Gypsy Review + Giveaway (Edited to Add Recipient)

In the February 2010 issue, we reviewed the Provo Craft Gypsy. We had a few more thoughts we wanted to share, and we’re giving away a Gypsy and two cartridges (see the end of this post for details).


The Gypsy is the newest accessory for Provo Craft’s Cricut electronic die-cutting machine. The hand-held tool allows you to weld letters together, adjust spacing, and create designs to cut later while on-the-go. This gadget is perfect if you have a lot of cartridges you don’t want to tote to crops, or if you like to plan pages while on long car trips or while waiting to pick your kid up from practice. You can also preview other cartridges to check them out before you buy.

There is a bit of a learning curve to the Gypsy. When we first got our hands on one to test, we didn’t have a manual. Figuring things out without the manual was a bit tricky, but once we had a chance to look at the manual we were able to pick up the functions more easily. As with any tool, you’ll want time to practice using your Gypsy before you cut into your last sheet of a favorite patterned paper.

One thing to be aware of: You can only sync your cartridges with one Gypsy. Syncing cartridges with the Gypsy won’t erase them, and you’ll still be able to use them with your Cricut as normal, but each cartridge can only be linked to one Gypsy.

With a $299 price tag, the initial cost is a little steep. But if you’re an on-the-go Cricut-lover, it might be worth the price. Still not sure? Visit your local scrapbook and craft stores and see if you can test it out before you buy.

Now for the giveaway!

We have a Gypsy and two Cricut cartridges (Everyday Paper Dolls and From My Kitchen) to share with one lucky reader. To enter, leave a comment with an on-the-go scrapping tip by noon (central time) on February 23. We will randomly select a recipient that afternoon.



Congratulations to our Gypsy recipient!

February 22, 2010 at 4:35 pm, by JPScraps

My on-the-go tip…carry a small notebook for inspiration, sketches, etc.

Thanks for all of your comments and on-the-go scrapping tips!

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  1. I buy paper packs that I can ‘grab and go” to crops with….that way I can easily coordinate a bunch of pages without having to go through my entire stash and figure out what to take…

  2. scrapbook kits are great on the go packs! they have coordinating paper and all of the embellies that go with it all in one bag!


  3. I’m new to being an on-the-go-cropper…I give some thought as to what projects I’d like to complete, but I always bring a variety of pictures to work with so I can switch projects if I need a change.

  4. I keep an Idea Book, a small spiral notebook that I have cut and pasted layouts from magazines or websites that I like. That way, I keep all my inspiration in one place, the notebook is travel-friendly, and I never run out of ideas.

  5. I keep my patterned paper and related stickers in Cropper hopper paper and sticker holders by theme and then take only the themes that I know I will be using. It is not possible to take ALL of my paper! HAHA Therefore, if I will be working on Disney then I only take my disney paper and maybe summer/swim if I know there are swimming pics as well. My colored cardstock is in a portable CM file tote and I keep it stocked with an assortment of colors filed in ROYGBIV order.

  6. Keep a page in your planner to make small sketches, photos to take, or layouts to make. This is a great way to get your journaling and page design done prior to even sitting with your supplies!

  7. I’m not a professional scrapbooker but I’ve been scrapbooking amateurishly since I’m a kid. I’m an on the go scrapbooker when on vacations. I always have a big plastic ziplock bag with me and every time I return to my room I drop everything I’ve acquired into the bag (brochures, receipts, ticket stubs, non-digital pictures, etc.) and before I pack it to go home I dump out the contents and do a preliminary sort where I’ll throw away doubles, receipts that don’t have any real memory value, etc. When I get home I am familiar with what I have in my bag so I’m already in the creative flow of how I’m going to lay it all out.

  8. I make my own kits ahead of time. I take a 12″ sleeve and put coordinating paper and embellishments, and any photos I want to scrap in it. Then all I have to do is grab a kit or two, and pop them into my backpack- which is already loaded with adhesives, a paper trimmer and any other tools I may need.

  9. Love the idea of portability! Sounds like a wonderful machine!

  10. I keep a enclosed 12 x 12 container with a couple of ongoing projects that don’t require a lot of thought. That way, on-the-go is the container, the tabletop essential toolbag for a chatting good time.

  11. I love to buy the scrapbook packets when they are on sale at half off. That way, I am always prepared!

  12. It’s hard to do but I am trying to use the paper that I have on hand. I usually power page before I go to a crop so I can be sure to use the paper that I have.

  13. I have large clear envelopes where I keep like colored scraps so that I can put something together quickly without going through all of my full pages of paper.

  14. When I scrapbook at home or on the go I keep a separate container with all my scrap paper and the tools that I use are in a separate tote. I have 2 sets of tools, 1 set stays in the tote and 1 set stays at home. So when ever i buy a new tool I buy 2.

  15. I save my Kraft plastic oval mayonnaise containers to store buttons, ribbons and such in.

  16. New to on the go scrapping…I do always have the scrapbook packets & 4 X 6 mat packs. They usually go every where with me.

  17. Take less than you think you need – especially if going to a crop at a scrapbook shop, where you can purchase that special paper you need. Limit yourself to whatever you can pack into your tote. Also take an evening to plan ahead what you want to work on and take supplies just for that. It’s about having fun, not taking everything you own with you!

  18. I organize my scrapbook paper and cordinating stickers with pics that go along with that event in a ziploc bag, that way i can just pull on out of the bin, and grab my tool back, then i can scrap if i am waiting at the doctors office or somewhere where i am going to be for a while. All the stuff that would go along with that page is in the bag. Then when i get home i can jazz up the pag if i wish to do so, but I at least have the foundattion covered.

  19. I get these big ‘ol barrels of cheesy puffs at sam’s warehouse and when they are empty I wash them and store all my fibers, ribbons, or chipboard in them

  20. For on the go crops I pick about 8 sets of pictures to crop. Then i picked the papers I want to use with them and put them in the 12X12 plastic iris snaptop case. That why I can finish more pages.

  21. I always have extra paper in my portfolio so whether I’m looking through a magazine somewhere or happen on someone and gives me an idea, I already have paper to draw the sketch so I can do it later. My mind in going these days so nice to have it on paper instead of trying to remember.

  22. take kits or just everything but the embellishments. Embellishments weigh it down, save them for last.

  23. I am so excited about the new Gypsy and am dying to see and test one. This is the ideal tool for my “on the go” life. The Gypsy would be a great addition to my scrapbooking while I sit and wait on my kids and attend their sporting activities.

  24. I have a plastic see-thru container that i keep full of 12×12 kits – ready to grap ‘n go to crops and retreats. And of course my scrapbook tote is ALWAYS ready to go!!

  25. I keep certain “must have” supplies in my tote that I never remove. These include adhesives, scissors, paper trimmer, paper, brads, ribbons, etc. I have a second set at my desk. That way, I never have to worry about leaving something essential at home–as I am as ADD as the day is long. My frustration level goes way down and I can concentrate on my project, not what I left.

  26. I have been wanting to try out the Gypsy since it came out but can’t justify the cost at this time in my life…..

  27. I just this week received my Cricut Expression, the Gypsy would be the ultimate tool to aid me in my new endeavor I am looking to leave the corporate world and be the crafter I was born to be :)

  28. My friend desperately needs a Gypsy to be able to work more efficiently

  29. When using my small sticker maker I use a small tipped embossing tool to sketch around the image edges. Then when you pull off your ‘sticker’ there are no stringy bits of glue to deal with. Adding a ‘cheater’ bow makes using ribbon so much easier. So take your little sticker maker and a couple of rolls of ribbon to your next crop.

  30. The Gypsy is the ultimate tool enabling portable working, I MUST HAVE ONE

  31. What a great way to design on the go. The down time you spend sitting in airports.. on airplanes.. or just sitting in line to pick up kids at school can now be spent being creative. What a great tool for anyone’s collection.

  32. I always have a tote of 12 x 12 page protectors with coordinating papers and embellishments along with the pictures I want to use, standing by to snatch up and run out the door. many times these are pictures that I want to scrap but seem to get pushed aside in lieu of more recent photos. That was at least some of the distant past is getting scrapped.

  33. This would be a fun tool to have on long plane rides, especially when I fly to England each year to visit family. The 10 hour trip would fly by…..

  34. My on-the-go tip is to turn to idea books, especially those with sketches. When in a rut, turn to the experts!

  35. I put together my own kits. I use the large zip loc bags that are 13×17 you can buy at the grocery store. I have my paper, pictures, embellishments, and even a sketch all in there together. I keep at least 5 or 6 of these made up so when the opportunity comes I’m ready to go do my favorite activity and have fun!

  36. I keep a notebook in my purse. When I think of a memory or picture I want to scrap, I can write it down. I also sketch layouts sometime, too.

  37. I have a handy small tote that is full of pockets to store all my tools of the trade. It has everything I would need to crop with; i.e. glue sticks, liquid glue, adhesive, 3 or 4 types of scissors, paper cutter, etc. It has a sturdy handle and can sit on a swivel base for easy access. I don’t go anywhere without it!

  38. I have begged for a Gypsy for xmas.So If I dont get one Maybe I could win it for my Bday In Feb 21 If I could win it . That would make me so happy .Thanks for giving us the chance to win this. Merry Christmas . Cheryl

  39. When I crop on the go, I prepare the night before, I gather the pictures I want to use, the paper (incl pattern and Cardstock),adhesives embellishments I want to use. Also I find out where ever I am going if they have extra trimmers, tools, and scissor so I know if I have to pack those also. I usually bring my roller scrapbook bag and my Amy Butler bag to make things simple for me. When I do this it makes me focused ont he project Ineed to get done without all my oter goodies around me LOL.

  40. I LOVE the time my Gypsy saves me and how it makes my life so much easier. As a busy working mom of 2 little ones, time isn’t something I have a lot of. But I can create on my Gypsy while waiting at the Soccer games, while traveling (car, airplane, airport) and save it. I even do this on my lunch hour when I just want to relax. When I get home, I just plug it up to the Cricut and cut. It’s wonderful!

  41. I always try to keep some kits made up so that I can just grab one or two and go. Also, I always carry a notebok with me so that I can jot down my ideas for journaling or a funny story that happened. It would be so great to have a gypsy to carry with me and use during lunch breaks and while I wait for my daughter.

  42. I keep all my essentail tools, scissors, pens, adhesives, pop dots, craft knife, rulers, eraser, hole punches, corner punch, and a sanding block, and my mini 1″ xyron all in an AMM tool caddy, always ready to go to a crop or to my scrapbook class. That way I always have the essentials ready in one place, whether at home or on the go.

  43. I am a late bloomer to scrap booking and the cricut. Now I am so so hooked. I can not believe
    this craft has slid past me for so long. I would love to win the Gypsy to make me more mobile. It is so hard to remember all the carts you need when you go to a friends. I have a lot to learn but am having the time of my life. I hope I win! Blessings to all, Jonnie

  44. I always have one of Jeanette Lyntons books by my side. I select pictures that I want to scrap, a layout from the book that suits my needs, and put together all the necessary items from the recipe. I’m ready to scrap! Her books have always been a huge time saver for me.

  45. I have a file box, that has all my scraps of paper. I hate to cut into a 12×12 sheet, if only I need a small piece. It all file according to color, and solid or printed. My scarppin buddies are know to look to see if there is something they could use.

  46. I pre make page kits with my pictures and the paper I want to use with them along with some embellishments so they are easier to transport and I can get more done while I’m gone.

  47. I always prepare items for pages stored in the page holder to work on anytime. I select my pictures, put in cardstock and embellishments. Ready to put together.

  48. I would love to be able to put together projects at work and simply cut them out when I get home. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  49. I buy whatever I can when I see it and on sale most always! You have to be prepared for pages, and ideas:) 6 grandkid books keeps me really busy keeping up with all of it!

  50. I organized photos & coordinating embellishments & papers into gallons size zip-lock bags and keep them in a tote bag along with other papers, etc… that is ready to grab & go. Then I’m able to work on some of the projects I have been putting off :)

  51. This year I’m using my Cricut to just cut out initials to put on my family’s gifts. This works for me because everyone’s name starts with a different letter. Sometimes, even making out gift tags can be time consuming. This will make it quick and easy.

  52. I have a small battery powered Ott light that is a must. I find that so many times, the lighting can be bad at crops.

  53. My best on the go tip is to keep all of my most-used tools in a portable toolkit. When I’m home, my toolkit sits on my desk. When I need to pack for a crop, all I have to do is close the lid to the toolkit and pack it in my bag. I always know where my necessary tools are!

  54. I buy the packets that contain a little of everything. I also take along lots of 3 D stickers and of course plenty of photos and ideas that I’ve jotted down over a few months.

  55. I gather the pictures I want to scrapbook and grab coordinating papers, stickers and stamps that I know will make good page layouts. Sometimes, if I have alot of pictures to scrapbook I print out a 8X10 collage or make a 8X10 scrapbook page I can print and then add it so a 12X12 page and then embellish. (This saves alot of time, when your time is limited.)

  56. I use a lot of premade page kits. I plan them out ahead of time with paper, pics, and embellishments. Take the page kits, essential tools, and away I go. My new latest favorite thing are premade page kits from sites such as

  57. I belong to a monthyly kit club so when I get my kits I add stuff that coordinates with it such as embelllishments and pictures. When its time to go to a crop, I just grab a few kits with my tools and go!!! Thanks for chance to win!

  58. I have all my must have tools/accessories in a small tool box ready to grab-n-go. I keep all my 12×12 paper in art bin satchels separated by color, so I can toss whatever colors I need into an empty art bin satchel and off i go! However, I do not get to “GO” as often as I would like…so I do most of my crafting at home. But I carry a small note pad and pencil with me so I can “sketch” out ideas while I am sitting idle just about anywheres….stop sign…doctor’s office….work…etc. Happy Scappin’

  59. I keep a small bag with adhesive, scissors and paper trimmer. When I’m going to a crop, I pull the photos I want to use, a coordinating paper set
    that goes with them and several kinds of embellishments so I can choose the best ones once
    my pages are coming together.

  60. This on-the-go tip is a little different. I keep a scrapping version of a grocery list with me. Sometimes when I am scrapping at home, I sometimes realize that I don’t have the perfect embellishment or I’m running low on adhesive so I keep a “grocery” list of scrapbooking supplies I need to get the next time I go out.

  61. You have such great tips, I can’t wait to pop in and read. My craft room is such a mess right now, I can’t wait to get it reorganized and start scrapbooking again.

  62. Ziplock bags work well for supplies needed for crafting or scrapping. I use Press ‘n Seal (or however it is spelled) to wrap the tops of tubes or bottles containing fluid or gels to keep everything else from getting glued or gelled.

  63. I am starting to do “Power Layouts” where you have several folders that have the pictures, paper, and embellies you want on each page in order so when you get to your crop, you have all your pages “pre-designed” and will get TONS finished!!!

  64. If I am traveling & not the one driving, :) I like to take my paper cutter & cardstock & just cut cards so I always have a ton of cards ready to be made.

  65. I make my own ‘kits’ to take to crops. I take pattern paper choices, cardstock, possible embellishments and the photos and put them in a ziplock bag. That way I can get some layouts done even though I am busy enjoying the company around me.

  66. I take a small notebook with me (in my purse) at all times. If I have an idea, I jot it down. If I’m sitting waiting I sketch LOs for later use. I also have my camera ready at all times. You never know when that “Kodak Moment” comes along!

  67. My “on the go tip” is to never leave home without a camera and a notebook to make journaling notes.

  68. I have three plastic envelopes that I have labeled for each of my grandkids and I place the pictures, papers, and embellishments I want to scrap before I plan to go to a crop. I start planning ahead so I can make sure I have what I need for each page. I love to be organized!

  69. I like to take my magazines and scrap catalogs with me on the go so I can catch up on my reading and mark pages that have projects that interest me otherwise i never get caught up!

  70. My on the go tip is I get pages all ready to go all clipped together so all I need is to grab my pics I want to scrap and my cricut and I am ready to go!
    thanks for entering me!

  71. I keep a small notebook to sketch or write down ideas as they come into my head.

  72. I work full time and host many swaps through the year. so I am always on the go scrapping. I have a messenger bag with removable accordion file, that hold my paper and stickers. which keeps them in good condition. I do pre-cut a lot of my pieces on the Cricut. I assemble my projects with grue runners so I don’t have to wait for the glue to dry to put away my projects. I do most of the assembly on my lunch hour. which leaves the rest of my day to plan the next project, that’s where a Gypsy would be so handy.

  73. I’m the only one in my scrapbook group with a cricuit so it gets a lot of use. I cut my scrap paper into ready to use mats and organize them by color so they are ready to use and you don’t have to grap a new sheet of paper for little emblishments.

  74. I always keep one bag packed with everything I need to create cards. This way if I have a few minutes I can grab the bag, head to a friends house, LSS, or an expo and I will always have something to work on. I have found that I usually take way too many supplies to retreats and this has helped me scale back my “baggage”. I also precut several card sayings using my cricut that can be used when I assemble everything. Love the cricut!!!

  75. We are on the road a lot so a Gypsy would be a great addition to our on the go gear. My tip would be always keep a couple of Scrapbook Etc. magazines with you. Their ideas are wonderful and really help keep the creative thoughts flowing.

  76. Organization is a must for on the go cropping! Whether it be a retreat or a friends house, having your supplies organized and easy to pick up and move is required!

  77. I have a designated tote for my commonly used scrapbook tools that are stored in there all the time so when I go out I only have to remember to bring the page(s) that I’m currently working on and grab my tote. I never forget my tools!

  78. I use a planner with daily pages to write down memories/funny things my kids say etc. I keep this planner in the car for when I am early places or have a few minutes. I don’t worry about actual days a lot of the times, I just get it in the book. I will sometimes draw a plan or write pics to include with the story.

    I just grab this and throw it in my crop bag or run out and get it when I am stuck.

    My other go to time saver is: I upload my pictures every Sunday night while I am getting stuff ready for the week. That way they are atleast 2 places.

