Association trade show in January. I couldn’t see the need to purchase an additional tool to do something I could do with a bone folder and a ruler or the scoring blades on my rotary cutter. What I didn’t realize is that while the outcome is the same, the scoring board makes the process much easier!

At first glance, the Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board ($19.99) looks like a large paper trimmer that has no blade. But look a little closer and you’ll several grooves spaced 1/8” apart that allow you to get a straight, even scoring line at whatever measurement you need. In addition to making boxes and cards, you can whip out envelopes easily with the help of the envelope guide. And there are handy storage areas on the board for the bone folder and the envelope guide.

I bought my scoring board at one of my local scrapbook stores last night and have already used it to make rosettes for two projects already. It makes the process so much easier and the end result so much cleaner than my previous scoring methods, which is awesome since I’m obsessed with rosettes.


Work in progress!


Detail from another project

I’m so glad I was wrong about it! Now I’m off to make more rosettes. Have a good weekend!

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68 Responses to “Friday Finds: Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board”

  1. I love these rosettes!! If the Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board makes it easier to do projects or make envies then I want one. It’s time consuming to drag out templates and find my bone folder add measure..oh those many many measurements. Thanks for the tip!!!

  2. I too have the Martha Stewart Scoring Board. Of all of the boards I have used, this is the best! It makes nice crisp creases and the storage areas for the folder and the envelope guide make it complete.

  3. My Sister bought me the Martha Stewart scoring board for a mother’s day gift and I love it. I made my own gift boxes and it was so much easier than using the scoring blade on my trimmer. I am going to make all occasion Cards with matching envelopes than make a box to put them in.

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