Formatting Journaling into a Circle

In our April 2010 issue, on page 101, we show a layout by Polly Maly that includes journaling that fits perfectly in a circle. There are a couple different ways to get that look, depending on what software you have.

Adobe Photoshop:

webphotoshopstep11. Use your Ellipse tool to draw a circle the size you would like your text box to be.

webphotoshopstep22. Select your Text tool, click in the circle, and start typing.

(The beauty of Adobe Photoshop is that there is usually more than one way to do something. Do you know of another way to format journaling into a circle in Photoshop? Leave a comment and let us know!)

Microsoft Word:

webwordssGo into the Draw menu and select the Oval shape. Draw a shape the size of your journaling block. Depending on what your default settings are, you may need to double click on the circle and change the fill to transparent. Once you’ve formatted the circle, click on the Word document, and tab your cursor over until it is in the circle. Start typing. Press return and tab over to the circle when you need to move down to another line. Continue until you’ve filled the circle with text.

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  1. Does this work in PSE too…when I click inside the circle to type, the circle disappears.