  79. I have an idea notebook that I put sketches in from sketch sites and magazines that I like, and keep my own sketches. This really helps get my juices flowing. I also keep all of my essential tools in one tote, so I can grab it and go to a crop or class, and I know I’ll have everything I need.

  80. I love to make my own kits for crops. I pick the papers, pics and a sketch for each layout I want to make, and I can get up to 25 a day done this way!

  81. What I do to save time and trips to the car is pick my pictures and paper to go with it (sometimes just getting the right paper takes the longest time) cutting tools, embellishments and glue and I’m ready to go.

  82. I have an accordian file that I have sorted by people so that no matter what paper I grab I can find a picture that can be scrapped with it.

  83. There are so many cartridges and I like to be able to check them out ahead of buying them to see if I actually need them, the Gypsy is INSPIRED as both an efficiency tool and time saver

  84. This tool makes up for the fact that the Cricut cannot be attached to a PC to cut ones own designs

  85. I use three ring binders to hold my embelishments and some paper. The clear page protectors and trading card protectors are great to hold most items and paper. (All from the dollar store). I keep a separate binder to transfer the pages to for my on the go project. I have an large craft bag that fits everything nicely and with room to spare for the kids crafts too. I use the IRIS photo case(clear plastic fits 4 x 6 photos) for pics and put everything into the large plastic IRIS case from Michaels(clear plastic case 12 x 12) to fit everything in to go.

  86. I have one of those big beach bags I like to take to crops with me. I plan ahead as to what I am scrapping, IE xmas, vacation, bdays, etc. I take 1 or 2 paper packs and some cardstock. I have a tackle box that all my embellies in and my tools are always ready to go play!

  87. I just got a Cricut and can’t believe I didn’t get one earlier! So fun! I love the idea of the gypsy – scrap and go!

  88. It’s been 6 years since the last time I scraped booked…New years resolution;get back into savioring memories agains and bring me up to date…any new products that will help me are welcome!

  89. I have a three rod towel rack behind my craft room door which I place my rolls of ribbon. I changed out one of the rods to a small wood rod from a hardware store and place the small “bobbin” type ribbons on it. Out of the way, but handy to get to!

  90. I have outgrown my Cricut rolling tote and so a Gypsy would be great for the times I am on the go. I try to not pack all my things since I wouldn’t even know where to begin once I got to the crop/workshop. I try to preplan what I will work on and take only the supplies needed for that project.

  91. Fantastic Giveaway!! I do precut embellishments from my cricut and group them in season or special occassions and put them in a folder. Thanks for a chance to win, this would be a dream!!

  92. I have gone to a few weekend retreats. I will use a sturdy bag and put into it all the items I will need for one project. Easy to find and easy to carry. I don’t put my Cricut in there! Hee hee!
    Sharon L

  93. Plan ahead and only take the papers and punches you will use with the project you will be working on. I am lucky enough to have great scrapbook friends and we share everything so that really helps!

  94. Great Giveaway!! This would be perfect to take with me when traveling so I can design on the go. Thanks for the chance to win, hoping I’m lucky enough to be the one chosen.

  95. I would love the Gypsy! I go to crops quite often and try to make my own kits up before I go. Sometimes I even make some of the embellishments beforehand so I don’t have to bring everything along.

  96. Thanks for this fun givaway contest. I love being able to see others on-the-go scrapping ideas! I like many others do power layout pages. Pre-planning is the key to many completed pages. And to have a Gyspy would make ones packing a breeze. To have all you cartridges in a hand held computer would be Heaven!

  97. I use little coupon filers from the dollar store to keep the photos I want to make pages out of organized. Each page gets a file!

  98. For my on the go tip I think it is important when you get your new photos to take the time right them to match them up with papers, embellishments, etc. and put them in a bag. This can be like a random page kit. When you get ready to go just grab a few packages and you have everything you need besides basic supplies. I would love to be the winner of the Gypsy!!!

  99. I put pictures I want to scrap along with all the papers and emblesments in plastic containers. And I keep my inks, glue runners, scissors in small plastic containers that connect together. So all I have to do is grab and go.

  100. I’d love to win… my tip would be made up page kits.

  101. Thanks for the opportunity to win a gypsy. I mainly make cards, so the way I prepare for a crop is to put together in a file folder the paper and a sketch or picture of the card I want to make. I normally take most all embellishments so I can put these on after I make the cards. If I had a gypsy, I could prepare items without having to take all the cartridges with me.

  102. I would love to win, I just looked at this the other night with the Cricket machines. I do homemade crafts, scrapbook pages on picture stand and would love to have something like this.

  103. I am in the midst of taking apart my children’s scrapbooks from the time they were born. My daughter is now 45 and my son is 39. To say the least it a daunting task. I look for easy yet unique ways to create the new pages. I also have 4 grandchildren ages 25 years, 22 years, 4 years and 2years. I would love to have a gypsy to help out!

  104. I keep a notebook with me all the time to sketch ideas. And before I head off to a crop, I prepare photos, papers and a mix of embellishments to take with me. I keep a supply of tools and adhesives in my tote, so I don’t leave anything behind. And I always check the vendors tables when I get there, because there is always something that I need. I love the idea of the Gypsy. It looks like a great tool to use when “on the go”.

  105. I am just learning about the gypsy. I am so excited to learn everything it does.

  106. I have a small sketchbook i scribble out ideas in.
    I keep track of funny or cute things my daughter does in it that might make a good subject for a page. When I’m ready to scrap I pull it out and I’m off and running.

  107. I get binders from the office supply store and page protectors.Then anytime I run across a wonderful idea on a website or ones I’ll be using from my magazines I print or rip them out and organize them in the binders.I then label the binders based on a theme. *Card making, stamping, etc* That way it’s easier to find and flip through.

  108. when ever i make a card, i make extra components to make more cards when need on the go. I have a plastic container that i keep all my tools that i need to pack into my bag when i go overnight somewhere and have time to make a card on the go.

  109. Being in the Air Force and traveling regularly. The gypsy would be a good assessory to go with my Criket and scrap booking.

  110. Your website is truly inspirational. Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to share ideas and win the gypsy machine. Whenever I see things on clearance at a ridiculously low price, I buy them. It is so much fun to share things with others.

  111. I haven’t been to a crop but I’d take pre-made kits or make some up of my own from my stash. I’ve heard it good to have some extra items to keep in your tote like – scissors, trimmer, ruler.


    (Pattie’s passion)

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

  112. I always take idea books with me.

  113. I like to sort my pictures immediately when I get them and then if I’m going somewhere that I will be sitting around and waiting I’ll grab a pack of pics and my 5×7 sketch book (that I made) and start sketching out ideas for the pages including making notes of background colors and particular patterned paper I have. Then when I get home I just have to pull the supplies together and make page kits for my next crop…no trying to figure out things while making the kits. The sketch book also comes in handy when shopping for particular supplies…I already know what I’m looking for so I can make a list from my sketches of what I need to buy! This also helps when you don’t have time to scrap and you get a great idea for a page and then when you go to actually do you you can’t remember…you have something to refer to!

  114. I love “on the go” scrapping with my girlfriends. We rent a banquet room at a hotel the third saturday of the month, we’ve been doing it for years. We all have different methods, but the common theme is we all share and learn new things and get inspiration from each other’s pages. It’s fun to see our styles evolve. Almost all of them have a cricut!

  115. i keep an idea book/bag handy and put all my coordinating paper and embellishments together. That way I am organized to scrap a few pages at a time.

  116. I am new to on-the-go scraping, and would love to have the gypsy to create on-the-go. Ideas are always coming to me either when I am taking pics or out and about, so gotting them is a must!

  117. I organize my pictures by the event or timeperiod and then put them in a large envelope and mark it on the outside. That way, when I’m ready to do that page, all the pictures are right there and I don’t miss “the one”.

  118. I love your site and I’m very excited about your giveaway. I’ve heard sooo many great things about the Gypsy. My best on the go tip is to have my scrapbag ready to go with all of the “Go To” tools I use on a regular basis. I have one set of tools: scissors, ruler, pens, tweezers, paper trimmer, basic inks, CAD, ect.. on my crop table and another set in my scrapbag. All I have to do is grab my bag and go. I’m a happy scrapper!

  119. With three little ones, it is hard to find time to scrapbook – especially journalling. I keep a notebook for each child by my bed so that I can quickly write important memories/events, that can be easily recorded in a scrapbook when I get around to it!

  120. I like to buy papers that goes together and the cardstock that goes with it. When we go on a crop session I just grab the envelope with the everything that goes together and don’t always have a plan or idea when I get to the crop session. And normally that is my best work. We do a lot of crop weekends and that we have to take a lot of things with to give your page the effect that you want. If I have a gypsey it will be so good and light traveling.I looked at it on one of the previous newsletters and liked what I saw.

  121. I pre cut my embellishments with the Cricut, pack them with photos, paper, embellishments (into a page kit) and a mini tote. These kits can then be packed for a crop, or put together, while I wait at school for the kids, in the pick up line.

  122. I usually take my cricut with me, along with the cartridges needed. I have a tote with duplicate tools so I don’t have to take a lot of time figuring out what I need, because it’s already there! The only thing I need to do before leaving for a crop is to pick out the pictures I want to scrap for that evening and a few extras for “just in case I have extra time!”

  123. I bring along photos along with the tools to crop and sort them by estimated pages. That allows me to get them on the pages faster when I have time to sit down.

  124. I have a large tote that is aways ready to go. Add paper and cartridges for the season. The really large zip bags help keep unfinished projects together

  125. I have packing list/check list that i use to pack my stuff for crops. Then if i need to add something i add to master list. for next time

  126. Glue Dots — need I say more!

  127. If you own a Cricut check with your local scrapbook store for cartridge rentals…cheaper than buying a cartridge for 1 project.

  128. These tips are great! I keep my most-used tools in an organizer bag with handles. Whether I’m moving to my dining room table or to a crop, I know I have those tools in an easily-accessible spot!

  129. I mainly scrapbook at crops, so I make page kits for all my layouts. I use pocket page protectors (mine are CTMH, but I think Cropper Hopper makes something similar). I choose my papers and put them in the 12×12 pocket in the back. Then put my photos in the front bottom pocket and any embellishments in the top pocket along with my notes for the layout. This works great and helps me keep my place when I haven’t cropped in a while.

  130. I bought myself an Expression for Christmas and am excited to get started on using it and making great memory pages. To have the Gypsy would be one awesome accessory.

  131. I take my laptop “everywhere” when I travel. I can put idea’s on it while moving down the road or at a relatives.I got my cricut last year,and this year, I just got the Design studio. I haven’t installed it yet but I’m really looking forward to useing it. Also, it would be awesome to combine it with the Gypsey if I win one. As long as my laptop stay’s up,knock on wood, I’m set for making card’s or scrapbooking. Thank You Cricut and all the company’s for making these wonderfull product’s.

  132. I am 74 years old and started scrapbooking only 4 years ago. I wish I had gotten started a lot sooner. I could use the gypsy to lighten my load when I go to a crop.
    My tip is to pick some wonderful friends that are so ready to help you will all your needs.

  133. Most of the cropping I do is away from home at events. I’ve gotten to the point that where I do not bother unpacking my supply bags. I DO work hard to keep them well organized – one for basic tools and supplies, one for paints and sometimes items, a huge bag of plastic tubs with assorted accessories. I even have collapsible shelves and such that go with me to crops so I can put my often used items somewhere handy. Pre-packing page kits is also a big help, but it’s a bit more organized than I can manage.

  134. I keep 2 totes. One for my major supplies and another smaller tote for travel.

  135. I carry a quilted eyeglass case that my sister made for me to crops. It is just large enough to carry my detail scissors, adhesive, and some other small items. When I get ready for a crop, I grab that and a Zip-loc bag (2 gal) size that I have previously placed paper, embellishments and photos into for just that purpose. That way, I don’t have to fuss over what to take or take too much! Thanks for the opportunity to play and maybe win!

  136. I put kits together in 2 gallon ziploc bags. They are the perfect size to hold 12×12 papers, pictures and all the embellies you need. I always have several ready to go.

  137. I have a ‘grab n go’ 12×12 box that always has a couple of projects to work on it in. I also have duplicates of some tools so there is one packed and ready to walk out the door. To make all scrapping go quickly I have a supply of page kits ready for photos and occasionally I’ll also complete pages waiting for photos.

  138. I pair like pics together. If I have three pics that go together I just paperclip them to each other so they’re ready for my layout, and I don’t have to search for them later.

  139. I keep a bag with duplicates of lots of my favorite tools all ready, so I can just add project specific items for a crop away from home. Kits also make remote cropping easier.

  140. I would love to have one. I just wait to do them when I can remember what it was I was thinking about, I just can not afford one at all. I think it would work out so much better then just thinking about it then when I get home I can not remember what it was. I am lossing my mermory and so I can not always remember what I have thought that day. That would make it so much easier for me. But if I could not win one I know who ever does needs it way more then I do. Have a great Holiday

  141. They are coming out with clutches for the Gypsy however it seems a little small. Plus I would like to store my power cord in it too. So since I’m way into Vera Bradley I’m using one of her large cosmetic zip bags.

    Debbie Meyer

  142. I try to pack with a “one Trip” attitude (only bring what you can carry in one trip from the car)and if I really focus narrow it down to a single project theme as well.

  143. I carry a small $1 journal from Michael’s in my over sized purse. I write down cute conversations I have with my kids, or the kids have with each other, memories from a trip, or anything that pops into my mind while I am out and about. I have ready made titles and journaling all in one spot!

  144. Thanks for the opportunity to win a Gypsy. Maybe I’ll get lucky!!

  145. I carry small sizes of glue, glittery stuff, embroidery floss, etc.. I have what used to be called a “train case” that has a plastic divided insert for little odds & ends (eyelets, buttons, etc., in the tiny jewelry zip-loc bags) and then a bigger space on the bottom for larger equipment. I put paper, stickers, and other paper products inside page protectors in my current scrapbook.

  146. I only take one scrapbooking subject with me on the go; that way I’m not over-whelmed by trying to choose which subject to work on and I can take a small group of papers that work perfectly for the particular subject (i.e., little girl, vacation, pets, etc.). I also go thru all my patterned papers and match up solids or subtle patterns with them before I go–no more than 3 total papers per page!

  147. I keep page kits ready with photos and papers to take to crops. I will often finish them up at home with embellishments from my stash.

  148. My scrap room is already organized in plastic drawers and labeled by topic of paper or stickers. I also keep a drawer for complete kits. I usually take kits with me on the go and pack into my rolling tote. I also have a drawer that is just letter stickers so I grab those.
    I pull various embellilshments and keep them in an on the go container so it usually takes about 20 minutes to get ready to go to a crop.

  149. I am new to scrapping… would love to win this to make life a little easier!

  150. I always take a notebook with me when I travel, it contains a history of punches that I own as well as other items like cricut cartridges. It is also my drawing pad for ideas that I collect on the trip. The sketch area comes in handy while I am waiting where ever, airports, dentist offices etc.

  151. When I am ‘On the Go’ scrapbooking, in a hurry with no plan.. I grab my tote that always has, my mini cricut, a dry glue, a wet glue, a double sided tape, Ink pads, solid coloured cardstocks, generic patterned coloured papers, a ziplock baggie of random embellishments & a cutter…and ofcourse a recent Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine! Anything else I will need I know a fellow kind scrapper will have to lend me. I flip through the magazine, and wahlaaa, scraptheft an awesome layout! On the go scrapping is the most creative way to scrap!

  152. I do all my cutting by hand and when I go to a friends to scrap it’s always with a rolling suitcase full of paper and scissors this would be so handy and quick for me and my friends and such a time saver.

  153. I do alot of scrapbook planning and research on the go. The best tools for me are a small notebook to write down things for journaling with the photos I am taking, and a small clear envelope that I save things in. A special stamp, a flower, the year from a grad hat once, are all there when I am ready to scrap them!

  154. I would love to win the gypsy by provocraft…
    What a great company! I think this product is a fabulous addition to your scrapping needs. Portability is key.

  155. I am a preschool teacher and love to do small scrapbooks for the children to memorialize their early childhood yrs.(42 sweetums this yr!) These are priceless to their parents. Each book is individualize to the specific child. I am also the mom to 4 very busy boys!

  156. A scrapbooking tote bag with lots of pockets!

  157. I will sit down with a few group of pictures and pick out paper and embellishment to go with them, and file it away. So when I am ready to go to a crop I just grab the file with a few tools, and I am set.

  158. Wow – that is great – I would love to win this – thanks for giving us the chance!!

  159. I keep a journal book where I can jot down ideas and thoughts. I also keep 5×7 envelopes where I designes so one project is kept all together until I’m ready.

  160. When I’m “on the go” I grab my ready-to-go scrap kits . . . they consist of photos, coordinating paper, info for journaling, a few embellishments including any paper ones made on my Cricut, using my favorite cartridges! All I need otherwise is adhesive, scissors and a pen! Everything is packed into craft folders or 2 gal zip type bags! Makes it so easy to go to a crop or on a camping trip!

  161. I have a 12×12 photo box that I can plan my project ahead and drop papers, stickers & photos in. I have a plastic “divider” so I can even drop in everything for one page & keep it seperate from a different page.

  162. I need something to organize me! This could be the start!!

  163. I keep all my “must have” tools in a easy to carry tote, this way when I’m going to a crop or to my mom’s to scrap all I have to do is grab it and go and I know I haven’t forgoten anything. When I’m at home it sits on my scrapin desk.

  164. well one good tip is to put ribbon in glass huge pickle jars or those big old prezels bins, labeled colors like I have
    yellow in one
    Purple in another

    Gold in another.

    then I take the rolled ribbon on spools and I put a ribbon through them and hang them up say from shelf to shelf. then you just unroll what you wish to use and then tape back the ribbon.
    I love it!

  165. I keep a binder of all of my page layout sketches (I made a little book out of all of them) and carry it to all of my scraps. That way I never get stuck trying to figure out what layouts I want to use.

