Friday Finds: QuicKutz L Letterpress

We {heart} letterpress—and the Letterpress!

Happy Friday, and welcome to Friday Finds, a new weekly feature here at iScrap uScrap in which we’ll be sharing our latest obsessions.

We’re going to kick things off this week with the QuicKutz L Letterpress. It’s been out for a few months, but we just had a chance to spend some time with ours this week. And now we’re hooked!

The L Letterpress works with QuicKutz’s Epic Six die-cutting tool to create printed, debossed images for paper crafts. The art of lower-case “l” letterpress is very popular for printing special events pieces, such as wedding invitations. You used to need expensive, complicated machinery, but the uppercase “L” Letterpress tool makes it easy!

The starter kit is $69.99 ($149.99 when combined with the Epic Six and comes with everything you need to start printing, including an all-occasion plate set, paper, and back ink. There are also other accessories available, including 20 colors of ink ($6.99 each) and several printing plate sets ($24,99 each). QuicKutz also offers a personalized plate set so you can make your own wedding invitations!

We played with ours last week, and the rest of the staff had to organize an intervention because I wouldn’t stop playing with it. It takes just a bit of practice and experimentation, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy! I’ll post a video soon about the process, but until then, here are a few cards I made during our session.


Check back soon to see a video of the Letterpress in action!

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  1. I have been putting off purchasing the L Letterpress because of the complaints about the plates cracking after one use. Have you had any problems with cracked plates … yet? I’d just love to have this product, but with a very tight budget, I want to hear more positive reviews and hear about long term use without damaged plates. Thanks for your input. P.S. There are no stores in my area (Tampa, FL) that sell the Letterpress … I’d have to go to Orlando to get one ‘locally.’ You can see why I would have concerns about having to return something that didn’t perform.