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Your creative bone doesn’t have to stop in your scrapbook. These Web sites are my favorite (and free!) creative energy outlets when I’m all out of paper and glue. – If you are obsessed with shopping, fashion, magazines, and everything in between- you will become addicted to this. You get to pick from thousands of items (like purses, shoes, clothes, makeup, electronics, etc.), then mix and arrange them on a blank canvas. You can save and share your pages, and even buy the products! Below is a page I created:

Scrapbooks etc. – This is a website design program that is completely visual (no HTML coding!). You can use one of their many templates, or start from scratch. It has the same design and play essence of digital scrapbooking and is incredibly easy to use. Plus they have hundreds of free photos, clip art, animation and design elements to pick from. You can create unlimited free pages and send them to friends or publish it on the web with a Wix URL. To have your own URL and other benefits (like removing their Wix advertisements from your page) it costs extra (starting at $4.95/mo). Use your page to display photos, show off your hobby, sell stuff, list your recipes, promote your personal business, make a club homepage, an “about me” site, or even to promote your scrapbooking skills! You can view my portfolio site I created using Wix at – Here you can create and print your own books. It is free to use their program, however you do have to pay for any copies you decide to print. They also have cards, stationary, calendars, posters and other fun things you can create and print using either their templates or your own creation.

Also, if you want a book you created to be available for the public to purchase, I suggest It allows you to actually sell your personal book on Even if it isn’t going to win a Nobel-Peace Prize, it gives friends and family the ability to purchase their own copy. My 11-year-old cousin did this with a short children’s fiction book she wrote. You can see it here. And hey, you never know who might stumble upon your work!

Have you used any of these sites? Please share your creations!
Or do you have other favorite creative websites? I would love to hear them!

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