  166. My dh wants me to join him in his “hobbies” His hobbies are hunting, fishing, watching football. So….I could take a gypsy into the woods and sit at the base of his tree, or take a gypsy into the boat while he fishes, or just sit on the couch with dh and gypsy while football is on TV! Talk about bringing romance back into a marriage LOL. Gail

  167. I’m not very good at being ready to grab and go but I try. I do keep a few supplies ready to go to a crop just in case.

  168. My pictures are sorted and ready to go. It doesn’t take long to grab some papers and cardstock and a paper cutter. Embellishments can be added later. I agree that paper packs are nice, knowing that they will coordinate with each other. I would love to win a gypsy.

  169. I go to a ton of crops and have learned the secret to still being able to scrapbook at home afterwards is easily transitioning between totes and home storage. I only purchase storage containers that can fit in my totes and desk drawers. These are where I keep all my embellishments. Also I like to plan my pages that I will work on at the crop. I’ll put the pictures and paper together so I don’t have to spend a bunch of time sorting. Then I have my embellishments packed and I’m ready.

  170. After being frustrated at the first couple of crops by not getting any pages finished in time to win prizes, I decided to change my strategy. For a week or two before a crop, I get ideas for pages, use my Cricut to cut shapes and titles, and pack them in stacks with the appropriate photos and background papers in a 12×12 plastic bin. I bring a basic supplies that I keep in one of the zipped boxy bags from bed sheets. That means I will actually finish some pages.
    I also bring some extra cardstock- the cheap white Georgia Pacific type from WalMart- and my Cricut, so I can teach others how to use it.

  171. Remember,near the end of their pregnancies, when women packed a bag for the trip to the hospital? (Insert appropriate “I Love Lucy” episode here.) Remember that home first-aid kit that was supposed to always be replenished and handy? Well, I wasn’t very organized back in the day, and very little has changed in the meantime. The best on-the-go tips I can offer are 1) NEVER throw away a scrapping/crafting mag and rotate through the stacks from time to time for ideas that didn’t catch your eye the first time; 2) buy zip-loc bags in every possible size; and 3) ALWAYS carry a small notebook.

  172. OMG, I hope to win!!

  173. I store the tools I use when scrapping away from home in totes. I use them at home from the totes and just need to put in my big crop bag when I leave. Now I don’t feel I need two of everything.
    No matter who wins, I want to thank you for your generosity.

  174. When I am on the go I keep a notebook and pencil, a camera ( can be cellphone )and a ready imagination. I look at things and for things that inspire me. I once took a picture of a Christmas display at our favorite coffeehouse. I even kept part of the packaging from the coffee bag. I liked the smell of the ground coffee. Nothing is off limits, I take pictures, and sketch pages. My mind is always going. Tammy

  175. Whenever I scrap I put all my scrap paper in Ziploc bags which I then punch a hole in the corner of and use rings to hang them in my closet. Then when I need scraps I just grab the bags. I have have one for each color and one for patterned paper.

  176. I love to bring my scrapbooking idea books/magazines with me on vacation, then when I get home, I have loads of ideas!

  177. I love using Scrapbook kits. They are great for a quick putting together memories when I am not home. I also have made it easier by carrying everything in one tote, that way I am never without my supplies.

  178. As I look through my pictures I put them in a tote with papers I think will go with them and put any emblishments in also. I precut letters and shapes also and have then in a clear divided tool box that fits in my case.If I had a Gypsy I could plan these cuts more efficiently and have them cut and ready to go. I come up with ideas eveywhere. I keep a notebook in my purse to write down ideas wherever I am. I jot down quotes from picture frames and plaques when shopping, note color schemes, examples of placement almost daily.

  179. When I went to Scrapfest last year in Kitchener, Ontario,Canada, I made up layouts for all my projects with paper in mind and embellishments. I got a lot of pages done and was very proud of myself!! If I could win a Gypsy I would use it at my kids sports, Hockey x 2, Highland Dance and Skating!!

  180. I think less is more when scrapping on-the-go. I keep several vinyl envelopes filled with photos and coordinating papers so I can grab a few to throw in my tote containing my basic supplies and go!

  181. I love to bring pictures, a sketch book and pad of paper with me on long drives. While my husband drives I can go through my pictures and sketch my layouts.

  182. The Gypsy sounds like a great on the go tool. I am new to taking projects on the road and I love some of the suggestions.

  183. I am saving up to buy a Cricket!

  184. I make my own scrap kits to take with me. It is really easy. When you buy a lot of paper and stickers on sale. Just put everything you think would look good together in a paper saver bag. lable it with a name the helps you remember whats in it like what brand of paper.

  185. i always carry a craft bag with me where ever i go, in it i have a note book i put my idea’s in it.I always bring my craft making books with me that seems to be the only time i can set and read them , I write my ideas down and put them to use when i return home.feeling that i am a head a bit.

  186. I love my Anna Griffin tote which is packed and ready when I go to a crop. I also keep my projects in 12×12 clear envelopes to separate each subject. I throw embellies in and grab a stack of Bazzill paper and I’m off!

  187. When I know I am going somewhere scrapping I prepare ahead of time my own kits to take.. I gather pictures, paper and embellishments and away I go

  188. Would love to try the Gypsy!

  189. One of the best things I ever bought was from Fiskars, a 5 piece crafters luggage on wheels. I keep the totes inside filled with supplies, paper and photos. It is a great space saver in my craft area. Having a Gypsy would be a wonderful on-the-go tool!

  190. A couple of on-the-go ideas:
    1) I always carry a small notepad in my purse with me. I fill it with funny things my kids say, quotes I hear (or see, for that matter), page ideas, or even design ideas.
    2) I have tons of google reader blogs that are awesome! I’ll save off the posts that have my favorite ideas so that I can use them whenever I actually get the chance to scrap. I’ve even done this on my iPhone, just bookmarking the page so I can access it later.
    3) Bookmark Scrapbooks, Etc! It’s always full of great ideas. :)

    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

  191. I would love to have the Gypsy to put words and phrases together. I enjoyed reading these “on-the-go” tips.

  192. I too keep a small notebook and my camera with me at all times. You never know what you might see so I won’t forget I jot any ideas down. I am a bus driver and have down time so I would love to win the Gypsy to occupy that time. Thank you.

  193. I put my projects into large zip bags…embellishments and all. It makes them very portable. Another trick I have found is using fishing tackle boxes to store different embellishments. Then I can just grab the one I need and put it in my scrap bag.

  194. WOw,thanks for the chance to win this cool tool!!

  195. My best on the go, none cutter, tip is to make page kits. They allow me to complete lots of pages on the go!

  196. Awesome giveaway!! My on the go tip is to always have your rolling scrap tote ready with all the scrapbooking supplies you would need for a crop. Then if you decide at the last minute to take your scrapping on the road, it will already be ready to go.

  197. I also create my own page kits and go to a crop with plenty of those. I may change my mind once I start putting the pages together but it at least give me a starting point.

    Thanks for the incredible giveaway!

  198. My scrap tip is to buy an accordian file and label with the the colors of paper that you use- red,blue,green and use it for your paper scraps.

  199. I am so excited about the qypsy ! It is perfect for a busy scapper

  200. I enjoy scrapbooking with my sister and our friends. I recently purchased a Cricut Expression and am excited to show it them. It would be awesome to have a gypsy to make things more portable. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win one.

  201. The Gypsy would be great to download my cartridges to and travel with. I’d love it!

  202. I started scrapbooking when my daughter was five. Owning the Cricut Create has made my pages more beautiful and so easy to “create”. Thanks for the opportunity to win a Gypsy!!

  203. Just make sure to bring lots of chocolate in case you really did forget something that you needed. ; )

  204. I started scrapbooking my son’s scouting pictures for his Eagle Ceremony. I’ve enjoyed creating the pages. I’ve just received a Cricut Expression and would love to have the opportunity to use a Gypsy! I am always waiting for him to at his scout meetings or choir pratice and it would be great to use that time to create something. :-)

  205. Keep a personal-size trimmer in your car and your latest set of prints, then while your waiting in the car (to pick up the kids etc), grab it and start cropping. Then when your ready to sit down and do a layout, the pictures are all ready to go!

  206. WOOOHOOOOOO! I played with a Gypsy at a local crop…I WAS HOOKED!!!!!!!

    Linda K

  207. I have an idea notebook and my Cricut carts always handy. Winning a Gypsy would be the ultimate gift.
    Thanks for the opportunity in this giveaway.

  208. I went to my first scrap retreat this fall and was amazed at how long it took me to pack for it. I didn’t spend so much time on packing my clothes! Now I have one bag ready to go with the essentials! Gypsy would top that off just grand!

  209. I organize “kits” of paper, stickers, and embellishments for assorted occasions so that I am ready in a pinch. Of course, having a Gypsy would make it all even easier! Thanks.

  210. I pre-arrange papers by color and package them for a quick grab for on-the-go. I can just grab any color(s) I have in mind for my pages
    I’d LOVE to win the gypsy! Thank you for the opportunity!

  211. I like to put “themes/topics” of embellishments in large, clear plastic bags. So if I decide I’ll work on Christmas pictures, I don’t have to hunt through my stash, I can just grab a bag and go!

  212. I plan my pages when I get my pictures, everything for the page is placed in a travel bag so I just grab and go.

  213. I scrap double LO’s. After I scrap one page, I put my LO, all my scraps, matching embellies and cardstock, anything else I used for the 1st LO, in a 12×12 sleeve. I add pictures, a sketch and I am ready to scrap away from home.

  214. I use an accordian type cropping organizer and I preplan my layouts at home prior to going to a crop. I pick which photos will go with what paper and empbellishments. If I have time I will precut on my cricut any titles or images that I will need so I don’t have to take my cricut (sometimes it’s hard to find a close plug at a crop!)

  215. Didn’t think I wanted a Gypsy but with all the positive comments it would be a good thing to have. I could sit in the living room with my family instead of being in the computer room while trying to design a scrapbook layout or word book. Thanks for the chance.

  216. For on the go scrapping, I have found it helps to have a bag that is well organized with slots for adhesives, tools, scissors, paper, and pictures so they are easy to find and keep in their spot. I find it is helpful if you only work on one theme, one page on the go at a time.

  217. When you get your photos back, immediately type event,a few rememberences, who, on 1 address label,
    then duplicate on label sheet the amt.of
    pictures-put on back of each photo. Later this saves time. Use a Craft Mate carrier with overarm strap for little embellishments.(Best purchase I ever made)You will never sort again. I love organization…need the gypsy…Thanks..

  218. I found that I was buying too much paper. I just bought what was cute and then I never had pictures to match it. So know I take the pictures with me to the store and buy the paper that matches, put it in a sleeve together and then when I have time I have it ready to go. When I am ready to scrap I look through all of the stuff I have to see what will match – when I have all that, it’s like magic – the pages just come together.

  219. I keep my embellishments in Cropper Hopper envelopes according to holiday or season, i.e. Halloween, Christmas, summer, Disney etc. I just grab whichever topic I’m working on.

  220. I keep a notebook in my purse to jot down color and shape combinations that I see in everyday life. I have discovered some color combinations that I would never have put together without seeing it on a lovely blouse or funky billboard.

  221. I make my own page kits with pictures in the bag with the papers and embellies. When I go somewhere to scrap I grab the page kits and I’m off. No stress, no mess.

  222. When I buy my papers, ebellishments, I put them all together in a crop keeper envelope, so when I go to a crop or have time to scrap I have everything togethe and it matches. I have also found that if I take my pictures with me to the SB store I do better at co-ordinating the colors.

  223. Boy oh Boy would I love to win a Gypsy! I’m new to the Cricut world but I must admit that I am a certified tool freak. Even if I don’t win one I know that eventually have to buy one.

  224. I use the MEMO feature in my phone to document funny things my daughter says and does so I don’t forget…next layout I’m doing uses one of the phrases she used to say “mom, can I have some hanitiser” (hand sanitizer) – without using the memo I probably would’ve forgotten. :-)

  225. I have a tote that has my essentials such as basic cardstock colors, adhesive, scissors,etc. always packed so all I need to do is choose a few extras to add to it. Then I’m off!

  226. I like to keep a small envelope filled with hand punched tags and scrap squares to take with me when I know I will be out waiting. This is when I try to journal little tidbits for any projects I am working on or future projects. also helps me to remember or recall moments I may have forgotten otherwise. I just pull out my “memory moments” as I have it marked to journal otherwise forgotten moments.

  227. As some have already said carrying a notbook to jot down ideas and sketches is a great on the go tool, I also jot down color combos I like that I see while out like bedding colors and fashion colors that will look great in a layout or a card.

    Another thing I take on the go is sewing on cardstock, I pre poke my holes at home but then I put it in a bag with embroidery thread and a needle and I sew while waiting for the kids, at the park, doctors office etc. it’s something you can do quietly, and quickly and can be picked up and put down without thinking about it.

  228. My sister-in-law got me started on scrapbooking. In recent years I have started making cards more than anything else. My friends and family love recieving them. This would be a great tool when we’re driving several hours to see our family so that I could utilize my card-making time more efficiently (and the kids sleep the whole drive!).

  229. If you like to scrap on the go then have a list of must haves so you remember to take them. All you have to do is use your check list when you are packing up!

  230. When i am on the go i have a hard covered notebook i keep in my purse and i make notes & quotes & sketch layouts. Every picture taken sparks an idea & every momento is saved.

  231. I like to buy the packs of paper and matching embellishments. Then you can take just those few things with you on the go. Thanks for the chance to win a Gypsy.

    Kathy Hunter

  232. I love to scrap but don’t always have the time. Gypsy would be great to use on the go — car pool line, dr’s appts.

  233. I am a fidgeter big time and while Im waiting at the airport, on the plane, waiting to pick-up kids at school Im usually looking for something to do. I think the Gypsy is a fabulous idea! More fun than cleaning out my purse all the time and very productive!

  234. I have started putting my pictures in huge ziplock bags and coordinating the embellishments that go with it to be able to grad some bags to take with me to crops on the go.
    That way I am not stressing out over what do I need to take. My “bags” are packed and ready to go.

  235. I use a jewelry organizer and cosmetic organizer…the kind that hangs. It allows me to be able to see everything at once. It keeps supplies and embellishments at hand and organized. I can grab these and my tool tote for any kind of crafting I need to do.

  236. I took and old spice rack that used the standard bottles from the grocery store and now use those bottles to put emblishements. It looks great hanging on the wall in my craft area.

  237. When I shop for scrapping supplies I always bring a 12 by 12 plastic paper holder in my car. If I buy loose papers I slip them in the holder so they don’t get crumpled. When I go to crops I always have my tote on wheels loaded with my favorite cutter, adhesives etc. This way I always use my own tools. I also prepare bundles with background paper, embelishments and pictures for each layout. Ziplock bags are a must!

  238. This year is my year to succeed. I know it in my heart!!!
    Pick me!!!!!!

  239. I like to keep a small notebook with me to write ideas in. In a store you may see a picture frame with a saying you know you can use as a title of a Scrapbook page. You may see a unique color combination on a box of cereal, napkins, tissue boxes….people get paid big money to design and market, why not take advantage of their experience to make unique scrapbooking pages later.

  240. I use large ziploc bags and throw things in there to coordinate with whatever I am working on. Toss it in my rolling cart and I am on my way.

  241. When I buy “items I can use together” I put all the pieces in extra large zip to baggies and sort by basic color. That way, if I’m going to a last minute crop, I can look-grab-and-go.

  242. I keep unfinished projects (with their kits) from classes and events in tote bags, which are ready to take with me to crops. That way I have everything I need to finish them. I get a great accomplishment whenever I finish one.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  243. I like to plan my colors and papers ahead of time. It makes for a more productive crop. If your cropping at the lss you’ll spend less too.

  244. I make “kits” from my own paper stash & have them in bags ready to go with me. I have them all in my Iris paper carrier. All I have to do is grab & go!

  245. My Scrapbooks Etc magazine of course to inspire me.

  246. Not sure if someone has already said this one, I don’t crop much so I have very few tips. But I always (whether cropping or not) put my paper, picture, sketch, and any embellishments I may use in the page protectors in the album they belong to. This was not my idea, I read it off of Becky Higgins blog.

  247. I sort out projects ahead of time by using iris 12 x 12 boxes. As I buy embelleshments, paper and get pics printed, I will sort them by scrapping topic. I have containers for pets, kids, travel, etc. Going to a crop? I just pull out a box or two and I’m ready-since all embellishments, pictures, etc are all already in the box. A little sorting on the front end saves me tons of time when I actually have time to scrap.

  248. I love to pre select my paper and embellishments. I put them in order in my album. All I have to do is grad adhesive and go!

  249. I have a scrap tote packed and ready to go with duplicates of my favorite supplies. That way I’ll never forget something when I’m on the go! Thanks for the chance to win a Gypsy, what a wonderful gadget!
    ~Rachel in Sacramento

  250. I have all my pictures in cronological order and a running list of dates and events that match up to the pictures. On the list, I indicate whether or not there is any supporting memorbilia that should accompany the photos when I scrap them.

  251. I put all of my frequently used essentials such as adhesives, scissors, notepaper, ruler, etc. in my flat bottomed “tool bag”. That way I can place it in front of me at my crops and it is in easy reach. And with the handle on top it is easy to transport.

  252. u would love, love, love to win a gyspy! Thanks for the opportunity. I try to keep duplicate of everything (one to take, one to stay at home).

  253. I keep a binder with scraps of paper organized by color and kept in page protectors. When I’m on the go, I just take my binder.

  254. The price to buy it is too steep for me, but free is awesome if I were to win! Plus i really would love the cartridges!


  255. I keep a tote bag of scrap sketches in my car for ideas I can put together while I am waiting somewhere so when I am ready to scrap my pages are ready to go. If I had a gypsy , then they would have all the elements ready too!!!!!

  256. i keep stamped images and colored pencils in bag, having a supply of stamped images on hand makes it easy to make a page or card front in less time than starting from scratch and you can color anywhere with no mess with the colored pencils!

