Pretty Paper Skirt

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Paper may be the most basic scrapbook supply but it’s also the most versatile. I crafted this skirt from patterned paper to put my personal twist on a Parisian-style dress form I received as a Christmas gift. It’s so easy!

What You’ll Need:

• Approximately 10 pieces of patterned paper (I bought a pack of paper to make matching easier.)
• Paper cutter or scissors
• Wide ribbon
• Glue gun


Cut strips of patterned paper in varying sizes and put aside in piles. Cut a length of ribbon that measures the circumference of the dress form “waist” plus a little extra to tie a bow. Lay the ribbon flat. Starting with the wider pieces of paper, attach strips to the ribbon using the glue gun. Create 2-3 layers of paper across the ribbon to fill in all gaps when the skirt is wrapped around the form.

Repeat these steps–cutting a length of ribbon that fits a lower section of the form–to create a layered look as shown in the photo below.

skirt close upSOURCES Patterned paper: American Crafts (purple), BasicGrey (all other). Ribbon: Michaels.

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