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Sometimes, as scrapbookers, it’s easy to become a collector of patterned paper. I often think, “That pattern is just too pretty to cover with photos!” when looking at some of my favorite sheets, then set them aside. They end up getting lost in my piles of patterned paper, waiting for the perfect project to come along. But if I love the pattern so much, why not do something with it?

I’ve decided to take some of my favorite papers and make wall decor with them. The first project, which I made this weekend, features my favorite patterned paper ever. I’d been struggling with how to use this paper (Do I use it to mark where I lived and worked when I was in London? Do I use it as the title page to my study abroad album?) and was starting to worry that it would end up in the pile of forgotten papers. Instead of letting it go to waste in my stash, I wanted to do actually use it. So I did. (Although I’ll probably end up buying a second sheet of it to use in an album later, it was liberating to remind myself that I can use patterned paper instead of just hoarding it.)


SOURCES Canvas: Art Alternatives. Patterned paper: October Afternoon. Paint: Plaid. Decoupage medium: Mod Podge.

This project was so easy to makeā€”the longest part was waiting for the paint and decoupage medium to dry. Just paint the sides of the canvas a coordinating color, let it dry, and then decoupage the paper to the canvas. Actual work took about a half hour, and between the paint and decoupage, drying took about two hours. Not bad for an easy weekend project!

Patterned paper wall decor also is good if you’re looking for inexpensive ways to decorate your house or apartment. I found the canvas on sale for 50% off, and already had the decoupage medium at home. The paint was less than $5 (and would have been less had I remembered my coupon). All in all, the project cost less than $10 to make, and having the paper on display instead of buried in my stash made it well worth it.

Have you used your scrapbooking supplies to make home decor? I’m always looking for ways to spruce up my apartment, so I’d love to see your projects! And if you’re looking for more home decor inspiration, check out our home decor and photo decor ideas.

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  1. How cute is this project.. I will give it a try… I have been meaning to redecorate our bedroom and what a great way to add some art…