  257. Having sooo… many ideas exploting in my mind while on-the-go, it would be wonderful to be able to coordinate them with the gypsy as my most important companion. Camera, action, cut with gypsy.

  258. I buy paper everytime there is a sale so I can always have coordinating paper colors.

  259. I keep a 3 ring binder with inside pockets, ruler with holes and two mesh pencil case with grommets to snap in the binder. The ruler and pencil cases will fit on the 3 rings perfectly. Put your papers in the pockets, pencils/pens/scissors go in one pencil case and embelishments in the other. And of course the ruler for neatness.The book gives you a nice firm surface to use to write on.

  260. I keep pics & related memorabilia together in an organizer. It makes it easy to pull out what’s next to scrap.

  261. I keep all my current projects/albums in individual 12×12 Iris (clear & colored) containers. When I go to crops or retreats I just grab which ever Iris container I want to work on. It makes it so easy for me to be on the go and stay organized. Plus, all the different colors allow me to quickly identify which container to grab! Love them!!!!
    Thanks for hosting such an AWESOME giveaway! I would love to win a gypsy!! Thanks, Margot

  262. I also use the premade page kits in gallon bags with a sketch of the layout I’m going to use. I can then put them together on the go at a crop or scrapping weekend. I take thes kits along with my tools and would be able to cutout my pre-designed titles and diecuts from the gypsy IF I WIN ONE!! Thanks!

  263. I would love a gypsy but would need someoneto walk me thorough it. i take a few off my scrapbooks etc when i am traveling..

  264. I would love a Gypsy. I thought i may get one for christmas but no that didn’t happen so maybe this might. Thanks, Pam

  265. I do not scrapbook but I do make cards and also do the ATC’s. I have the personal and expression Cricut and would love the Gypsy, I have a note book of different sketches of card layouts when I have a brain freeze and love to have all my craft items orgainzed. When going to a craft party I try to have my main idea done and stamped or cut out and then assemble and embelish and finish but still have time to visit.

  266. I love the Gypsy and with all of the classes I teach it would be a great time saver!

    My tip is take your favorite pictures, paper, adhesive, an idea book or Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine and a cutting tool like a cricut. Along with a Gypsy that’s all you would need to create perfect scrapbook pages on the go!

  267. Would love to win a Gypsy, two cartridges would also be great. New technology…. love it, but hate the $$$$. Thanks for the chance to win.

  268. I was told early on that if I had a Gypsy my cartridges would be blank and I couldn’t use them. So glad to hear that is not true. Would love to win one. Thanks for the chance.

  269. Whenever i want to make a scrapbook page of vacation spots, I always make sure to get local maps. When I return i use them as a boarders and paper for die cuts. I also go to the travel section of any hotel and look at the pamphlets and do the same thing.

  270. I have all my stickers, embellishments, and quotations organized in a box in manilla folders, organized by subject. Ex: (Baby, Christmas, Valentines, etc.) When I go to a crop, I plan what I am going to work on during that session, and I can easily grab my holidays and/or themes for that day out of my folder!

  271. When we take vacations I like to take along a small journal to record our daily activities each evening and slip ticket stubs, brochures, etc. into the pages. It is also fun to find postcards that depict the days activities and journal on them. They make great vacation flip books and the journaling is already done. The Gypsy is at the top of my crafting wish list!

  272. I keep a coupon holder in my purse to collect small items – hadnwritten notes, tickets, postcards, coins – for use when I get home.

  273. I just got my Cricut Expressions and I’m learning that. I do scrapbooking and am just starting to do some card making. Would love to win the Gypsy. I’ve had a lot of surgeries in the past year, and waiting for dr.’s etc. the Gypsy would help past the time.

  274. I take ziplock bags and notecards with me. I put tickets, etc. in the ziplocs with dates on them and I jot down notes on the notecards to use in jounraling when I get home.

  275. I reorganized my scraproom with 99 cent plastic shoe boxes from Target. I have one that has my “necessities:” adhesive, black inks and acrylic block, some brads, silent setter, cutter bees- things I need to have with me. I can grab that and go – or I can load a few or all of the boxes into a rolling cart and take them to a crop.

  276. The 12 by 12 plastic storage container. Put the page you are working on, with all the things you want on it. Any time you have free, like waiting for doctor, etc… grab the container, and get working.

  277. I seem to be forever waiting in school lines or some type of practice for my children. I am always taking some type of scrapbooking reading material with me. It might be a magazine or some tips or instructions I have printed off internet. Sure makes the wait more enjoyable.
    Thank you,

  278. When I am going to a weekend crop I put every thing together to make a mini book or a specific album. I find that if I focus on one project for the weekend I get a lot more done than if I just take random pictures and supplies.

  279. I take pictures of layouts I like at stores and in magizines- then I keep them in a small picture envlope that easiy goes with me where ever I go- (or on my cell phone too) I also sort and date all my pictures when I print them- then they go directly in a power sort box labeled with each persons name- one for each of my kids and what ever project I may be working on.

  280. I’m an addict, I keep a camera in my purse, and I have a notepad too! I am on my second CRICUT.I would love to have the GYPSY.

  281. Before a crop I go through all the pictures I plan to work on and sort them by page. That way I know how my pictures will fit and what themes I will be working on. Then I can pick the papers, embellishments and tools that go with those pictures and bring only those things with me. I always bring my cricut travel cart, though – because that can cover most ideas I did not plan for. Having the Gypsy could lighten that load a lot!

  282. Thanks for a chance at a wonderful prize

  283. I keep all my scrapping tools in a carry tote on my work table. When I’m ready to go, I just take the tote with me. I know every tool I need is always inside the bag.

    The Gypsy would be a GREAT tool to take along anytime there’s some wait time…while waiting for the kids at the bus stop, at their activities and at the doctor’s office. Thanks for the chance to win!

  284. A few of my friends own the Gypsy., what a great tool. I have had the opportunity to play with it a little. What a tease. Owning a Gypsy would be a dream come true.

  285. Happy Holidays!!!! You have to be organized.Then all you have to do is store everything and just go. Ziplock bags, Plastic paper storage thats the way to go.

  286. I plan ahead with 1 project in mind. I make sure all my pictures are printed and have the coordinating papers planned for at least 4 layouts. Each layout usually takes a couple hours to finish, so I have enough to keep me busy. I take limited embellishments along, but I don’t worry to much, as those are easy to add at home. I travel with my Create and do any Expression-necesary cuts before hand. Of course, I take ALL my cartridges with me, so a Gypsy would be well appreciated.

  287. I use plastic boxes to coordinate things. Clipped pages from my scrap magazines, pics, embellishments, paper etc. organized by family, seasons, holidays, girly etc. When I want to “on the go” scrap, I just grab the box throw it in my rolling scrap bag loaded with all my basic scrap essentials and GO…Now in car line or while my girl is at dance lessons I have time to get creative even if it is just for an hour… :-)

  288. I love scrapbooking – I’ve started to branch out into cards as a project to carry with me. The Gypsy would be fun & easier to take with me.

  289. I teach three year olds and I make a scrapbook for each child throughout the year. I give them to the parents at the end of the year as a gift. I carry scrapbooking items back and forth to school in a wheeled cart. I have everything organized by seasons. I also have a cricut expression and the Gypsy would be great to carry to school to create ideas while they are napping to help out when I get home.

  290. I get so many more pages done if I have things planned ahead of time. Sometimes though it is nice to just look through my pictures and scrap randomly. Just what ever brings back the most memories at that moment.

  291. My husband bought me a cricut a year ago.I used to do a little scrapbooking and made cards.Because of a condition similar to Palzey,I gave it up.I did some things on the computer,but couldn’t cut the Letters or shapes.My little cricut has become like a best friend.When I first seen the Gypsy,I could see me designing layouts while we’re snowbirding and then downloading to the cricut when we came home.I highly recomened these two products for seniors or people who have trouble controling their hands.Even if you’ve had to give up your needlework,drawing,painting or carving,YOU can use these products to put the spark back in your life.I can’t thank you enough.

  292. What a great prize!! Would enjoy playing with a Gypsy! I purchase the very large ziploc bags and keep my projects together in this bag – pictures, papers, embellishments – anything that goes with this project. This way, I just grab the bag and I’m off and ready!

  293. Love to win the Gypsy. When I am scrapping, I use all the scraps to punch shapes with my punches. I organize them in the separated containers (really cheap from Hobby Lobby $1.99). When I am ready to go scrapping, it’s very easy to grab the container with all the punched embellishments inside. Thanks for the opportunity!!! Happy Scrapping!!!

  294. I keep my projects organized in a crop hopper. They include my scrapbook page layouts, embellishments, punched designs, stickers, paper, pictures, etc. This is very handy when I want to get together with a friend and scrapbook. These projects may be small albums I am working on. It is great when you have limited time to work on a project and decide quickly to get together with a friend to scrapbook.

  295. I don’t have a dedicated scrapbook space, so I’m very selective about what I buy for tools and supplies. I have to know where I will keep it. I like to use clear plastic boxes with handles to hold all of my paper (filed according to color and style)upright for easy access. The tray on the top of the box hold all of my smaller tools and adhesvives. This makes it easy to pack it up and go for a cropping retreat!

  296. I keep a notebook full of ideas and sketches I find that I know I will want to use. Then when you’re preparing for on the go scrapping you can plan your own personal page kits based on those ideas.
    PS-The gypsy looks like a really cool tool. I especially love the idea of not having to switch my cartridges back and forth while I’m working, haha.

  297. I am a helter skelter scrapper!!! I like to purchase some pre-designed kits (on sale, of course) but I also make up my own kits when I know I will be going to a crop. I sketch, then cut what I need with my Cricut Expression, add the photos that I’ve pre-printed and add any other embellishments I think I might use. I then slip each kit into a 12×12 sleeve & put sleeves into a plastic 12x12x4 plastic box. All I have to carry are basics: scissors, trimmer, adhesives, etc. Being prepared ahead of time leaves me with more time to visit and share ideas, and eliminates the stress of having to think with so much going on around me. It makes crop time more enjoyable for me!!! (Besides, there’s not a ton of “stuff” to carry in and out.)

  298. I use the clear plastic 12×12 tubs to store embellishments, paper, stickers but all related to one category. I have albums by category so when I want to work on my daughter’s basketball album, I just take my basketball themed 12×12 tote to the crop. It makes it easy to work on one theme at a time. Add my photos and I’m ready to go!

  299. I need info on how to store Cricut cartridges and the keyboards with out using the boxes. I now have about 25 cartridges.

  300. I get most of my scrapbooking ideas online. There are so many ideas it’s wonderful!

  301. I try to organize my layouts ahead of time, I print my pictures out and organize them by layout with the paper and the embellishments that I plan to use. This way I get more accomplished during my crops!

  302. My biggest problem is not scrapping, it’s keeping all my photos and meaningful items to scrap in order! So I keep an empty shoe box and make simple folded pocket with the months labeled on them. Whatever I have to scrap, I pop into the month it happened. When I am ready to (or really, have TIME to) scrap, I pull out or take with me that mini folder or photos and events! It is an easy, quick way to stay organized for when YOU are ready!

  303. My best tip is portability! I have a scrap-book room in my home and I try and store my supplies in portable containers. I know displaying items is prettier, but being able to grab and go is a definite plus for me. All inks in a carrier, all ribbons in a carrier, bling in a variety of connecting carriers. Then when I’m ready to go to a crop – I just grap the various containers and I’m off. No sorting necessary!

  304. I love my Cricut and would love the Gypsy. I have a few small containers I use when I need to scrap on the go. For any particular scrapping project, I put everything in one container so it’s at my fingertips.

  305. As with most of todays “portable” technology, I always make sure I have the proper power supply for my “on-the-go electronins. Gypsy Vehicle Power Supply would be one thing that I would definetly leave in my vehicle !

  306. I live 2 hours from any LSS so I don’t get to go crop like I would like to but if I won a Gypsy I could pretend I am at a crop when I have to take my son to practice. I have everything here so if I want to have anyone over it’s easier to have them come to my house. But when I do get to go I have my things all organized like a kit so I can get quite a few pages or cards done, or both. Thanks for the chance to win a Gypsy and carts.

  307. I keep a binder with different layout ideas in them that I get from Magazines and off the internet. I put them in page protects to keep them from getting messed up. Winning a Gypsy would be awesome for me because I am a visual person and if I could see my layout before I started cutting up all my paper it would really help.

  308. I keep my scrap bag packed with essential items..paper, adhesives, mats, etc. so that when I get ready to go to a crop I only have to add the main, flowers, embellies..etc. Makes it alot easier.

  309. I would love to win a Gypsy!!! my on the go tip would be to always have a pen and paper handy, you never know when a great L.O. might hit you, and you will need to write it down, or take notes.

  310. The Gypsy is exactly what I need to access my cricut when I cannot get into my craft room! It is innovative and I would love Love LOVE to win it!

  311. I would love the Gypsy! I have many similar tips as noted in the comments. I buy my scrapbooks on sale, put them in a 12×12 clear bin, then add pictures and papers to scrap when I find a few minutes. I do these mini scraps as I find time, and they are a real stress reducer.

  312. Having a cool tool like the GYPSEY will really enforce my alias of GADGETGIRL.All my friends are used to me sourcing interesting items. I am the one in the group who reads the fineprint in all the mags and passes on anything I learn to our Tuesday group. I just love doing it.

  313. I have a personal trimmer from Creative Memories which has a drawer on the bottom, I keep photos, paper mats and a tape runner in the drawer and take that with me so that while I am sitting at my daughter’s dance class I can crop photos and mat them.

  314. In addition to putting together “kits” for pages I have planned, I try and order pictures I haven’t scrapped and bring a big pack with me That way if I get stuck on a page or I’m distracted by the social side of the crop, I can spend the time cropping pictures and deciding which ones are really the ones worth scrapping (taking advantage of the mutiple opinions I have access to). It’s also a great way to make use of the time if things got hectic before the crop and I wasn’t able to put together stuff for pages. All I need to do it have the pictures and a trimmer and I’m ready to go.

  315. I like to keep a couple of projects in 12 x 12 sleeves, so when I go to a crop I will always have something quick to work on! I would love to have the Gypsy but can’t justify the expense. It looks like such a neat tool! What an addition to my crafting tools that would be! Thanks!

  316. I keep papers with matching embellishments together so I can grab a “vacation” pack, “travel” pack, “holiday” pack, or even a “Disney” pack once I separate out my pictures. It helps keep me focused on what event I’m looking to scrap.

  317. I keep my related papers and embellishments in a 12×12 container that fits in my tote. I scrap 2-page layouts that coordinate and add the photos later.

  318. This might sound kinda silly but my on-the-go is a Starbucks non-spill coffee cup. I find that I spend half my time enjoying the other people at crops and the next half getting situated and the last hour or so actually scrappin! LOL It’s such a great time to get together and get ideas and inspiration. I love looking at all the great ideas and techniques everyone has. I do use power layouts for crops because my mind is on the fun!! Good luck to all for such a generous giveaway!

  319. I would love a gypsy as when I travel I have been taking my cartridges with me. The gypsy would make traveling much easier.

  320. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these ~ looks like so much fun!!!

  321. *******************ON-THE-GO SCRAPPING TIP********************
    When you have time to think and your not in your scrapbook room. Take a note book and sketch a layout. List all that you want; color theme, which picture(s), paper(s), title, ribbon, no ribbon, which cricut cartridge to use, adhesive and so on. When you get to actually sit and do the scrapbook page you will usually change things but at least you did the hard part and that is “think”.
    Just writting the idea and sketching the layout is a great accomplishment.
    As we all know it takes a long time for that perfect layout!!!

  322. I have to have my photos first before I can design a page, so when I’m going to attend a retreat or be on-the go, I choose my photos and their sizes and design my pages before I go. That way I can pick coordinating colors, paper, and embellishments. I put them in a cropper hopper page planning “pouch”, and I’m ready to “put it together” when I get the time in my travels. All I need to pack besides this is my adhesive and cutters. I use a separate “pouch” for each 2-pg layout.

  323. My on the go scrapping tip is to make sure to bring a camera wherever and whenever I go. With so much inspiration everywhere and my short term memory, a camera helps to record thing for me. I’ve been to scrap events and taken many pictures of gorgeous cards and layout that have helped to inspire many of my creations.

  324. Wouldn’t it be awesome to win a Gypsy! I’d love to be able to post a comment saying how much I enjoy my new Gypsy.

  325. I like to keep my bag ready to go for crops. That way, if I get an unexpected invitiation, I’ll be able to say yes and charge out teh door!

  326. I make my own kits; throw all the pictures, papers, embelishments, and ripped out magazine page I want to steal ideas from into a page protector for each layout I want to do….I’m the queen of getting layouts finished on the go.

  327. I keep a 12×12 pocket (one for each month) to hold anything that happens in a month, so I have all the momentos or whatever in one handy space.

  328. Wow, I have been looking at the fantastic things everyone has been making with their gypsy’s and would love a chance to win one as it will be a long while before I can afford one so this would be fantastic.
    Max x

  329. I am an avid scrapper-I always have a work in progress. I have a 12x12x4 box that I keep the embellishments, paper, etc that I have pulled from my supplies for that project-I grab my photos, my box, and glue, paper cutter, and a couple of other tools and I am out the door.

  330. I am writing about my mom. She is 89 years old and has macular degeneration. Cutting was very hard for her and she was going to give up scrapbooking. My sister and I got her a Cricut about 3 years ago. She hasn’t had to stop scrapbooking or making cards. This year she bought the new Cricut that goes down to 1/4″. She has made cards and things that would put Hallmark out of business. Don’t think at 89 she can’t figure out how all the scrapbooking tools work.

    If you have someone that is having troubles cutting buy them a Cricut!

  331. I get ready for a crop using Iris 12×12 snaptop plastic storage cases. I layer my paper, photos, and flat embellishments, memorabilia, etc. I then just work my way down, pulling out the layer I need for each layout. Saves me from bagging up each “kit”.

  332. Three MUST carry items:
    1) Little notebook.

    2) Change purse filled with snippets of scrap papers.

