Behind the Scenes: February 2010


Our February 2010 issue is starting to hit newsstands, so I thought I’d give you a quick “Behind the Scenes” peek at the issue.

Page 1: We’re all coveting the suitcases by Paper Source. Aren’t they so cute?

Page 34: My favorite story in the issue is “Sealed with a Kiss.” You can find the web-exclusive counterpart to the story here.

Page 67: Did you notice we used two different hand models for the how-to? Maria’s hand was used in all shots except #3, where you see my thumb.

Pages 78-79: Can you guess which SBE staffer is holding the photo box? That’s me! The pile of messy photos actually belongs to the entire staff.

Page 92: We loved getting the photos ready for this shot! You can see Maria on the bottom right, and Sarah and I are in the photo that’s going off the edge on the left.

Page 112: I get hungry for cupcakes every time I see this page. It just looks so yummy!

What did you think of the issue? We’d love to hear your feedback!

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11 Responses to “Behind the Scenes: February 2010”

  1. Well the cover looks nice lol…i haven’t been able to get the new mag yet…didn’t have the money to renew but hopefully i can buy it off the rack…:) Love the mag~

    aka ritchnchelle and scrappychick08 :)

  2. I can’t wait for the new issue!!!!! I’m always on the lookout for it weeks in advance. Not sure what day it’s hitting stands, but unfortunately it usually doesn’t make it this far north until a week or two later! (**tear**) I guess I should just subscribe =)

    Keep up the great mag!

  3. Still looking for the Feb issue on newstands in my city (Vancouver) and no sign of it yet! Can’t wait.

  4. I LOVE the section ‘personal space’ and the ideas for organizing an inexpensive kitchen hutch! The question I have is where did the author get that pretty floral tank??!!

  5. Suzanne, I just checked with Maria (whose scrap hutch was featured in “Personal Space”) and she said she found the shirt in the juniors section at Dillards.

  6. Thank you Brittany and Maria! You guys really know how to inspire… with modern scrapbooking and with fashion ;)

  7. I haven’t received my copy yet. I’d love to find out if my layout is in the magazine or online, but I’m having a hard time finding the online edition. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    and I always love the behind the scenes. :)

  8. Hi Sharyn! Your layout is on page 22 of the magazine. You should be getting a copy soon!

  9. awesome! thank you!

  10. Well, I got my magazine and as always just LOVE it! The card stock only pages are so adorable and I love the examples for all the ways to dress up card stock. I am a big fan of the made in minutes layout on page 76-77, a very cute 2 pager. The personal space article really gave me some good ideas. right now I am in the process of moving my craft space and reorganizing so I needed some inspiration and good ideas (such as mason jars for small embellishments, I am going to put my flowers in them). I wish you would do a special edition filled with scrapbook rooms and ideas. This was a great month, and as always I can’t wait to see the next issue.


  11. I’m with Robyn. I love seeing other people’s scrap spaces and ideas for storage. I vote for a special scrap spaces edition or as a regular section monthly in the SBetc. magazine.
    I store most of mine in antique suitcases and an armoire. I like it to all be accessible, but disguised. I scrap in our living room. My scrap desk is an antique farm table serving double duty as an over sized sofa table (sorta). I love to see how creatively other people are storing their supplies. Since I constantly feel the need to reorganize, new ideas for improvements are always appreciated. More please!!
    As always LOVED the entire magazine from front to back. Many, many ear marked pages. Thanks for the inspiration and relaxation!
    Long time subscriber, Tracy Lynn