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Behind the Scenes: February 2010


Our February 2010 issue is starting to hit newsstands, so I thought I’d give you a quick “Behind the Scenes” peek at the issue.

Page 1: We’re all coveting the suitcases by Paper Source. Aren’t they so cute?

Page 34: My favorite story in the issue is “Sealed with a Kiss.” You can find the web-exclusive counterpart to the story here.

Page 67: Did you notice we used two different hand models for the how-to? Maria’s hand was used in all shots except #3, where you see my thumb.

Pages 78-79: Can you guess which SBE staffer is holding the photo box? That’s me! The pile of messy photos actually belongs to the entire staff.

Page 92: We loved getting the photos ready for this shot! You can see Maria on the bottom right, and Sarah and I are in the photo that’s going off the edge on the left.

Page 112: I get hungry for cupcakes every time I see this page. It just looks so yummy!

What did you think of the issue? We’d love to hear your feedback!

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Gypsy Review + Giveaway (Edited to Add Recipient)

In the February 2010 issue, we reviewed the Provo Craft Gypsy. We had a few more thoughts we wanted to share, and we’re giving away a Gypsy and two cartridges (see the end of this post for details).


The Gypsy is the newest accessory for Provo Craft’s Cricut electronic die-cutting machine. The hand-held tool allows you to weld letters together, adjust spacing, and create designs to cut later while on-the-go. This gadget is perfect if you have a lot of cartridges you don’t want to tote to crops, or if you like to plan pages while on long car trips or while waiting to pick your kid up from practice. You can also preview other cartridges to check them out before you buy.

There is a bit of a learning curve to the Gypsy. When we first got our hands on one to test, we didn’t have a manual. Figuring things out without the manual was a bit tricky, but once we had a chance to look at the manual we were able to pick up the functions more easily. As with any tool, you’ll want time to practice using your Gypsy before you cut into your last sheet of a favorite patterned paper.

One thing to be aware of: You can only sync your cartridges with one Gypsy. Syncing cartridges with the Gypsy won’t erase them, and you’ll still be able to use them with your Cricut as normal, but each cartridge can only be linked to one Gypsy.

With a $299 price tag, the initial cost is a little steep. But if you’re an on-the-go Cricut-lover, it might be worth the price. Still not sure? Visit your local scrapbook and craft stores and see if you can test it out before you buy.

Now for the giveaway!

We have a Gypsy and two Cricut cartridges (Everyday Paper Dolls and From My Kitchen) to share with one lucky reader. To enter, leave a comment with an on-the-go scrapping tip by noon (central time) on February 23. We will randomly select a recipient that afternoon.



Congratulations to our Gypsy recipient!

February 22, 2010 at 4:35 pm, by JPScraps

My on-the-go tip…carry a small notebook for inspiration, sketches, etc.

Thanks for all of your comments and on-the-go scrapping tips!

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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the new Scrapbooks etc. staff blog! This is where you’ll (still) get the skinny on the latest scrapbooking tips, tricks, projects, and products from staffers

You’ve probably also noticed has been given a makeover! The new format is designed to help you quickly find what you’re looking for. And it allows us to update content faster and produce new content more frequently. (So you’ll get more of what you want to see!)

Please let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy the new style of


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