    3) Glue stick

    Why? Seems like I’m always on the go. Scrapping ideas come to me at the oddest times (like waiting at a dental appt.) The notebook is used to sketch those ideas. The change purse of snippets is for color. The glue is to glue those snippits to the idea page in the notebook.
    Now when I get a bit of “me” time, I flip through my notebook — and there it is the project idea and the colors I wanted to use!

  333. I always keep a lint rooler in my purse or car, No not for lint and hair. In case I spill some glitter, or make a mess and need a quick clean up.
    Happy Crafting Kathy

  334. Quote “I always keep a lint rooler in my purse or car, No not for lint and hair. In case I spill some glitter, or make a mess and need a quick clean up.”
    Happy Crafting
    Ok can’t believe I spelled roller wrong , maybe I need a hand held spell check

  335. Id say scrapbooking tip on the go would be to select the items that you know you would definately need for pages that you are wanting to do, have adhesive,paper trimmer and journaling pen. Have the pictures pre printed different ways and having a paper pack with coordinating paper or a pack of cardstock would be helpful. than you can make cards with the leftovers..Thanks for the opportunity to win a awesome. :)

  336. I use 12×12 plastic bags to pre-select and put in paper, embellies, etc. that I think I am going to use on a particular page. Another tip is to carry my card sized sketches in my crop bag. Then I always inspiration with me.

  337. I love to use “pizza boxes” to organize projects that I have on the go. I simply start with the patterned paper and coordinating cardstock on the bottom and continue with matching stickers and embellishments. If I go to a crop or to a friends house for a scrap session, I can just grab a “pizza box” and my tool kit. No thinking required! I often go through old magazines and tuck my photos into the page that I’ll use for inspiration. These can also be tossed into the pizza boxes.

  338. this looks like a neat little tool!

  339. Thanks for the opportunity to win a Gypsy and 2 cartridges. I love the latest issue. The little girl eating the snow reminded me of my daughter when she was little. We had a lot of snow in northern Illinois.

  340. My fat little notebook is always with me for sketching or journaling. I have cute office clips every 10 pages so I can secure anything I find in my travels into the book. I also folded & stapled a corner down in the thicker front page to create a pocket for found items also! It has to be tied closed with a ribbon now, but it’s my inspiration source!

  341. If I am going to a crop, I like to pre-plan my pics and pages into kits. I use 12×12 holders with the snaps (don’t remember what brand they are). I put the stickers and other embellishments in the kits. At the last crop I went to, I had room to pack my sissix (small cutter). It worked out great. Most of my pictures are digital, so I need to print them out as I need them.

  342. Would love that Gypsy! My on-the-go tip is for small brads, gems, eyelets, use a travel size 7-day pill box. I always have greeting cards made in advance and then print and cut circles or scallop circles with different greetings on them: Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Welcome baby, Thank you, etc. Then when I need a card, I pop the appropriate sentiment on. Since I use SCAL I also pre-make border strips and journal tags and keep them handy.

  343. Have been curious about the gypsy. Eager to learn now it can increase my skills and productivity.

  344. I love my cricut and it is a big hit at retreat and other get togethers where people haven’t seen it before. Every scrapbook page of mine has atleast one thing cut from the cricut.

  345. I take a childsize shoebox with scraps & 3 of my favorite punches. That way I have a variety of colors to mix & match with my pages. This forces me to use my scraps.

  346. I have limited space in my 5th Wheel. This will help on extended vacations to reunions. This way I do no have to haul all my cartridges boxes with me. just the overlays in a small container.
    Great Concept!!

  347. I use binders labeled for each holiday, 1 for seasons, and birthdays. As I see a useful tip or a project or idea I am interested in using at a latter time I copy it and add it to the related binder as a reference. Inside the binder I will use tab dividers to make finding articles easier. They store easily and keep my shelf neater also.

  348. My tip for an on the go scrapbooking trip… make sure you have somewhere safe to set the starbucks. I have had to cleverly disguise splashes, drips and spills on many pages during crops. I have learned it is not safe to sip and scrap at the same time, especially with your favorite girlfriends around who love to joke and make you laugh so hard the coffee shoots out your nose. LOL
    True Story.. and a GREAT tip!

  349. I don’t do a whole lot of on-the-go scrapping. However, I have discovered that sorting your pics and having the paper/embellishments you want for the layout organized together saves time and helps keep you focused on the layouts you’d like to complete at your crop.

  350. maravillosamente, la informaciГіn muy entretenida

  351. Whenever I am having a “brain freeze,” and I am not sure what to do next, I make extra shapes and phrases of all kinds using my Cricut. This way I will have extras to use when I go to a crop.

  352. Keeping small items like buttons and flowers in sorted containers makes them easy to grab for a quick crop night out!

  353. I keep my paper labeled by company, except when it comes to holidays. That way I can grab my Christmas box with all the paper, embellishments and stamps and go crop ALL those Christmas/winter pages. It also keeps more space in there for other things so I am not constantly sorting through seasonal stuff to get to my everyday scrapping supplies!

  354. I have a 12×12 container with lid I use to put all the essentials I need for a crop, and just so I do not forget anything, I have a checklist taped to the top of it. You don’t want to go to a crop with all your photos and paper just to remember you forgot a pencil (true story…lol.)

  355. My on the go tip is to organize your tools and the essential things that you need to go to a crop. If you have everything prepared and ready to take, then you will have no problem finding what you need when you are on your way out.

  356. I make up my own kits for sets of photos, so I can easily travel without having to pack the kitchen sink!

  357. Most of my crafting happens when i’m not in my craft space. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  358. I like to take my Scrapbooks etc magazines cropping with me. I get some great new ideas to try and then I can trade them around with my croppin’ buddies. I like to recruit new scrapbookers from work who are interested in learning and invite my Mother in Law to crop too. We have so much fun and get to catch up on the latest family news and share pictures.

  359. When I know I’m going to scrap away from home, I spend some time with my Cricut, cutting out titles, embellishments, etc. I also put together paper and embellishments that go with the photos I am scrapping that are of the same color families in a bag together. This way I still have room for creativity and don’t have to carry my scraproom around with me. I also have a bag packed with the basic essential tools that I’ll need to scrap all ready to go at a moment’s notice.

  360. I keep a seperate tabbed section of my notebook that stays in my purse just for scrapbook ideas, sketches, etc. because I never know when an idea will hit me and don’t want to forget it. It’s worked great!

  361. I use 12×12 plastic containers to put my work in progress in. That way everything is in one place when I go back to it.

  362. We do alot of traveling and i think of different layouts but forget most of them, this would be great to use well going down the highway!

  363. I love scrapbooking and I think that while travelling I could use this to help with all my ideas.

  364. I love scrapbooking and I make sure I have a notebook with me everywhere I go, that way anytime I am inspired I can write down my ideas.

  365. I bookmark sites like the Scrapbooks, Etc. Idea Gallery on my iPhone and “Surf” them while I’m in line, waiting at the doctor, etc., and scraplift the pages I like when I get home.

  366. I put the paper, pictures and embellishments into a extra large ziploc bag and then place them in my 12X12 plastic container that way when a crop night comes up I can just grab the container and go!

  367. I put the materials scrapbook page I’m working on along with the tools I’m working with away in my “page in progress” bag, so that I can take it with me where I go in case I have an opportunity to work on it there. It also keeps down the clutter on my desk and saves the time from having to pull everything back out if I were to put it all away.

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by SBEbrittany: We’re giving away a Gypsy!

  369. I try to have all of my journaling done before I go to a crop so I can actually have my layouts 100% complete and make the most of my time :)

  370. I love to take classes at my local scrapbook stores. This helps me with ideas and, also I may pick up a new technique.

  371. I always prepare my photos, paper and embellishments and place them in a file folder. This way when I go to a crop I just grab the folders and half of my work is already done!

  372. I use a makeup case to carry my cricut books and keypads, along with my markers. They are easy to grab and go with the little handle on the bag!

  373. I’m realistic about what I will get done–I know I can be slow, so I pare down what I bring to a crop. I’m also a big fan of page kits, either bought at my LSS or that I have come up with myself!

  374. My tip for scrapping away from home is to pick a project or 2 to focus on during your time away (and maybe take a backup or 2 just in case – after all – we’ve all had “scrapper’s block”, right?). If you are going to a crop or a retreat in the fall, maybe you make your Christmas cards, or maybe you make shower cards for a friends upcoming wedding or baby, or maybe you work on an album for a gift or a trip you recently went on. The times I have done this, it was really awesome to come home feeling like I had really accomplished something. Good luck to all, and happy scrapping!

  375. I love the mini spiral notebooks that you can journal in and then just tear out the page and put it right on your layouts. I think they’re made by Making Memories. They’re small, portable, and decorative, so I don’t have to do too much to them once they’re out. They come in different colors and themes, and I pick one up every time I see them. I also keep post-it notes handy in case I forgot something at home (like an accent or something) and I think of something to write on a layout and I can just stick it on the paper until I get home. Then when I get home, when I see the bright-colored sticky note I’ll remember to add that little detail to my layout.

  376. I’m new to on the go scraping but I have a couple of duffle bags I use to take my stuff to crops and to friends homes when we get together I would love to show up with this.

  377. I have taken a 2″ 3 ring binder with the clear protector on the front/back (for reports) and decorated it like a scrapbook page. Inside, I have used tab dividers for 1 photo, 2 photo, 3 photo, etc. I have printed a bunch of sketches and layouts that I would like to use for inspiration and put them in the binder to take to crops or just use at home. Friends at the crops love to look at my binder for ideas, as well.

  378. This looks so cool! I have the Silouette and I love it but I can’t cart it around…this would be ideal!

  379. I use sketches… that way I don’t have to overthink my layouts and can just scrap!

  380. I travel in my RV quite a bit so I always need to plan far ahead for what projects I want to work on. I make up a sort of kit for each layout or project. Each kits includes photos, coordinating papers, and embellishments I might want to use. Then I pack my tool caddy and some basic ink pads. I then pack my cricut and a few of cartridges I might use in my projects. All ready to go!

  381. Scrapbooking helped my daughter, adopted from Russia, with her fine motor skills and to learn English. It helped us create a wonderful bond!

  382. I like using the 6×6 packs of papers on layouts since I do not have to cut into a 12×12 sheet. I also print pictures in black and white that way I do not have to worry about different colors on the people in the pictures.

  383. On long car rides, I grab my scrap magazines and “tag” the layouts I’d like to scraplift. Then when I’m ready to scrap I have ideas all set!

  384. What I wouldn’t give to have a Gypsy, I wish I could afford one. I asked my Dad for a Gypsy for Christmas. He must have got confused, because he gave me a Slice. :( I scrap a lot in the car while my DH drives. My on the go tip is to have your little tool caddy full and ready to go and to get a medium size tin or sturdy box for all your incidentals and paper packs. Choose one or two projects to work on with coordinating embelishments. It’s crazy but I seem to do my best creative work on the go. I know it’s because I’m not feeling overwhelmed and stifled by all the “junk” in my studio. So pick me, pick me. I would definitely put the Gypsy to good use with all the Cricut cartridges that I have.

  385. I plan layouts ahead of time so that when I crop with others I am able to scrap and GAB at the same time ;)

  386. Baby wipes. You must take baby wipes with you on a crop. They are great for cleaning Cricut mats, cleaning ink off stamps, cleaning off stray adhesive and then you can use them to wipe off the table to remove all the tiny paper pieces.

  387. Take along hand lotion. My hands get dry and working with papers and adhesives only makes things worse. I got tired of spending my time at my crops whining about my dry, bleeding fingers, so I keep lotion packed in my crop tote.

  388. I always keep a pocket digital camera and sketch pad with me so I am always ready to capture life’s moments and then jot down my ideas!

  389. I organize my stickers and other embellishments into page protectors with coordinating paper as I purchase them. Then when I have my pictures printed I slip them into the corresponding page protector and I am ready to attend a crop on the go. When we are on long road trips I like to flip through my favorite magazines and tag the layouts I want to scraplift something from and make notes. It helps pass the time.

  390. I always carry a sketchbook and use it to draw patterns, sketch pages and ideas when inspiration strikes. Great for journalling things right at the time they happen too so I don’t forget later on.

  391. The white, kitchen wire shelving is great when you don’t have a lot of room to spread out at a crop. These wire shelves can be found in the kitchen dept. of Walmart and they are stackable, so you can have 1, 2 or 3 shelves high at your table. They also stack together easily for traval.

  392. I keep to go items in a small tote–that way I have everything I need to get a project done. BUT, I keep a small bag in there for all of my scraps. (Used to be that I had so many scraps I didn’t or couldn’t use them all) Now I make it a habit to make a to go using the scraps left over–that might be a card, a tag, or something else like multiple cut outs of something I will use–then I have virtually now waste. Great for the purse–like right now I am making a birthday card for my sister from byproducts of a page I made of my mom in my scrapbook. Love it!

  393. My friends and husband can tell you I travel with too much scrapbook stuff .With a back injury Iam trying to cut back .But still wind ope with many containers ,so for Christmas my husband bought me a light weight hand truck .Now I can travel any where .

  394. Cant wait to see it in action!!

  395. My on the go scrapping includes only my brain. My brain, which is with me everywhere (almost), is full of the moments and ideas I would like to scrap. Everything I see from store signage to text & layouts of commercial magazine spreads.. get filed in my brain. As a photographer, I think of what I can put “around the picture” Its all in my head… that’s my on the go scrapping.

  396. I bought big ziplock baggies and I put all related things for that page in the baggie as I collect them (i.e., stickers, photos, paper, tickets and other memorabilia, etc.). That way I can take everything out of the baggie and it’s all ready to layout!

  397. When on the go I have a great little carry all from Walmart that holds everything that I need. I have a scrapping group that meets once per week and I just keep some scissors, glue runner and the basics in the front and add the paper and pictures that night and it works out well.

  398. I keep copies of all my stamp sets in a binder so I can glance though, and know exactly what sets I need to bring with.

  399. The small Post-It notes are my best buddy. When I’m in a hurry I flip through a magazine, no patience for waiting to look at it when I have time, I will put a Post-It on the pages that catch my eye. When I have more time, during breaks, I will flip to the articles I posted and read a lot more. :)

  400. Carry your camera with you all the time–keep it in your purse or tote. That way whenever a photo opp presents itself, you are ready. Also, keep a small journal in your bag so you can jot a quick note to yourself about the event.

  401. Keeping things organized in an easy to carry container helps at all times!! On the go… at a crop.. and at home.

  402. I try to take my camera everywhere … never know what I’m going to see! I keep a couple of projects always going and keep some clear 12X12 boxes with pages & pics so I can scrap anywhere!

  403. I always see-read the manual first-but I only have 6 cartridges, so winning and uploading should be a breeze!

  404. It would be great to save all the projects on a device instead of scraps of paper..fantastic idea!

  405. I keep a small notebook (like 3×3)in my purse. Whenever something noteworthy happens, or a I get title idea or a layout idea, I can quickly jot it down. The small notebook is great because it fits into any purse, big or small.

  406. I never go anywhere without my camera. That way I’m prepared for anything fun that might come up. Paired with my small notebook in my purse, I can capture both the photo and journal what was happening at the time.

  407. Check out dollar stores for supplies. I have found some great embellishments, cardstock, and plastic organizers there.

  408. My on-the-go scrapping tip is to always carry a scrapbooking magazine with me so that I can get ideas for new layouts whenever I have down time. I dog ear the pages I like so that I can easily find them when I’m ready to create!

  409. I use a power layout box. I have pages planned with the pictures, embellishments & paper. On top is my stamping/cutting board. That keeps everything from sliding around and then I always have that board with me. Page protectors work good in the box, if you need more separaters. Then I have one tote that holds my cropping necessities, tape, cutters, pens, etc. And I scrap at a store, so I’m able to pick up anything essential to finishing off that special page!

  410. I keep my projects in 12×12 containers and grab them as I can work on them or when I go to crops. It keeps everything neat and in place. I also, like many others, like to keep a notebook handy to jot down ideas and captions that come to mind as we live our lives.

  411. I just purchased my cricut and would love the gypsy. The price is my only reasonfor not getting one. Just can’t justify it, as an accessory for a hobby. Waiting for it to go on sale in the far far future!!

  412. I use the Cropper Hopper Sticker Envelopes to store my scraps of paper by color. The envelopes have three separate pockets of different sizes for different sized scraps! I file them in ROYGBIV order which makes it easy to find what I am looking for.

  413. I try to keep most of my scrapbooking magazines to help feed my creative juices when I am in a rut!

  414. My best on-the-go tip for any of my crafting with my cricuts requires a Gypsy, which I don’t yet have. My on-the-go requires me to take the world of supplies with me. With any short-cut you’ll forget something. At home, all is in its place and waiting for me to assemble, but the creative planning time is at work during my lunch hour and the Gyspy will allow me to see and set everything in motion when I return home. All I have to do is give kisses and hellos to kids and hubby, start water boiling for something to eat, give the dog her treat, plug in the Gypsy, then put my purse down and take off my coat. Life is sweet!

  415. I keep all coordinating papers, embellishments, and alphas in a zipper baggie. That way when I’m working, I have everything I need at my finger tips.

  416. I spend time making up page kits when I have a long weekend then I just have to grab a box and my adhesives when I want to go to a crop.

  417. Get a bag for your tools and a box for each album you are working on. In your album box, you keep the album, the paper and accesories you are using for that album. When a crop comes up, you grab the tool bag, pick which album you want to crop, and take that box. You are ready to begin.

  418. I keep my paper in a portable container so I
    can grap it and go whenever I need it.

  419. Hey!
    As far as on the go scrapping I plan my pages out in advance and bag things that relate to the “subject” I am scrapping! Makes the page go fast and helps me stay organized! Also LOVE if you are near a computer you can scrapbook anytime! And without downloading software. A page can take as little as 5-10 minutes!

  420. I keep kits ready so I can grab and go!!

  421. I’m a scrapbooker/cardmaker and I’m ALWAYS looking for easier ways to transport my Cricut and my cartridges! Not all crops have the same Cartridges that I have so I would LOVE to beable to have a Gypsy to make life a little easier to be able to type and cut in less than 3 mins.

