2009 Year in Review

To celebrate the New Year (and look back on 2009), I challenged myself to step out of my traditional and hybrid scrapping comfort zone and make a digital year-in-review page.

2009yirpageSOURCES Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0. Fonts: Century Gothic (journaling), Elephant (“2009″). Digital elements: New Year brushes (border brush) by Rhonna Farrer, ScrapbooksEtc.com Quick Collage 103 (template).

I’ve seen a lot of emails where people ask how to create a color background with the Quick Collage templates. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Quick Collage template and duplicate the template layer. qchow-to
  2. Place your photos as you normally would (click here for instructions), making sure the photo layers are above both template layers. qchow-to2
  3. With the bottom layer selected, choose the color you would like the background to be. Use the Paint Bucket tool to fill in the transparent area with color.

Do you have any other photo collage questions? Or have you made any year-in-review pages for my challenge?


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  1. To prepare for a scrap I take art, math, school work of my grandkids and reduce the page in size on my printer to fit my card size or a size to work into my scrap page. When making kids cards or scrap pages I have their handy work with me to use. Anyone having a three in one printer has this ability and it gives a new deminsion to your work.