New Sketch

Sometimes when we’re putting together the Pattern Pack for each issue, we have more sketches we want to share than room in the magazine. These leftover sketches eventually end up in our Sketches section of the site, but I thought I would start out the week by sharing one with you.


Lil Engineer by Heather Melzer, February 2010 page 124

What kind of sketches do you use the most? 12×12? 8-1/2×11? Two-page?

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23 Responses to “New Sketch”

  1. For some reason I can’t see the sketch image :o (
    I prefer 12 x12 layouts which allow lots of great space for photos and embellishments.

  2. do you have to be logged in to view the images? I don’t see anything either.

  3. What a cute sketch! I love the look of the ‘clouds’ that could also be used as a speech or thought bubble!

    I work mainly with 12 X 12, gotta have the space. Bigger is most always better.


  4. I wish I could see the sketch, but I cant:( I’ve always scrapped 8.5 x 11; I wish there were more templates, sketches and layout ideas for those of us that do.

  5. Sorry some of you can’t see the sketch! I tried saving it a different way and updated the post, so let me know if you can see it now.

  6. I can’t see the sketch, but I have my February addition, it’s a cute LO!
    I am a digi scrapper, I generally always make 12×12 pages. If I want to print my layout from home I just reduce my Layout to a 8×8.

    I would love to see the piecing patterns as templates for digi use.

  7. great sketch!! :) thanks for sharing!

  8. I definitely use single layouts for a 12×12 design. But, they can all be “revised” to fit any size.

  9. 12×12 size
    I like both single and double pages sketches!

  10. I would love to see the sketches in psd form so us digi scrapbookers could use them easier.Great sketches! I do 12×12 and two page digi pages.

  11. Great sketch, I love the little clouds for the title!

    I usually use sketches for 12 x 12, but like a poster said earlier, they can all be changed around to fit whatever size you need, so I love and save sketches of all kinds. That’s the beauty of sketches, I think. You can take the sketch as a jumping off point and adapt it as you need to. I’ve even been known to use a layout sketch for a card and vice versa. They can be so versatile, and that’s why I LOVE sketches!

  12. I love the sketch – I have started using your sketches more and more frequently and actually got 91 pages complete in January! I scrap my three nieces and one nephew, not to mention my life, so I need all the fresh ideas I can get. I am a 12 x12 scrapper but thinking of starting to mix things up.

  13. I am strictly an 8.5 x 11 scrapper since that way I can print out my pages. So please please provide a sketch in that size, or perhaps tell us how we can adjust it for balance.

  14. i also do all 8.5×11 and i do them portrait and always double layouts. thanks

  15. Thanks for she sketch; it looks like a bus with wheels :) Like it, very different.

    I usually do 12 x 12; I’ve tried the 8×8 but it seems too small for me. I’ve also made my own word books and I like that – I must really be creative to be able to put in pictures, journaling and embellishments in a small space.

    Thanks for the sketches!


  16. I LOVE this sketch – in fact it is perfect for photos I have been wanting to scrap. Definitely going to use it. Thanks so much for sharing!

    I usually do 12×12.

  17. 12 x 12′s are my favourite. Keep sharing your sketches – love them :)

  18. I use 12 X 12, exclusively. I cannot see a sample of a finished layout using this sketch. I love the looks of the sketch, however.

  19. I usually make 2 page 12X12. Thanks for the sketches!

  20. I usually do 12 x 12 but I can stretch a good one like this..I love the clouds!

  21. Occasionally will do an 8×8 album, but for the most part I do 12×12, preferably 2-page layouts.

  22. What a great layout will make a nice card for my grandson. Thanks

  23. I usually do 12×12 layouts and often 2 page layouts. Nice sketch!