  422. I wanna win!! I want a Gypsy soooooooooooo bad!! I would get so much more done!!

  423. I carry an “emergency” craft tool kit in my car always.It’s one of those makeup hard cases that open and have the trays that come off to the side and storage at the bottom. I have everything in it from glue to fabric. I also have a cricut at work, just in case…

  424. I’m not a great pack n go scrapper. I have a tendancy to bring EVERYTHING with me! I’m just too afraid I will forget something I “need”! I Gypsy would be awesome because I wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting any of my wonderful cartridges!

  425. I think the Gypsy would be great! It would work really nicely with the Design software, as well. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!!!

  426. The gypsy is a great giveaway. I would love to have one. My best travel’n'scrap tip is to plan out the pages you want to work on. Put together a package with the paper, pictures, embellishments, etc. It’s like making my own kits. That way I have just what I need ready to go. My basic tools that are needed, are always packed and ready to go.

  427. The ability to weld is absolutely one of the best functions I can think of! I love that the Gypsy allows you to preview all the cartridges before you spend your hard-earned money on them.

  428. I like to keep a binder with samples of the punches and stamps I own. Like an inventory binder. I photocopy or stamp or punch each of them. Then I can flip through the binder to get inspired if I’m looking for just the right combination of things to use or something to fill a blank space on a page. It also helps before I shop so I don’t buy too many similiar things.

  429. I keep all my cordinating papers, cardstock, embellishment in a clear paper holder. When I need that group of papers for my project it is easy to grab and go. My scraps then I place in smaller bags with all my leftovers from the project and keep that in the Opition Boxes. These are than used for my cardmaking projects and again easy to grab and go.

  430. I love to keep a notebook in my purse to write down ideas, sketches, or if I am inspired by an ad I see. Comes in very handy!

  431. My best tip is to buy what i need when i get to where i am going…ha, ha just kidding.
    I re-use, re-cycle: I made Collage Calendars last year 2009 for my family…i asked them to hold on to them, because i wanted to scrap them for their Christmas gifts this year. Super easy, i used 12 x 12 paper; matted the collage picture with an 8 1/2 x 11 and used my cricut for the embellishments. Here is my project finished, the cricut worked great because i had to make each embellishment 5 times!!

  432. I like to keep a purse size photo organizer with me so whenever I am in a craft store I have my pictures with me to help me pick out which papers and embellishments with coordinate with them.

  433. Seen an infomercial: this look SUPER cool.
    I’m a newbie at scrapbooking so I don’t have any tips but I sure would to able to afford CirCuit products …

  434. Using a pizza box to stack & store the papers and embellishments it’s the perfect size!

  435. I have a tool caddy that I take with me it includes my scissors, adhesive, tool kit, stamp cleaner and stamp pad cleaner, icicles, etc. Love it.


  436. My favorite on-the-go cropping storage must is the Plano Workstation Toolbox that I purchased at Menards. It is an upright “Mans” toolbox but boy does it work for all my “Girly” scrapbooking needs! Drawers for all my tools, a big draw at the bottom for kits & paper and a flip top that holds lots of misc stuff. The neat part is that it is on wheels so I just roll it in with me and roll it back home and leave it all packed for the next Crop. Can’t live without it now.

  437. ON THE GO….upload your pics online, pic them up and go to the LSS and buy everything while you crop there…lol, it’s not cheap, but it sometimes is cheaper than buying things you think you needwithout pics to look at.

  438. I take idea books & my camera with me everywhere I go, would love to be able to take a gypsy along with me too

  439. I take a camera every where I go, especially to crops and events so I can snap pictures of ideas and anything that inspires me. Love my cricut expression!

  440. When I’m on the run or at work and I have a break, I use a small notebook to sketch page ideas. Then when I’m scrapbooking, I can refer to them to use. Having a Gypsy with all my cartridges in it would be the ultimate.

  441. I use 2 gallon ziplock bags to hold 12X12 paper. I organize papers, pictures, and embellishments by sorting different themes in different bags. Then I place the bags in my tote, and they’re ready to go. I also always have my tools tote packed with necessary adhesives, tools, etc.

  442. My New Years resolution is to be more prepared when I go to a crop. I take everything with me everytime. Therefore I am pretty oganized with my storage of my papers, stamps, etc. But I need to plan out my projects so I don’t have to spend 1/2 of the crop unloading and loading my car. I am just so afraid that I will need something that I have left behind or I won’t have that one color of cardstock that a fellow scrapbooker needs.

  443. The Gypsy would be a terrific item to have to plan my projects in my down time. It would be great to have a few project planned since my creative time is minmal because I work fulltime.

  444. I decide to work on one project when I go out to scrapbook. So I gather the pictures and paper and keep a plastic tub going of that project. Then when I leave I get my tools and basic things I use on all pages and off I go!

  445. I take kits with me in ziploc bags so I can just sit down and put it all together. I have a tote with extra sets of supplies so I don’t have to worry about trying to pack it every time I go.

  446. I bought one of those orange and black tool totes from the big H.I. store. I liked my SB totes, but this one lets me take MORE stuff. I always over pack but I ALWAYS have most of my tools and embellies and all sorts of things to complete lots of pages. My ‘paper toters’ride great on top too.

  447. I keep a clear container stocked with basic cardstock colors and patterned paper. I always take this with me on crops. All I do is grab this and go with my pictures.

  448. My husband bought the whole ‘Crop in Style’ bag line so I got bags for on the go! Gypsy would be a perfect addition…:)

  449. If I see embellishments that I like – I buy and save ‘em – there’s nothing like wishing you had something when you’re busy working on a new page!

  450. The on-the-go tip I’m going to try to do this year is to not overpack. I always take too much stuff.

  451. My on the go tip is to always have a bag packed with my essential tools, and one or two small projects. That way I am always ready when a friend calls to come scrap.

  452. The idea of being able to work on a layout while i’m waiting for my kids at their activities sounds great!!! Also, having access to all my cartridges at the same time . . . wow! What a time saver!!!

  453. I have 2.5 gal sz ziplock bags that 12×12 papers will fit into. When I get an idea for a layout, I put the papers, stickers, ribbons, etc. along with the sketch idea from Scrapbooks, etc. I like their sketches b/c their not just pictures but have measurements. I print out the pictures in the right size, put everything for one layout in a ziplock so it’s ready to grab and go.

  454. I like to keep pages in progress in Cropper Hopper Folders so I can grab and go!

  455. I have extras of somethings and keep them in my cropbag. I also have my most used items in a bin and can grab it when I go.
    I heard the gypsy is really nice.

  456. That sounds like a completely awesome product!!!!!

  457. I have a 12 x 12 scrapping file organizer that i fill with all the coordinating supplies and photos for a particular layout, along with a small trimmer, glue etc. I take it with me to my kids’ music lessons and assemble my pages while my kids learn work with their teachers. It gives me a guaranteed couple of hours per week of scrapping and usually the teachers stop to admire my work at the end of the lesson!

  458. When I’m on the go, I always have a “Scrapbooks Etc.” magazine with me. I read them from front to back. A layout will be suited to some pictures I have, so I make notes on the page, then go back to the layout when I’m ready to scrap.

  459. When on the go I normally use my phone as my camera, if I capture a few great pics I make sure to open my notebook application and do my journalling right away directly in the phone. That way I don’t lose any of the emotion of the moment and the information is all stored in one place. Its as organized as I can get when I’m on an outting with my son! Its the age of technology!

  460. I usually scrap with two friends, so we coordinate ahead of time which person brings a bulky item… there is no need for each of us to bring circle cutters, or ink pads, or our Cricut, etc. I’ll have triple the amount of supplies at my disposal, but only have to transport 1/3 of it myself!

  461. I have a three ring binder with sheet protectors filled with stickers, chip board etc. and a holder for paper. I can grab these and go. I use the cutting tools available wherever I am going so I don’t have to haul those with me.

  462. I have organized my scrap space at home so that my scrap tote serves as my paper filing system. Everythings organized and ready to travel when I’m ready to scrap on the go.

  463. I think having a snuggie handy makes scrapbooking so much warmer in the winter months….

  464. As a new owner of a Cricut, my best resource was my sister who scrapbooks all the time. She had great suggestions for starting items to buy, what worked for her and what didn’t. If you are new to scrapbooking, find a friend who has knowledge and experience – it definitely saved me a lot of money.

  465. My on the go is my scrapbooking magazines. I have several issues with me all the time. I go through the pages, putting post its on layouts, techniques and ideas I want to try. I bring the marked layouts with me to my stamping studio or crop and they give me a head start on the projects I want to create.

  466. I am recently retired from the US Army and I am getting back into scrapping. I have years to catch up on and the Gypsy will be an asset to my life of a stay at home Mom that loves scrapping.

  467. Hi everyone! Many of you alerted us on Facebook that you’ve been unable to post. We’re working on the issue. This is a test post. Thanks!

  468. I buy the $1.00 store scrapbooking albums and take them apart. It give me clear sheets to put my original designs in. That way they stay nice and clean when I pass them around for my demonstration or are being used by others to copy in class. Plus, I get the ribbon attached to it.
    Inexpensive way to keep me going and organise.

  469. WHen I scrap on the go (at a crop), the biggest thing I can do is plan ahead. I decide on pictures, go through SBE for LO ideas and then have several pages all lined up and ready to go. I put the pictures, papers, embellishments and LO idea altogether in a 12X12 pocket so when I get to the crop, I am ready to get scrappin’!

  470. I owned a cricuit exspreesion it was great but burned up when my house burned to ground last year feb 24th 2009 . I love your products my house will be done in three weeks a year to rebuild .

  471. ********************************************
    I would looooove that Gypsy, because I’m a little gypsy myself!

    My best tip for scrapping-on-the-go is butterfly clips (found at any office supply store) and plastic file envelopes that shut with a snap. I clip together paper, packages of embellishments, ribbons, photos and whatever else I plan to use for a certain project, and then pop them into a hard plastic file envelope. They are easy to port and store, and you’ll never get your materials mixed up mid-project again if you have to stop before you are finished. Yipee!

  472. ***
    I would looooove that Gypsy, because I’m a little gypsy myself!

    My best tip for scrapping-on-the-go is butterfly clips (found at any office supply store) and plastic file envelopes that shut with a snap. I clip together paper, packages of embellishments, ribbons, photos and whatever else I plan to use for a certain project, and then pop them into a hard plastic file envelope. They are easy to port and store, and you’ll never get your materials mixed up mid-project again if you have to stop before you are finished. Yipee!


  473. I try to power layout and grab the back paper, 5 to 9 photos, stickers, ribbons, etc that match, and random small card stock to make the pics “pop” and take at lest 10 of these groups to scrapbook sessions. A mix of events (Christmas, wedding, summer) that way I am sure to find a mood to work on!

  474. I try to power layout and set up 5-9 photos with paper, ribbon, stickers, and designs cut from my cricut. I bring an assortment of events (Christmas, beach, b-dy party, etc) to the scrap meet so I am sure to find something I can work on!

  475. I don’t travel too much for scrapbooking as there isn’t much around my area but one thing i read in a blog some where was that they would make their own “kits” prior to going. They would cut out everything and have a rough idea of what they were going to do with the layouts and put them in zip lock bags to bring where ever. They said they always made changes but the bulk of the stuff is cut and ready to glue on the page and add embelishments.

    Thanks for the great oppurtunity to win. I love my Cricut but due to just upgrading to the expression, i can’t afford to buy the gypsy. Def in my future though!! :)

    Thanks again!!

  476. I don’t travel too much for scrapbooking as there isn’t much around my area but one thing i read in a blog some where was that they would make their own “kits” prior to going. They would cut out everything and have a rough idea of what they were going to do with the layouts and put them in zip lock bags to bring where ever. They said they always made changes but the bulk of the stuff is cut and ready to glue on the page and add embelishments.

    Thanks for the great oppurtunity to win. I love my Cricut but due to just upgrading to the expression, i can’t afford to buy the gypsy. Def in my future though!! :)

  477. Would love the Gypsy!

  478. I would so much love to have the gypsy in my hands. With 7 Grandkids I do alot of scrapbooking and my grown daughters are also catching the fever.

  479. If you don’t have time to scrapbook but you just bought the perfect paper for the photos you have. I pack it all together with some coordinating embellies in a paper keeper and that way I can grab and go. Always a project on hand.

  480. I keep all my Scrapbook Etc. magazines for the awesome layouts, tips, techniques. When I see something I like from this I take my scraps and make them into embellisments and file according to color. When I see a layout I want to lift I put notes on a recipe card with my ideas. This helps keep my creative process flowing. On a cold winter night there isn’t anything better than a cup of tea and a Scrapbook Etc. magazine. Thanks for all the help. I would be lost without it!

  481. I use my Blackberry to keep track of ideas I get while I’m on the go. I especially like it for jotting down those adorable little “isms” from my kids as soon as they happen so I can remember them when I sit down with my photos to crop.

  482. I live in Colorado and we take a lot of long weekend trips to the mountains so I keep a scrapbooking backpack with all the basics in it. When we go, I just put some photos and papers in so that in the evenings I can scrapbook. What a perfect ending to a day of hiking or skiing.

  483. While my daughter was eating baby food out of the jar, I stocked up on a bunch of them. I use them to store brads, buttons, ribbon, stickers, small scraps of paper and other embelishments. I put them in a plastic container(easy to bring back and forth to crops) and since they are see-through they work great for finding what is needed.

  484. When I get an opportunity to attend a scrapping get-together, I like to spend some time prepping and preparing my materials. I pre-cut my titles (on the Cricut, of course!), gather any embellishments, sort my photos and tuck all of it, along with the appropriate papers, into a 2-pocket folder. One folder for each page/layout keeps me organized and ready to scrap. Any pages I don’t get finished are still organized and it’s easy to grab a folder when I have a bit of spare time!

  485. I keep a few projects in a small 12×12 container, ready to take with me, along with my tool tote, at a momemt’s notice.

  486. I have 12×12 paper keepers for each theme (valentine’s day, christmas, winter, fall, etc.) where I put all my paper, stickers, embellishments, etc. in. When I’m going to a crop away from home, I decide what photos I want to work on and grad that packet from my shelf. so much easier and really condenses my load!

  487. I drive a van, so when I am on the go Scrapping w/friends, I have a 3 drawer organizer already set in my garage. I just grab my photos & book, throw it in my box. My organizer always has the essentials in the drawers. So on that day I’m on the go, I put the organizer in my van, along w/my tote and I’m off.

  488. I love the new gypsy and know that I would spend LOTS of time on it!!

  489. I have all my stickers on rings so they are easy to transport as well as all my chipboard and ink are in those stackable containers which then I grab only the containers I need and stack them together with the handle.

  490. I velcro small vinyl (plastic) envelopes (letter, legal,or cd sizes)to the larger paper holders to hold enbellisments.

  491. I haven’t attended a scrapbook get-together lately but I like to have all my scraps in one storage container because I like using scraps, instead of waisting a full sheet of paper for a little project. I also make sure that I am prepared and have all of the things that I need to complete a particular project but I usually bring more than one project to work on, just in case I get bored or have a block.

  492. I have all my stickers on rings according to themes. This way I can grab whatever ring I need at that moment. I also have all my chipboard and cat eye ink in those stackable containers that snap together with the handles. This way I can grab which ever container I need and stack them together with the snaps and go

  493. I take a couple of scrapbook magazines (Scrapbook etc, Creating Keepsakes,Scrapbook & Beyond) and a spiral notebook whenever I am traveling by car.I basically look at different layout ideas in the magazine and choose the ones that I like to recreate but in a different way to make it my own design. I take those designs and try to “Mesh” them into a whole new design by drawing the idea I have into my notebook. So when the time came to putting some pictures together, I can have something to refer to on record.

  494. I would so love to have one of these gypsy’s. Please let me win.

  495. I keep all my “most used” tools in a Fiskars Craft Crate. I always know where to look for them and there always ready to go.

  496. Sounds neat!

  497. I pre cut everything. Have all my colors in order based on shade and color. I even have them in seperate containers that all fit in to a roll around cart.

  498. I have found one of the best tools for scrap booking on the go is to have a small tote – 4×4 that carries just the basics, a few pens, stickers, stamps and velum’s. That way when we go on long drives I can create memories to treasure while we go from one memory to the next!!

  499. I use Starbuck drink bottles to store flowers/petals, buttons and other small pieces (spray paint the lids).The labels peel off easily once soaked in hot water. The travel easily; just grab and go.

  500. I carry a small notebook with multicolored pen to sketch layouts, titles, journaling and whatever comes to mind. I pull it out when waiting anywhere, game half-times, Dr. waiting rooms,etc. That way my fleeting ideas are captured to be tweaked later. I have just started my cricut adventure with a Christmas gift-Love it!-Christmas crafting sure would have gone a lot quicker had I opened it sooner!:)

  501. I always keep a few scrapbooking magazines and a pad of sticky notes with me in the car. When I am waiting for my son after practice, I can put that extra time to good use by looking for new pages ideas.

  502. I have two sets of 12×12 3-drawer scrap paper organizers tucked right under my desk. Each drawer is organized by shade, with a special one for patterned papers, so its easy for me to quickly pick some coordinating papers to cook up a couple of cards. I also try to always buy 2-3 coordinating sheets of patterned paper in order to give myself lots of options when it comes to layouts or cards.

  503. In these economically hard times, I have decided to challenge my creativity with a game, thereby leaving more money for the essentials (Not that scrapbooking supplies aren’t essential!). The creativity game is this: what supplies can I use that I already have, rather than go out and gorge myself on new things? I do pre-prepare as most of you posted for cropping, by using project folders. I hunt for all that I can find to use. I list out all that I don’t have for the page or project and write it on a list. I ONLY shop for those items! It just helps control my spending!

  504. Well, I take a different approach to on-the-go scrapping. I have a scrap room set up in the basement but also do several weekends a year with my Stampin’ Up demonstrator team, and I have found a great way to make sure I am not missing that one special tool or embellishment that I need – I take it ALL with me!

