Wavy Christmas Tree

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Now that the holidays are winding down, you may be looking for some ideas for those Christmas pages! On page 100 of the February issue, Lisa Storms made a great page about her Christmas tree and used photos of the tree to spell out her title.


Another cool feature about this page was the Christmas tree she made out of patterned paper. Here’s how to make your own!


Cut two large triangles from patterned cardstock, one slightly smaller than the other.


Punch both long sides of the triangles with a wave border punch.


Layer the triangles and machine-stitch them down the middle. If desired, pop up the top layer with adhesive foam. Embellish with gems and nested stars punched from cardstock.
Design: Lisa Storms.

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10 Responses to “Wavy Christmas Tree”

  1. This is a wonderfully creative idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the tree and title punched out pictures. Great idea Thank you for sharing

  3. I just saw this layout while reading my mag last night, love the technique with the punch to make the tree and the letters from the photos – super cute!!

  4. While taking a Copic Marker’s class today I noticed this Bountiful waves punch. Remembering the striking page in the Feb. issue, I knew I just had to have it. So into the basket and home it has come. Can’t wait to use in.

  5. Great idea!

  6. What a wonderful layout ! It shows a grand way to use the border punches. Thanks so much for sharing !

  7. What a beautiful tree. It would be perfect for a centerpiece. I’m going to save this for next holiday season.

  8. What a great way to use a border punch. You always buy them and then are at al oss to what to do with them, great idea! Gives a whole new view on punches!!!

  9. very interesting way to use border punches. it like she was thinking out of the box for that great idea. I’m going to use this on one of my granddaughters first Christmas pages.

  10. Love the LO, the tree is great and I especially love the title covered in pictures of the tree. Border punches – tool #203 that I wasn’t going to allow to tempt me — another great use for my growing collection :( THANKS. – Dee