Paris Hilton Does Parties, Music, Politics, and Now Scrapbooking?

This blog was written by editor Michelle Rubin and originally published on our blog in February of 2009 following our visit to CHA.

Paris Hilton made a stunning revelation last week: She scrapbooks.

“I have always loved scrapbooking since I was a little girl,” Hilton admitted. “I always make scrapbooks for my friends and my boyfriends, and it’s just something I’ve been doing for years.”

Hilton was at the Craft and Hobby Association trade show in Anaheim, Calif., to unveil her new scrapbooking line, the Creativity Collection, which she developed with Wooky Entertainment, a Canadian manufacturer of creative activities for the teen and tween market.

Hilton worked with Wooky’s designers to create a Paris-esque line. “I, like, travel around the world and buy things like cool stickers,” she said, “and (get) cool ideas and kind of get inspired by my ideas and give, like, a Paris twist to it so it’s different. So everything (in the line) is just inspired by me and my fashion and what I love.”

Hilton was thoughtful when asked her to compare creating a scrapbook line with fashion design. “It was a lot of fun. It’s kind of like making all of the ingredients for fashion. You’re kind of like giving someone their own little pack to make their own fashion…. It was so different than anything I’ve done before.”

The collection features kits with names like “The Jet Set Life” and “Shopping Fever” and is being marketed for teens and tweens. However, the Jet Set line includes martini glasses and playful silhouettes that might be more suitable for young adults.

So will scrapbooking be cooler now that Hilton has come out as a scrapper? “I thought arts and crafts was cool already,” Hilton confessed, “so if they’re saying I can make it cooler, then that’s awesome. I’m just really proud to be a part of it.”

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