    My stuff is organized into rolling carts that easily roll out the door and into the back of the van. There is a cart with drawers – one dedicated to adhesives, punches, other cutters, rolling wheels, templates etc. And another rolling bin for the paper folders!

    No more searching for that tool that I know I have at home!

  505. I also have my camera or camera phone handy to take pictures of things that inspire me. It might be a project a friend shows me or a color combination that I like. Whatever it is I snap a picture and jot down my ideas in a notepad.

  506. sounds like a great addition to the system

  507. I like to coordinate papers, embellishments, stamps, by color and theme to make it easier for a kit-to-go

  508. Hey ladies! thanks so much for hooking your readers up with some gear! The gypsy looks awesome, can’t wait to try it out! Thanks

  509. I would love to own a Gypsy. Looks like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to play!

  510. I make up page kits with everything I need to complete a page and take them with me to a crop or even just to go scrap at my moms.

  511. When sorking on a specific project, I place all of the items that I have for that particular project in one 12 x 12 plastic storage box. By doing this, I know where all of the items are and I can pick it up and go; feeling confident that everything is there,

  512. Making kits ahead of time really makes my crop time away from home more effective. Another thing that I do is check with friends to see what tools they have/are bringing, and divide them up so we don’t bring duplicates of bigger tools that take up lots of room.

  513. i’d love to win one – i would give it to my friend who has a cricut but thinks it’s way too big and heavy to take to crops!

  514. I have fallen in love with embossing folders & since my big shot is too heavy to cart around, I have embossed some of my solid cardstock with each pattern. Then I store it in a plastic folder. I do a good portion of my cropping at my local scrapbook store so I don’t take any plain paper with me. One bag holds my folders with papers, paper sets, embossed papers, kits I have put together & photo’s. The other bag has my punches, inks, cutter & stamps in a notebook holder. I also have my tabletop tool tote. I have snap together boxes with my embellishments, buttons, flowers, ribbons on ribbon winders, brads & so on. I have one snap box with all my Christmas ribbon & embellishments. I can snap together the boxes I think I will be using for that crop or I can snap all of them together. I work right out of my traveling bags most of the time.

  515. I always have endless stickers and emblishments and it’s hard to organize and find what I need most of the time. In order to make it easier I have bought a few three ring binders and the plastic pocket holders to put all my emblishments in. This way I can organize and find everything much better, which in turn helps me to scrap a little fast and not spend a lot of time trying to find things because I know where it all is.

  516. I keep a journal with samples of LO’s and sketches that I take to every crop. My friends love it too. Then we share ideas and coordinate papers and embellishments, and finish the project real quick. We also take pictures of finished projects and post them on our Yahoo group. Thanks.

  517. I’ve learned from many of my friends to coordinate everything per page along with the photos and put them in their page protector. Since I have already worked out the title, I know which cartridge I will need, however having a gypsy would make things so much easier.

  518. I use old spice bottles to help keep things neat.
    Just clean them when empty and remove the labels.
    They are great for storing brads, small buttons, etc. The ones that come with the small plastic top with the holes are great for your glitter too.
    These are a functional and pretty display and it’s free!!

  519. I love using page kits or paper kits. Then I have only a few things to take when I’m going to a crop and I can be ready at the last minute.

  520. I do scrapbooking at a nursing home with the patients.I have a ruling tool cart,that carpenters use it has three drawers a big bin on the bottom which holds my paper,cutter ,sticker makers ect. the drawers hold my brads, stickers, punches,and my cricut cartridges.I have the patients pick out what they would like cut then use my cricut to cut it.It has made a difference to them to be doing scrapbooking. We have some without pictures so we use pictures out of magazines.It has been enjoyable for them and me.

  521. I LOVE scrapbooking. I would love to win a Gypsy. It would help me get more done. The Gypsy is a great idea for us scrapbooking addicts. Thanks!

  522. Even though it can get heavy, I always take my rolling tote filled with my essentials. I also take my Cricut Expressions with me in its own rolling tote. I am not the kind of person to finish pages at home so I want to make sure that I can cut my titles and make embellishments wherever I go. Most of the time I go to crops at Archivers so I have plenty of inspiration around me. If you don’t go to a store to crop, then make sure to take a couple of magazines to boost your creativity.

  523. I bought a plastic bin that holds paper and stamps in the bottom, and has a case for tools on top. I think out my pages, and gather all of the tools,coordinating paper,stamps, and embellishments I need. I keep it with me on the go (car, work, etc.)for those times when I have a chance to work on pages or cards. I also keep an Idea book and paper in a tote bag that carries toys for my kids. That way when we are waiting, we all have something to do. :)

    The Gypsy would be perfect for planning out pages on the go!

    Fingers Crossed! Thanks.

  524. My on the go tip is to always bring my small portable printer to crops. That way once I start a page, if the photo isn’t exactly what I need, I can easily print an alternative.

  525. The key to cropping on the go: Know what you have and organize your things first. I have papers organized by theme, cardstock by color. Embelishments by season and theme (ie: Major holidays, birthday, baby, flowers). This allows me to shop my own stuff first, so I don’t have to spend money at a crop – helps, as I am on a budget! If I know I will be working on Christmas or my son’s baby album, I will choose papers, and embelishments that work together before I go. I then pack them all together in an iris 12×12 tote. I also keep an “on the go” tool kit – so whether I am sitting at my desk at home, or at a crop, my favorite tools are with me. Hope this helps!

  526. I am always on the go… so I have everything ready in a “roll-in and roll out tote”… my papers are organised in containers and have everything that I need in my carry tote -EXCEPT the Gypsey – I dont have one of those – I share what I have with My friends, so If I won the Gypsey, my CROP CIRCLE would benefit too!!!

  527. I save empty jars with lids, to store my scrapbook embellies. The are clear so I can see the contents. I have to large clear plastic (they look like 2 gallon jars) for my ribbon. I would love a Gypsy….

  528. I like kits with paper and embellies, that way, I have everything together….especially if I have a last minute crop somewhere…..

  529. I am still fairly new at this but I keep a list of the must haves to take along. then I get my idea and gather the right paper , stickers, etc… I check my list again before I leave the house, Having this machine would make it so much easier to take along than trying to tote a big machine lol this scrapbooking is just an awesome hobby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  530. I use a “pop-up” mesh trunk storage for stashing my on the go tools, papers, etc. I bought it from wal-mart in the automotive sections…works great

  531. Don’t forget the basic supplies when you are on the go! I forgot all my pens once and it was horrible. No journalling that night!

  532. My biggest on the go tip is ORGANISATION. You must be prepared. Camera and Notebok as essential as you never know when something will happen. For crops organisation is the key too. Have packs set up, with everything you need (sketch, cardstock, papers, photos, and notes) as well as all your basics (pens, ink, craft knife, etc) to complete your creations. The other thing is to make sure you take something easy to do, weither it be some magazines to read or simple projects for when your brain had had enough.

  533. I am just about to start work on designing my own crafting room (my daughter is moving out) and love to get ideas of what to incorporate.

  534. I have not done any “ont the go” scrapbooking but I plan to start. Since I do lots of digital scrapbooking.I plan to gather the embelishments for the scrapbook I want to work on and the tools I will need for those embelishments. Of course a Gypsy would be wonderful because I could work on paper cutting plans no mater where I was.

  535. I have an accordian folder that I put all of my colored scrap paper in. The tabs are color coordinated, so I can find the color of paper I need quickly. The scraps are perfect for die cutting, using with a Cricut machine and for card making. A bunch of ladies get together at my church for some serious scrapping. We share supplies and the Cricut is one of our favorites! The Gypsy would be a welcomed addition to our scrapping family!

  536. I keep projects with paper, pictures, memorabilia and embelishments in in a 12 x 12 plastic storage container and when i’m on the go cropping i grab one i want to work on and go!

  537. I have an accordian file folder that I keep my colored paper scraps in. Inside the folder are color coordinated tabs to easily access the color of paper that I need. The scraps are perfect for diecutting, for use with the Cricut, scrapbooking and card making. It’s a perfect way to use up your scraps and have everything in one area. We gather at our church for some serious scrapping. One of our favorite tools that we share is the Cricut. A Gypsy would be a welcomed addition for all of us!

  538. I have found “Really Useful Boxes”. That’s the brand name. I keep them stocked with supplies so that I can grab and go. They are really useful!

  539. I always carry around a few finished rubber stamped card fronts. If I run out of things to do or have just enough paper left after I do a page, I quickly put together a card. This way I am continually building my cards that are available to use.

  540. Try to get all supplies ready a couple days before so you’re not forgetting something when you rush out the door. Put the pictures in a 12×12 container -whether it’s a total with folders or the plastic stow boxes with the paper you think you’ll use under the photos. Buy the adhesive on sale or with your coupons and keep an extra on hand.

  541. I contain all of my cricut supplies into a very large tote bag which makes everything more portable and I don’t forget to bring something along this way. I have manila envelopes labeled with whatever left over cuts outs or embellishments in them….no duplication this way. I even keep parts and pieces of left over paper to use for backgrounds for picture albums…this way there is better use of all products. We really enjoy using the cricut and this new product sounds like it would be a wonderful addition to my new addiction….Smile.

  542. I make my own scrap project kits to take for on the go scrapping. When I print out my pictures, I go ahead and select what I want to use with them … pp, cardstock, chipboard, embellishments, etc and put them all in plastic page protector. I like the ones from Generations that are expandable and come in packs of 10 at my local craft store. This way I can grab a few kits and my scrap tool bag and I am ready to scrap the day/night away without having to drag everything else with me!

  543. When I’m on the go, I try to limit myself to one project. I have a Creative Memories organizer that lets you plan out pages in advance and slip them between inserts, so I grab my organizer, and the basics and go. If I forgot something that I wanted for a certain page, I just skip that page and get back to it later. If I’m digitally scrapping, that’s even easier, since everything is on my laptop and that is super easy to just grab and go!

  544. I keep an organizer w/different shapes already cut out of cardstock, some bling, glue stick, scissors and some things already stamped on cardstock that need colored, along w/my stampin’up pure color pencils. That way I can at least color some of the pictures that will be “attached” to my scrap page later.

  545. I like to keep many future projects in Cropper Hopper files. I add things that will complete a 2 page spread such as papers, pictures, stamps,stickers, etc in each folder. I then put these folders into an artbin 12×12 case. This helps so that when the girls call for a night out all I have to do is grab my bin with my glue and cutters and off I go to create with my friends.

  546. I always grab theme packs and pictures to go to a crop. I like to do one theme/ event at a time so that is has a good flow. Theme packs/ die cuts are the easiest to grab and go.

  547. I keep a magazine (usually scrapbook,etc) with me at all times, that way when I am sitting for an appointment or waiting somewhere, I can figure out the page and sketches I would like to use. Some of my papers are separated into colors for girls and colors for boys cause I do grandkid pages.

  548. I like to keep an expandy file with one or two of my newest kits right in my laptop bag. This way I can pop them out and play or just fiddle with them at any given time. I have also been an avid doodler since forever and I like to keep a medium sized sketch pad in my purse “just in case…”

  549. I love my rolling cart! And I take it to crop nights with me! Every drawer container has everything I need to be creative and get my pages done. I don’t feel like I am missing something because I left at home.

  550. I have a small note pad I carry with me always. Here I jot down notes, sketch ideas (very handy when I pick up some pictures & immediately know what colors/pp I want to use), & scrap shopping lists.

  551. I keep a layout sketch book with my own created page kits (everything I need to complete a page or 2 page layout). I add more to my snap-lock bin as pictures are printed (papers / emblshmts / etc) … all I need to do is grab it and one other small tote that holds my scissors/glue/tape/etc … that, and I’m off to pour my heart & soul into my special memories.

  552. I print my photos as I go and prepare page kits in large ziplop bags to take to crops.

  553. while entering sweepstakes I accidently subscribed to Scrapbooking magazine. I guess I will start a new craft. I would love to have a cricut but never felt like paying the price. If I win the Gypsy, I will have to buy a Cricut to go with it. I would definitely need to keep an extra bag of supplies with pages ready to put together so I could grab it on the way to doctor, meetings, etc. That would be more productive than the puzzle books I usually carry.

  554. I go through my magazines and mark pages that I want to do with post its noting pictures that I have on hand for quick reference. I put the book with paper, pics and embelishments in a 12 x 12 plastic protector to grab and go at any time.

  555. I store each of my current projects in a project case. When it is time to take the kids to ballet or gymnastics, I can just grab a case. Then I can work while they are in class.

  556. I take a Scrapping Journal with me wherever I go. Throughout the day I jot down things I see or hear, LO ideas that pop in my head, future pictures I want to take, whatever. I will tape magazine articles, scraps, swatches etc that I find throughout the day.

  557. my scrapping tip is…KISS – keep it simple scrapper!

  558. I have an organizer on wheels in my scrap room that also has pull out drawers that snap closed and have a handle on them. I can store my paper and matching embellishments or page maps in a drawer in my scrap room but when I am on the go I just grab the handle with the pictures I want to scrap and I am on my way. When I get home it is just as easy to put away.

  559. Always try to use clear containers, you can see what is in them and grab what you need.

  560. I have a Craft Mate Bag that came with pill box like containers and it holds all of my embelishments. Each box has about 8 or so compartments and the bag holds 8 containers. Meaning lots of things all in one spot. Great for on the go or at home. :)

  561. I love kits too so you’ve always got things at a crop that are coordinated — but my best on-the-go tip is not to forget the treats — wine gums are my fave right now.

  562. I am new to scrapbooking and love to scrap cards. I send many birthday, sympathy get well and thinking of you cards. The gypsy would be great to have to design cards on the go.

  563. Most of my scrapping is about our vacations. I make sure to save ticket stubs, receipts, stickers and other souveniers in a single location, like a plastic bag. This way when I’m ready to start scrapping I have everything I need, wherever i go.

  564. I use the big bag zip-top bags to carry everything I need to scrap a few pages. I add a couple of pieces of large cardboard and put my scrapbook papers between them to prevent them from getting creased.

  565. I don’t really scrap on the go alot. Usually if im going to a crop I know a few days ahead of time and pre-plan pages/projects/cards. I do make sure to bring more than I “think” I will be able to finish, because I never know how fast I will actually get something done. BUT…..I do keep a notebook with me at all times to be able to sketch out LO’s or write down things I may not remember or make a note of what I would like to cut with my Cricut. I always have scrapping on the brain, so the notebook helps out alot! (especially with ADD!) *haha*

  566. I keep things on a clipboard. I have a sheet of paper on the front with a check list (photos, page, journaling). Then I clip the things I need to complete the pages I plan on working on to the clipboard (paper, stickers, etc.) Then the only other thing I need to take with me is a small pencil box with my basic supplies of scissors, adhesive, brads, etc. It really helps keep things all in one place and keeps me from starting a whole ton of pages and never finishing any (I used to do that alot LOL.) :)

  567. I try to have all my pictures, paper and embellishments ready to scrap when I go to a crop. That way I don’t over purchase items. I try to buy paper to match the pictures in the layout, but I still have a tendency to over buy paper.

  568. Idea Books are a must!! I find I am like a kid in a candy store when I get to a crop. After waiting for soo long for the crop to get here I get “Scrappers Block”. I look through my idea books or my CTMH Reflections book and *Poof*, I am scrapping in no time.

  569. I take my Daisy Project tote with me it holds alot of items for on the go and is very stylish too. It has a outer zipper pocket that I use for my personal trimmer which has a self healing mat and drawer for me to keep my custom cutting tools for cropping as well as scissors and the inside pocket of the bag has pen loops in there too for me to keep the color coordinated pens I need for my projects. Inside the bag I keep my adhesive runner, some blank album pages, precoordinated kits which include embellishments, a scrap paper pack, a poetry book for title ideas and journaling sparks and last but not least I also carry my power sort box mini which has all my pictures pre-organized by event, dates, or person. This makes everything so much easier for me because I am not a big traditional scrapper. I am a digi baby so if we are talking digital then I just take my Daisy project tote which holds my laptop inside and store my portable hard drive, wire and extra battery in the front zippered pocket! So much easier than traditional for me. =)

    I of course purchased all my items from Creative Memories on my website

  570. I always have a notbook for ideas and notes. My tote has the basic necessaties. Page kits are great to grab and go.

  571. I do paper piecings in my spare time and keep them in baggies to use when I go to crops.

  572. When I’m scrapbooking away from home I’ve learned project such as mini albums are the best way to go as you are only focusing on one theme and can pack supplies accordingly. Trying to do regular layouts requires transporting the entire stash which after 12 yrs of investing in the hobby has become entirely impossible!!

  573. I am kinda new to scrapbooking and I love it.I am a hospice volunteer and I scrapbook for our patients that wants to leave the memories for their children they must leave behind.I even take the supplies to their rooms so they can have a part in the scrapbooking.This also takes their mind off other things. I hope to set up a special room there so they can enjoy this beautiful hobby.I keep all old Christmas cards and use the front part of them for the winter scenes.I am 73 yrs old and oh how I wish I would have learned this much sooner.

  574. This is a very interesting looking tool. I would love to win one of these. :)

  575. I live to crop! One important item I take to crop is my Cricut! The case holds the cartridge that I want to use, the mats, and the machine. I organize what pages I’ll be working on and take the items and pictures needed to do these pages. More often than not, I end up buying something else to work on while at the crop.

  576. I do fundraisers at our church and my cricut machine is such a hit. I take large packs of coordinating paper to make it easy for the newbies.

  577. I have never gone to a crop night, so far. I almost always buy paper packs that are all coodinated paper, tags, etc. I have a large alphabetised folder that I use for my stickers. I know of a few friends who have a Gypsy, and I think it would be a great tool. I would really like to have one, but being on a limited budget I can not afford to buy one. If I were to win one, I’d be shocked and very Happy.

  578. I’m using my Cricut machine more, since I’ve made one of my 2010 goals, creating a card a day. My craft space is small, and dragging my Cricut out is a chore. How I would love the convenience of the Gypsy. Since I’ve been unemployed, buying it is out of the question, so I hope I can win one.

  579. Before I go to a crop, i try to pull papers from the colors on my pics before I go. It saves me money and time! And I make sure to have ziploc bags big enough to put all my papers in!

  580. I rarely go out to scrapbook but my laptop is always with me so I can come here and get Ideas and I also pre-cut any titles and put together at least my paper choices and do the jouranling and embellishment at home!

  581. When an idea strikes me I always make a note of it, wether it be from a magazine, a movie or what is around me. By the time a crop gets closer, I have several ideas and pictures on hand to get inspired from.

  582. I go to two retreats a year and really look forward to walking around the tables to get ideas from other scrapbookers. There are so many creative people and everyone seems to enjoy sharing their ideas.

  583. I scrapbook on road trips whether it be just a couple of hours or 10 hours. I always leave my most used tools, paper and some pictures in my bags. I can be ready in a moments notice that way!

  584. I would love to have a gypsy! I have decreased the amount of scrapbooking lately due to lack of time. I think the gypsy will allow me to scrap more while on the go!

  585. I just started scrapbooking a few months ago and instantly got addicted. I’m a stay at home mom so I really don’t have alot of money to buy the things I want for scrapbooking. I don’t have any of the fancy tools or machines that I would love to have. Winning this product would be a blessing to me because I would get the chance to use a nice machine, that otherwise, I would never be able to own.

  586. For organization and ease of page layouts, I bought some of the 12×12 plastic paper keepers. I layout my pages with the pics I want to use, embelishments, titles, etc. and then slide it all in the paper keeper. When I go to a crop, I grab that along with some other supplies and I am ready to go. Happy croppin’

  587. I love to go to crops, but really don’t like hauling 1/2 of my house with me. I enjoy the crops where I am organized. Putting paper, embellishments, photos, and sketches together really helps. Can’t say I am always this way, but it really relieves the stress.

  588. I’ve created a system of getting “organized” so that I have a “Grab It & Go” pack of my sketches, photos (printed to size for my sketches), embellishments, patterned papers and cardstock when my girlfriends call and want to get together last minute. I use one of the plastic 12×12 clear cases and it holds all my goodies. I have several themes from trips to kids.

  589. I have a small bag that has adhesive, a personal trimmer, small scissors, and a make up bag that has flowers, buttons, ribbon, in it so that when I am working on a page I can just grab the paper and pictures and go to the park and play while the kids play! I would love to take the Gypsy with me so that I could design anywhere!!!! Thanks for this chance!

  590. I need a Gypsy! I am really dreaming of one.
    For quick layouts I made mayself a binder with scrapbooking sketches in it. I have tabs, that make it easy to find what sketches I want (4 pictures, single layout, 4 pictures, double page layout, etc.) All my freinds use it and want one!

  591. I would love this. I could take it with me on my commute and design on the go.

  592. Oh, a tip on the go? I went to my first crop last week, and I put everything in a square bin. I took paper, cutter, ruler, pens, flowers, etc. Just put the bin in a shopping bag and you’re ready to go!

  593. When I go to a crop with friends I sort out my pictures for each layout ahead of time. I take my papers and embellishments in a 12×12 tote along with an extra one for completed pages. Works great to pick-up and go scrapbooking!

  594. I have everything paper, tools, etc ready to go in ziplock bags. Working an hour from home this would be great to use during lunch hours to be productive away from home… Would love to win!

  595. I think that in these difficult time for everyone a company that is wiling to give items away to their customers is great. There are not many companies that realy support their customers and care about what they think. I love Cricut! I am going to lvoe the Gypsy too!!!!

  596. When I am getting ready to head out to scrap book I like to have a theme lined up so I only take what I need for those pages. That way I am not taking unnecessary items with me.

  597. My best way to take what I need to a crop is a rolling toolbox my husband gave me for Christmas a few years ago. It has two baskets that fild out and my husband made me a false bottom with lots of different size holes in it that I have all my markers, paint brushes, and art pencils standing in. There are can with my cutting tools, ruler, magnifying glass and any tool I may need. Plastic baby juice bottles with assorted brads, buttons, clasp, paper clips, flowers, or any other do-dad that my mind may want on a page. there is a hanging file with assorted card stock and also printed paper. One file has my page protecters in it for finished pages. The two fold out trays carry my photos, camera, and my mini printer. I do take a lot of pictures at the crops. My friends like my mini store incase theres something they forgot to bring. My husband is now working on a rolling tools chest for my stamping get togethers. Every women should have a system like mine. I love it and my husband.

  598. Scrapbooking is my passion. I often purchase items not specifically for scrapping, photo copy them and use them on my pages.

  599. Before there was a cricut machine, I would buy 2 kits of the same lettering every time. I was afraid that I would never have enough letters for any page that I was doing. I know that all of us have gone through that once or twice in our scrapbooking life. I am an organizer by trade, so every item needs to be placed properly or passed on. So, I started using the left over numbers and letters creatively for the first letter of words, abbeviations, and share them with my friends. We all seem to have what the other friend needs to complete their page! It is fun to come up with ideas together on how to reuse all of our embellishments to:)!
    We trade a lot so that our scrapbooking materials don’t get boring, never get used, and saves us money on new items! Someone’s old scrapbooking items are new items to us. Just like someone said one day, “Someone’s junk is another mans treasure!” Enjoy cropping!

  600. I always keep ziplock bags and a large tote for saving odds and ends with me. Also, in my purse I keep a small notebook to be able to draw and jot down the ideas for my little odds and ends that I have saved. When I get home I keep seperate project shoe boxes to unload them in so that the ideas and odds and ends are kept together so that I can sit down later and scrap!

  601. I always keep post it note and a pen into my tote box with other tools to write note on my layouts if i forget something while at crops. This has save me time to finish that layouts when I’m home to scrap. I also create page in kits to take with me to crop which helps me into finishing an album and only use what i have on hand.

  602. I use 12X12 clear envelope sleeves to organize what I want to scrap at a crop. In each sleeve I put the paper and coordinating embellishments together with the pictures. I do this for each layout I want to complete. My scrap tote is a whole lot lighter and all I have to do is pull out one sleeve at a time. It gives me more time to spend laughing with my friends.

  603. I like to use Creative Memories “Power Layout”.
    The box is a little bit bigger than 12 x 12 and comes with 15 dividers. I use 30 to go to a crop. I lay the dividers down, pictures on top, paper that will go with the pictures, embellishments and I am ready to go. I stack them in the box and am all set. You could use a brand new pizza box and white card stock to divide the pages. I also use the album pages on top of each divider. You have much less to carry.

  604. I print my photos once a month and place them with matching papers, stickers, embellishments, title, sketch and journaling. This all goes into bags from Close To My Heart. Such a time saver when I travel to scrapbook.

  605. My tip is to keep it all contained. A magazine, and some photos, with a kit all packaged up, so you can work on it for a bit, but put it away quickly if needed!

  606. I have MS. I have just started to go to crops. I am so thrilled with them, and I want to continue to go. My problem is that I want to bring “EVERYTHING” and can’t. I think that a Gypsy would really make it a lot easier to get “more for less” both in price and space!
    Would be awesome to have something special for myself for a change!~

  607. Before I go to a crop I get prepared. I first choose a theme. Then I use my cricut to cut out my characters , gather brads, embellishments,paper, etc. At a crop I usually get 15-25 pages done. Finding time to design and cut my characters is challenging. My on the go tip would be to stay organized, focus on one project at a time, and persevere to tell your story. Owning a Gypsy would not only give me more family time, but allow me to be the scrapbook lover that I am. Thanks!

  608. I love sketches. So I try to use sketches especially when I go to crops to get more pages done quickly. I ahve also been known to make sketches in meetings at work etc. Oops!!!

  609. My on-the-go scrap idea is to get organized before you leave the house. Get all you pictures together and find the paper and embellishments you want or would possibly use with the pictures and put it all together. Do this for 5 to 10 pages and you are all set for a night crop without having to bring all your papers and embellishments!!

  610. I keep a journal in my purse so when I”m out and around and I see a cute sign, saying, or picture idea I can jot it down for later use.

  611. I do most of my scrapping on the go. To keep from having alot to carry I have everything ready for the page. My photos in order and group (sometime cropped), paper and sticker for the page. I also make note of the photos paper, stickers and any saying for that page. Everything is ready for each page. That way I can spend my time visiting with my friends then thinking about the page layout. I also have everything cut out from my Cricut Machine into baggies and group with page layout. This sounds like it takes alot of time, but I start as soon as I get my photos and leave everything out on my work table. When I have some free time I work on it. Now I am ready to go scrapping at anytime.

  612. I try to stay as organized on-the-go as I do at home. These are a few tips that I use while I am on-the-go. First of all, I use an acordian folder for my paper and a photo box for my Cricut cartridges and keypad overlays. For my embellishments, I store them in a plastic sectioned food container. A Gypsy would be an awesome new tool for my on-the-go scrapbooking.

  613. I cut random shapes and key words with my Cricut so when I’m ready to go I have them all done!

  614. I love my cricut and anything that will make it even more versatile would be wonderful.

  615. Best thing to grab-n-go is a friend. You don’t have to carry them. They are full of ideas. Great when you need feedback and an extra hand.

  616. I’m an amatuer scrapper. I love every bit of learning all the next techniques. What else could make my day than a new gadget to use and to get my “scrapping friends” on board. You gotta love it!

  617. I keep all my markers organized in a long pencil pouch. It makes it easy to see what colors I have and to get to the perfect one when I am cropping at home. Then, when I am ready to go to a crop, I just fold it up and take it with me!

  618. I love everything Cricut. I have the Expression with Design Studio and the Jukebox. It would be great to have the Gypsy and not have to drag out all the cartridges.

  619. I subscribe to a monthly page kit club. Kits include embellishments, coordinating cardstock, titles, etc, so I keep them in 12×12 clear envelopes. Then I can easily grab what I want to work on, throw adhesives, markers, chalks, scissors, photos, etc in a bag and I’m ready to crop!

  620. Why do I want a Gypsy? My husband is currently dealing with 4 specialists, plus our regular Dr.
    Needless to say I am spending a lot of time in waiting rooms. Before his accident, I was working on my family memories for my Grandchildren. I am very behind because my scrapping time has been limited. I would love to have a Gypsy. I love the options it offers, and I could really maximize my down time. Getting to design wherever the mood strikes me….heaven!!!

  621. I LOVE my gypsy. It was a bit hard to get use to but now I don’t have to lug all my carts I just bring them with my Gypsy

  622. I have a plastic container with a handle and I always keep about 6 projects {paper, glue, embellishments, etc} so I am ready to go when someone calls. I don’t have to sort through my stash of paper or embellishments when I go, which can be frustrating.

  623. I have a 3 ring binder with plastic dividers in many sizes organizing my chipboad embellishments by size and color. So when it is time to go, I grab my binder, some adhesive, and a few pictures and know that everything else I can buy during the crops at the LSS.

  624. I always keep a notebook with me to jot down ideas/sketches and record funny things the kids say. That helps immensely when I am scrapbooking things that are months past. I can add relevant journaling about the event without having to try and remember specifics. I also take pictures and match them to paper/extras before I go to a crop so I don’t have to take everything I have!

  625. I keep a bag of cards with pre-cut mats inside so that all I have to do is stamp and color an image for a quick card. This works great for stamp club!

  626. I usually take some time prior to a crop to oraganize what I’m going to take. I decide on a few pages and collect all the need supplies and put them in a ziptop bag (one for each page). If I’m going on the fly, I grab my newest photos and supplies, beuase ideas for those are always fresh in my mind. Also, I only unpack my crop bag if I have finished pages or left over supplies, that way there is less to pack the next time.

  627. I jot down ideas on my notebook and I like to use stamped images for my scrapbook and cards. So, I usually stamped a bunch of this and cut them while I am waiting or during trip.

  628. My table top tote always contain basic supplies for the grab and go. And the bag tote always has a kit or two in case there isn’t time to put something together when the opportunity arises to go to a crop.

  629. I cut out letters ahead of time. If I know the title, I’ll cut it out. But I also have a few sets of alphabets cut out in some basic colors that I just take with me. Something easy to do while watching TV.

  630. Before I go to a scrapbooking evening I prepare my supplies ahead of time. I choose pictures, coordinating paper, embellishments and everything else I need to scrap the pictures I’ll be bringing that night. I paperclip everything together in one bundle per group of pictures.

  631. I always organize my photos ahead of time. I put them in chronological order and then use notecard dividers to divide them up by events. I also have a list on hand of the events and the dates so I know what needs to be done. This makes scrappin so much easier!

  632. I am a new cropper just starting out and find all this info so helpful. I Like the Idea that I can take this with me

  633. Have all your scrapbook supplies organized in a bag so you can just grab and go.

    navybaby1113 (at) gmail (dot) com

  634. Love that is portable! I have 5 kids and spend alot of time waiting in the car this would allow me to create while I wait! I love all things provocraft (Cricut) can’t wait to try this.

  635. I throw all my stuff in a reuseable bag and I am out the door!
    Lov that this is portable and I wiould get SO MUCH use out of it! Thanks for sharing!

  636. In my camera bag I keep small embroidery scissors and paint chips from the store along with a small pad of paper to sketch out designs that strike me when I capture that perfect shot.

  637. I keep a bag with my basic supplies in it — tape, pen, inks I use most often, scissors, cutter, that sort of thing. Then I just need to add anything special I want to take, but at least the basics are always there.

  638. When I print the pictures I want to use, I file them by date (mm-dd-yyyy)in an envelop with details printed on front (who, what, where when etc), then I file them in a media box (Rubbermaid – envelopes fit fabulously!!). Then all I have to do is grab the right envelope for that event, grab the paper and accessories, and I’m good to go! Makes it easy to prep pages ahead of time for an up coming day of scrapping!!

  639. I take my photos, paper and the Close To My Heart layout “how-to” books. Imagine, Cherish or Reflections… While I’m on the go, I just get the basic layouts done and leave all the cute embellishing and titles, etc for my craft room where I keep it all. I woul love to win the gypsy though! Might get me taking that cricut to the crops afterall!!

  640. I purchased a ScrapRack last fall. Even though it is $$ initially, it has been worth the investment. Everything is organized on three ring spines by event or color. If I am doing LO’s of Christmas, I just pull my Christmas, red & green spines and I’m ready to go.

  641. I am an on the go scrapper…A few friends and I scrap 1 Saturday a month at my friend’s. I hate not have all my stuff so I got a Craftsman tool box to put my inks, stamps, punches, tapes, glues, and a bunch of other gadgets. Can’t beat it, it has trays to hold pens etc… LOVE IT!

  642. I sort my pictures right away so I can grab a group to scrap when I get time.

  643. I just started scrapping in Nov of 2009 and I have been BITTEN HARD by the BUG! I love it and love my E! What I have been doing so I don’t carry the kitchen sink to crops is to make kits of LO ideas that I want to scrap! I have learned to bring extra paper I think I might want to use just in case I change my mind on the paper! I also have a trusty spiral mini notebook I carry to write down tips I learn from talented ladies and must have tools to get!

  644. I keep my pictures sorted with ideas I have for them. i also try to pre-build my own page kits so everything is ready to go whenever I need it. I keep all my go-to tools and embellies in easy take with storage so they are always handy.

  645. On-the-go … Use a rolling collapsable box with lid from office depot and cropper hopper paper holders to store Cardstock – it’s easy to roll and go. It can be heavy so be careful loading it in your vehicle.

  646. Bring Co-ordinating products from the same manufacturer to make it easier to choose papers and embellishments for your projects! Thanks :)

  647. I use a storage container with a handle. It has a little storage bin on top for scissors, stamps, punches, etc. It also has plenty of space at the bottom for paper.

  648. My on-the-go tip…carry a small notebook for inspiration, sketches, etc.

  649. I love gallon-size ziplock bags! I use them when I go on vacation to collect all those loose little papers and items I want to save for a scrapbook. Then, when I come home I can add the embellishments and cricut cuts I will use in the scrapbook. When I’m ready to work on the book, everything is in one place!

  650. I like to use 12X12 clear paper holders to keep papers, photos and embellishments for pages so when I get to a crop, I just pull out a pack and I’m ready to start. And when I’m done I have a protective cover to keep it in so I don’t need to lug albums with me.

  651. When 12×12 paper storage boxes are great for on-the-go scrapping. I store paper/ embellishments for a project in progress so everyting is at my finger tips when I’m ready to work.

  652. When I do projects on the go, I find preplanning is the key. I put the contents each project in a separate bag – papers, embellishments, etc. For me, there is nothing more frustrating than discovering realizing I left something I need behind.

  653. Scrapping on the go is great. Since I have a Cricut Expression, I can’t always take it with me. I will cut out some phrases, letters and shapes I know I want to use for a layout in advance. I throw them in a Ziploc and then put them in an over sized pencil case with other embellishments. I keep this t drywall tape that my dad used to set the delicate designs on the page just right. (check it out here:

    I saw this on a blog once and it helped me so much, especially crafting on the go…because I get to share the idea with other Cricut lovers – and the roll of tape travels nicely and works well!

  654. I plan out my layouts before going out to a crop. My embellishments and paper are grouped according to each project. This method saves me alot of time.

  655. I keep a idea book of things I really want to try! And I always keep the basic cardstock colors in my bag. thanks
    mary jean

  656. I always keep a sketch book with me for ideas I see on TV, in a mag or book. This helps me to get started on an idea for my own scrapbook page!

  657. I keep layouts and the supplies for them in 12×12 containers so I can pick them up and go and not search for all of the supplies when I’m in a hurry, or even just want to pull something off of the shelf at home. ;)

  658. I look for fresh new ideas where ever I go, if I see something that inspires me I take a pic on my cell phone so I will remember it later. When I need ideas I can go back to those pics and they easily store on my computer for whenever I want to see them.

  659. Keep your scrapbook tote as a desk organizer filled with all you necessary tools so that way when you’re ready to travel you can just pick up your tote-n-go.

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